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The White Hart, Godmanchester

Agree with previous reviewer - it's a lovely old building, and it could have been kept as such. It's a little too clean, a little too Ikea, inside.

That said, the food was excellent. We had sandwiches in the bar, and while a little more than some other places, were worth every penny and more when they arrived. Great pint, great food, clean decor, clean toilets. Can't fault it really, except the fact it wasn't an open-fireplace, stone-floors kind of place, that the outside of the building suggested it might be.

Think they had a guest ale or two when I went (it was a good two years after the previous review) but didn't really check.

7 Jan 2011 11:31

GJ's, Colliers Wood

This place is a disaster. We've been in a dozen times over the last few months and there has been no food on offer, despite the fact that the sign still says "Restaurant". But we're not told they've stopped doing food, simply that "the kitchen is closed" or "the chef is on an errand". It's become a running joke between me and my wife - sometimes we pop in just to ask if the chef is around, to see what excuse they come up with.

22 Nov 2010 16:44

Charles Holden, Colliers Wood

Ate here yesterday. Food was poor, overpriced, greasy, and the menu completely without variety. Beer was the right temperature and the glass was clean, I guess. Pub was entirely without atmosphere. With GJs slowly dying, just up the road, Colliers Wood's pubs are in a pretty sorry state.

22 Nov 2010 16:35

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