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Ocean Inn, Dymchurch

As per my review of The City of London Dymchurch, while visiting my "Dymchurch resident family, I take full advantage of the service given by The Ocean's owners and staff. Love the ambience, like the beer (John Smiths wit a big head) and meeting again the many friends I have in the area. This is a "must pub" for any visitors. Looking forward to my next visit.

3 Feb 2011 15:15

The City of London, Dymchurch

Visit Dymchurch regularly to visit my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids. Always pop into "The City". Know many of the locals and I am always received enthusiastically by both staff and locals. (It's nice not being a grockle), The beer is great, service with a smile and good hearted chat and banter. Recommend to anyone who has never been.

3 Feb 2011 15:09

The Grove, Exmouth

Hello The Grove,
I too am from the North West (Thanks goodness).
Just ignore the rantings of a reviewer who appears to be able to visit every pub in England every day (SproutChappie). Take it with apinch of salt. If you want proof go to all their reviews. They say the same about every pub on the listing!!!!
Good luck for the future.
Oh by the way I don't work for you, I don't own your pub I'm not even your delivery guy, in fact I now live in Berkshire!!!!.

2 Feb 2011 19:09

The Kings Oak, High Beech

Hi Kingsoak, High Beech.
Watch your blog. There is an abnoxious reviewer, called "StoutChappie", who visits every pub in England every day of the year then writes something defamatory about your reviews.

2 Feb 2011 18:59

The Pheasant Inn, Winnersh

A well-sited and pleasant pub. Roberto and Luana(mine-hosts) are a polite and customer orientated couple and deserve a good reward for all the hard work they have put in to upgrading the dining part of their venture.
Wether you are a local, a visitor or just passing trade, you will be met by friendly bar staff, a good cross section of "the regulars" and the newly created ambience.
I don't drink "Real Ales" but my choices are varied and well kept and served.

2 Feb 2011 13:06

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