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The Blue Lion, Bracknell

This pub has been closed for months, it's all boarded up and empty.

20 Sep 2015 12:05

The Royal Oak, Bracknell

Visited recently - it's still open despite no comments in nearly two years. Lacking in atmosphere, welcome, and beer - four hand pumps, only two in use, not impressed with the quality of the beer (not bad, but not great either). Patio area out the back was a disgrace - weeds growing in the paving, looks like the leaves haven't been swept up since the autumn, and broken glass too. Music slightly too loud indoors - and does anybody really want piped music outside? A real shame - if it was tidied up and maybe a few troughs of plants added then this could be a nice place to drink on a summer evening. As past reviews have mentioned, only the last couple of pictures attached to these reviews are actually this pub!

1 Jul 2012 09:27

The Cricketers, Warfield

Although this place hasn't had any comments in five years, it does still seem to be open. However, on turning up at lunchtime today (a Monday) there were only two cars in the car park (my guess is staff) and nobody outside in the garden despite it being a beautiful hot and sunny day. Having gone out to find some lunch the blackboard outside the front door saying "No bar food, no card services, open for drinks only" had us turn around and go elsewhere. The place looks a bit shabby and deserted... a real shame, given it's location and spacious garden I'm surprised it wasn't packed on such a nice day.

28 May 2012 15:09

The White Hart, Cheddar

Visited the White Hart this weekend with a large group. Really nice pub, friendly atmosphere and bar staff, prices a refreshing change from London, and there was a good choice of decent beers that seemed to be well kept and served. Located just away from the tourist hell that is the bottom end of Cheddar Gorge. This would be my first choice pub in Cheddar if I visit again.

7 May 2012 19:08

Red Lion, Bracknell

I can confirm reports that the Red Lion has indeed reopened a couple of weeks ago, having visited this (Sunday) lunchtime. It's now styling itself as a "Bar and Restaurant" rather than a pub, though the bar area does seem quite large. It's been very nicely refurnished, lots of exposed brick, natural woods, and quite tastefully decorated. The majority of the space is given over to the dining area though, not sure you'd call it a pub any more really. They are serving beers from the Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh (which I used to pass on the bus to and from school every day thirty odd years ago - nice to find out it's still brewing!). I had a pint of the Flying Scotsman, which I hadn't tried before but it was very good indeed. We stayed for lunch, the Sunday menu is all roasts (quite a variety), I'm told the chicken was good, I have to say the only veggie option (the "no meat" roast, basically all the trimmings with a sauce instead of gravy) was fairly (ok, very) unimaginative, but they do have a couple of (slightly) less boring options on the menu for the rest of the week. I hope the new owners can make a success of this place, Bracknell (particularly central Bracknell) has been a wasteland as far as decent pubs and food is concerned for a while, and this place has the potential to change that.

29 Apr 2012 17:00

Red Lion, Bracknell

The local newspaper is reporting that the Red Lion is under new management and has just reopened following a five week refurbishment. Yet to try it but will report when I do!

25 Apr 2012 18:08

The Golden Farmer, Bracknell

The fences are down and the pub is open again. Haven't visited since it reopened so can't comment on changes - yet!

20 Feb 2011 20:31

Running Horse, Bracknell

This pub has been closed for a few weeks now and appears to be undergoing refurbishment. The boards up outside say it will reopen in March 2011.

20 Feb 2011 20:27

The Golden Farmer, Bracknell

This pub has been closed for the past couple of months, surrounded by a temprary fence - banners indicate it's under renovation and will be reopening. Here's hoping they do a good job, Bracknell really does need some good pubs!

5 Jan 2011 17:42

The Rose and Crown, Greenwich

I�m surprised nobody has reviewed the Rose and Crown since it reopened. I use the R&C as my local � it�s our nearest gay pub. It�s always busy in the evenings and at weekends with a good crowd of regulars mixing with punters from the theatre next door and visitors to Greenwich. Although it�s mostly a gay crowd I have no hesitation taking straight friends there, something I can�t say about a lot of gay pubs. Beers include Bombardier and London Pride plus the usual lagers etc. Staff are friendly and efficient. There are occasional quiz nights and charity fundraisers.

18 Jan 2009 11:10

Shoulder of Mutton, Wendover

First impressions of the Shoulder of Mutton were good. Plenty of �country pub� atmosphere, and I was served a decent pint of Directors from the small bar at the front. Things went downhill when we went through to the dining area, though. The service was inexcusably slow, even though it wasn�t all that busy. Some time after taking our order, our waitress returned to tell us everything we�d ordered was off. Yes, both starters and both main courses! How difficult would it be to cross items off the �specials� blackboard when they run out? When our second choices eventually turned up we were both really unimpressed by the quality of the food. Orders for more drinks were forgotten, we were left without cutlery, and had to ask twice for the bill. Not a great experience, really. I was slightly irritated they didn�t automatically add a service charge, as I was looking forward to telling them why I was taking it off the bill! Next time we�re in Wendover we�ll stick with our old favourite the Red Lion instead, where we�ve always had good service and food.

23 Sep 2007 22:29

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