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BITE user comments - maxy

Comments by maxy

The Y Bar, Islington

I really like this bar. It's friendly & down-to-earth, the manager/owner seems really nice and it's not too expensive. It's a bit of a way from Angel but worth it, I think.

27 May 2005 14:31

The Keston Lodge, Islington

Not great for the evenings - far too crowded, posey and overpriced.

27 May 2005 14:10

The Junction, Islington

It takes so long to get served in here that I don't go anymore. The seating is really awkward too.

27 May 2005 14:06

The Alwyne Castle, Islington

Nice pub, getting served can take a while, but the food is good, there is plenty of seating, and there is a good selection of wine.

27 May 2005 14:03

The Counting House, Bank

Lovely building, but you could be claiming your pension by the time you manage to secure a drink.

27 May 2005 14:01

The Barfly Club, Chalk Farm

The people on the door for gigs are very rude and it's quite difficult to get a drink. I think I would only go here if I really wanted to see a particular band.

27 May 2005 13:58

Bartok, Chalk Farm

Only any good in the daytime, when it's not too crowded and can be quite a chilled place. Generally a bit too crowded in the evenings and very overpriced.

27 May 2005 13:56

The Abbey, Kentish Town

Overpriced, takes ages to get served, and a bit too pretentious for Kentish Town.

27 May 2005 13:53

The Assembly House, Kentish Town

This place is distinctly ok. You'll probably get a seat most weeknights. Nothing to write home about.

27 May 2005 13:42

The Prince Albert, Camden

Friendly, unpretentious, great place for a quiet drink.

27 May 2005 13:32

The Edinboro Castle, Camden

This has become really characterless since the refurbishment. The barbecue is completely pointless, given that, by the time you receive your overpriced "food", you're no longer hungry as both it and the bar are staffed by utter incompetents.

27 May 2005 13:29

The Lock Tavern, Camden

The staff are friendly but this pub is always too packed for me to really enjoy being in it - it's one of those places where you always feel in the way!

27 May 2005 13:26

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