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Comments by maximillian

O'Sheas, Manchester

Nice pub, plenty of space, good band. Not much ale, but it is an Irish pub! Very good fun place to dance the night down at the end with a friendly crowd.

7 Feb 2011 15:30

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

Now this was quite an unexpected find for a Friday night! It looks like nothing special from the outside (although, the tiles are lovely) but inside it was brilliant! You could barely move for the people and the atmosphere was fabulous. I tried the Betty's Best, which was really crisp and tasty and would have stayed for more but we were meeting people elsewhere. Food looked good as well, but I'd already eaten so no go. I'll be back!

7 Feb 2011 15:28

The Salisbury, Manchester

An odd fish this one. Part biker pub, part mosh pit, part student gaff. Ale was pleasant enough, but the atmosphere was weird (and I know that doesn't help, no friendly, not unfriendly but a bit clicky perhaps).

7 Feb 2011 15:24

Odder, Manchester

Disappointing, which is a shame as I really wanted to enjoy this bar. It's almost like it's trying TOO hard to be odd, which makes the thing feel like it's been put together in a calculated fashion. Ale was OK, if pricey but the food was a huge disappointment, bland and big and very costly.

Far from an essential visit.

7 Feb 2011 15:21

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