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The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

fao: oldboots

the place is a bad re-furb mate, and as such is in no way superior to all the others within a two minute walking radius.

roscoes head
ye cracke
the swan

20 Feb 2009 17:20

The Watermill Inn, Ings

lovely stuff!

14 Mar 2008 13:31

The Newcastle Arms, Newcastle

in the desert of decent real ale drinking opperunities that is newcastle upon tyne - this place stands out inasmuch that it hasn't succumbed to the bland chain mediocrity of its near neighbour's and should be congratulated for it. that said, on the downside it does however stink like how i would imagine a 30stone bloke's arse would on a hot day - not pleasant. maybe, like other nearby estblishments - tilly's and the forth for example, it suffers from permanantly knackered drains that are thinly (and vainly my opinion) veilled by the thick stench of domestos - but by god its enough to curdle yer pint. that said, i'd sooner endure the smell in here than the saturday nit somme of the bigg market anyday, so 7/10 for me.

22 Feb 2008 14:30

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool


13 Feb 2008 14:08

Eagle and Child Inn, Staveley

fugsake - isn't there an edit button BITE? i'd like to change a 'where' for a 'were' and remove a 'what' goddamnit!

2 Jan 2008 17:30

Eagle and Child Inn, Staveley

when pubs where proper pubs this is what what proper pubs used to be like and occasionally still (and preferably) are, despite what mr chain pub likes to tell us. so, mr landlord please, make mine a foaming stoop of real ale brewed from brakish waters filtered by the peat of the moors - and i'll make yours a perfect TEN.

2 Jan 2008 17:28

The Victory, South Gosforth

This pub is like an old and comfy pair of slippers, but like any old and comfy pair of slippers, eventually you get around to buying new ones (or have them bought for you, usually at Christmas) and never set foot in the old pair ever again, a bit like this pub really, because if my old and comfy slippers ever treated me in the manner that this old boot of a sour-faced landlady treated me last Friday night, I surely will never set foot in this establishment ever again.

Two pints of Kronenberg ordered (I never trust the ale in there anyway)

Two received. Flat and Warm.


Two Pints of Kronenberg taken back.

The so-called landlady is clearly on a blobbostrop and point blank refuses to accept that there is indeed anything wrong with her lager, insisting that no-one else who has ordered it has complained, and yet refusing to either take a sample from the glass or the tap herself.

So, because of that; Shabby Pints, shabby pub and shabby landlady, hence the shabby grade: Zilch out of ten and clean yer pipes or do something you cretinous whiffs of pish.

13 Feb 2007 12:55

The Forth Hotel, Newcastle

first boozer i ever drank in when i arrived on the day of my interview some two years ago now all trussed up in my 500snot suit that i still manage to wear like a taillored sack from burtons. so 3 pints of hideously overpriced badly kept pish-water under the name of deuchers or landlord later and served by gangly ginger-haired kid (whose still there last time i checked), i got the job and here i remain.

the pub is a goodun on the whole tho one i rarely venture in to, and when theres the bode (bodega) up the road then i rarely ever need to!

nice to have around tho if you fancy a change of scene.

9 May 2006 15:48

The Bodega, Newcastle

an absolutley cracking boozer this, best in newcastle by far!

think there was a derogatory post about one of the bar staff below, and believe i know who the person is referring to and would like to point out that the bar area at the back of the bar is a non-serving area and as such you are allowed to smoke at that part of the bar.

ive spent many an evening, and much of my monthly earnings in this friendly and affable envirmonmnet with its eclectic and varied mix of people - usually to be found around the top table of the pub either watching the football or just talking about life and taking the piss in general:-)

essentially, to sum it up - its the first local ive ever experienced where everyone truly does know your name, so:

chelsea nick, steve kent, john watling, chelsea nick's susan, owd 'arry, jill, crazy john, ben (the landlord), martin, leeds andy, quiet john, hazel, shona, kevin, lonely dad, lee, linda. scouse tommy et al, i salute you all.....and owe you all a few beers when i get paid because last sunday i was utterly skint!!!

9 May 2006 13:29

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