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Comments by martynd

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

I visited this pub on 26/6/2010, still seems to be up to the previous standard, full range of beers on including
Redemption Urban Dusk
Canary Pale Ale
Oakham Bishops Farewell
Acorn Old Moor Porter
Skinners Ginger Tosser
RingWood BoonDongle
Adnams Bitter
Cottage We'll Get It Right

30 Jun 2010 12:20

Crusader, Roydon

on a recent viist to this pub , The Ak was undrinkable & when i
returned this to the barmaid , she had to defer to a unseen person
elsewhere in the pub who decreed it to be OK, the beer was replaced however the Mcmullens country was no better, there ere only 2 other customers when we arrived(party of eight), beer should not be like this , macs use cask breathers

10 Jul 2009 11:34

The Ailsa Tavern, Twickenham

I eat there recently and had a chicken breast burger, the chicken was flatter than my show leather, it was advertised as served as a open sandwich , but came with only a full complement of sauces and no tomotoe or lettice, not very good value for 8.95, although advertised with chips m, it came with what I call French fries.

1 Jun 2009 22:20

Bishop of Norwich, Moorgate

The Bishop as with all Davys pubs uses Pewter tankards, these are not likely to be legal measures, Davys have been getting away with this for ages.

13 Nov 2008 18:06

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

I visited recentl after a gap,the beer quality is still
very good however the food quality seems to have dipped if the small sliver of Steak and Kidney pie , i received is to believed , a large amount of mash and other vegetables with a small slice of pie

30 Aug 2008 16:15

The Flower Pot, Walthamstow

I tried to get on on a Sunday night but the loud rock band made it impossible,

25 Aug 2008 08:36

The Pig and Whistle, Walthamstow

I went in at 7.00 on a sunday night to be told they were closed, does this pub still do food ?

25 Aug 2008 08:33

The Crooked Billet, Walthamstow

THis pub has been demolished, a church was built near the site

23 Sep 2007 01:09

The Wheatsheaf, Writtle

surely this is still a Grays pub, Grays are not owned by
Greene King.its sill on the Grays website.

20 Jul 2007 02:40

Steins, Richmond

More of a beer patio than garden, staff were german, you now only seem to have to buy a light lunch, a second beer is allowed & the beer is served in pints. a pleasant place to stop , though not a destination place , just to go if the weather is good & u happen to be in richmond,
though better Than the bavarian beerhouse in city Road, That I have never been able to get in to.

17 Apr 2007 13:06

The Market Porter, Borough

btw Fosters is brewed in the uk, its not shipped from aus, anyway most draught lagers sold in this country are brewed here, if camra left out of its guides pubs that sold lager, the guide would be empty.( i drink real ale).

16 Feb 2006 16:11

The Doric Arch, Euston

the problem with the head of steam, is sometimes closed for unknown reasons, I visited of 0/02 at 18.30, it was closed with no notice of when it was to reopen ?

16 Feb 2006 10:24

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