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The Railway Hotel, Appledore

Still up for sale/let

1 Jul 2013 22:52

The Ringlestone Inn, Ringlestone

Beautiful pub in a delightful setting with a grand, large garden. Didn't have food but the Ale was spot on. However at £3.90 a pint, take a full wallet.

1 Jul 2013 22:47

The Tom Cobley, Spreyton

Amazing pub in a beautiful village. Rate 11/10!!!

26 Jun 2013 21:04

The Drum Inn, Stanford

Rather disappointing. Pub was very cold. Granted it was cold outside but the 2 fires were not heating the pub at all and were just left to simmer. Maybe I ask for too much, but was expecting some ales that were more 'local'

19 Jan 2013 13:19

The Gardeners Arms, Ardingly

Overpriced food, and even though of good quality, small portions. Overall disappointing.

6 Jan 2013 01:23

The Railway Hotel, Appledore

Up for sale!

23 Nov 2012 11:07

The Three Tuns, Lower Halstow

Quite a historic pub with normally a good selection of Ale's however the food is over-rated and over-priced for what you get

23 Nov 2012 11:06

The Anchor, Faversham

Mmm. A definite improvement. Excellent food and at a very good price. A pub worth searching out near the Creeks

23 Nov 2012 10:38

The Royal Oak, Romney Marsh

Another 'Enterprise' closure??

18 Nov 2012 17:10

The Ypres Castle Inn, Rye

Good pleasant place. Judging from some far back reviews, may have changed hands recently for the better!

18 Nov 2012 17:01

The Railway Hotel, Appledore

Has closed! What has happened?

9 Nov 2012 00:32

The Albion Taverna, Faversham

Food and service very good. Will visit again.

3 Nov 2012 22:33

The Anchor, Faversham

Recently re-opened after refurbishment with new owners. They certainly look keen to impress. Nice wood burning fires and ambience

3 Nov 2012 21:07

The Sun, Faversham

Smashing place. Great fire and good food. 4 Sheps Ale's on offer!!

19 Oct 2012 17:31

The Hoodener's Horse, Great Chart

Food still good, and service to match. Good selection of Ale's and Cider ( On Stillage )

11 Oct 2012 05:53

The Woolpack, Brookland

A quaint pub, but not cheap!

11 Oct 2012 05:50

The Shipwrights Arms, Faversham

Great place. Great selection of Ale's. 2 good gardens and lots of 'nooks' inside to sit in

30 Sep 2012 11:49

The Red Lion, Snargate

Another superb beer festival at the weekend. Yum Yum!

25 Jun 2012 04:44

The Foresters, Horley

Suspect clientele & suspect draught Ale. Food not too bad though.

31 May 2012 14:27

Ferry Inn, Stone-in-Oxney

Good Ale and Cider festival last weekend.

27 May 2012 22:51

The Lady of Mann, Liverpool

Ale of questionable quality.

13 May 2012 17:49

The Red Lion, Snargate

Saturday 23rd June - Beer Festival.

1 May 2012 06:16

The Hoodener's Horse, Great Chart

Good Mini Beer Festival in progress at the mo,

9 Apr 2012 14:07

The Ship Inn, Rye

Buzzing atmosphere. Food pricey but top quality. 3 Real Ale's on. Worth a visit

9 Apr 2012 13:50

The Railway Hotel, Appledore

Mini Beer Festival coming up in May

29 Mar 2012 05:52

The Red Lion, Snargate

Beer Festival coming up in June. Dates will be posted shortly

29 Mar 2012 05:52

The Mudlark, London Bridge

Good choice of Ale's with some unusual one's

28 Mar 2012 23:12

The Bridge Inn, Michaelchurch Escley

Very good food and Ale and a warm welcome. Visit!

26 Mar 2012 18:33

The Bell and Crown, Canterbury

Very good choice of unusual ales. Food good too!

12 Feb 2012 18:09

The Trout and Tipple, Tavistock

Jail Ale very good the other night, as was the Teignworthy Spring Tide. Shame the pub wasn't busier but then it was a Winter Sunday night.

10 Dec 2011 00:51

The Five Dials Inn, Ilminster

Good prices and quick service. Otter Ale lovely!

6 Nov 2011 22:27

The Bell Inn, Romney Marsh

Very good food too! Can't wait for the Winter and the roaring fires there.

24 Sep 2011 16:54

The Bell Inn, Romney Marsh

Splendid remote Romney Marsh Pub, with 5 real ale's and 2 or 3 decent ciders. Well worth a visit.

13 Sep 2011 17:27

Kings Arms, Barrow In Furness

Popped in here for a drink on Sunday. The place had been closed I think and has reopened. Nice refurbishment job and decent beer patio out the back.

Three Real Ales on which surprised me. Bomardier, Theakstons and Deuchers IPA so nothing too exciting. Very cheap which may be the reason for my main complaint.

Pub has Sky Sports, which is good. Now unfortunately the pub was full of scum. It was the day of the Community Sheild final and although the footie had finshed several hours earlier there were drunken idiots chanting and genrally being idiots. A shame as the pub has had a decent refurb, can't see it staying nice for too long though.

10 Aug 2011 11:42

Kings Arms, Barrow In Furness

Popped in here for a drink on Monday. The place had been closed I think and has just

10 Aug 2011 11:20

Wateredge Inn, Waterhead

Was here on earlier this week with my wife. It is in a wonderful location right beside the lake.

We both ate here, food was really good, I had Coley fish and my wife had some sort of salad.

The beer chioce was brilliant with 6 ales on tap and at least two of them were locale's.

Now I know it is pricey here, pretty much London prices however the location is brilliant (so you pay for it) with a huge garden alongside the waters edge. Not many better ways to spend a couple of hours on a sunny afternoon.

10 Aug 2011 11:13

Three Mariners, Hythe

Lovely, quaint pub, with a fine selection of prominantly local ales. Well worth seeking out in a side street

28 Jul 2011 18:02

The Hope, Carshalton

Despite living not far from here, never discovered this place. What a little gem. Will go back. Good choice of unusual ales.

9 Jul 2011 09:22

The Red Lion, Snargate

Whoops, make that Saturday PM!

4 Jul 2011 23:10

The Red Lion, Snargate

Amazing Beer and Cider Festival last month, plus 2 really cool bands, and... the Red Arrows flying over on Sunday PM, Wow!!!

4 Jul 2011 23:08

The Hoodener's Horse, Great Chart

Food good, but Ale quite over-priced I felt.

29 May 2011 22:27

The Singleton Barn, Ashford

Not bad. Kents Best and Master Brew on tap. DJ on a Friday evening which gave the place a 'buzz'. Food good in price and quantity.

29 May 2011 22:26

The Red Lion, Snargate

A pint of Whitstable brewery Winkle Picker was simply divine. Very busy on a warm Sunday lunchtime. Good show as ever.

9 May 2011 19:47

The Red Lion, Snargate

Visited again on a cold, wet, Sunday lunchtime. Lovely warm fire to say nothing of the Double Vision Cider, Wow!!

22 Feb 2011 08:44

The Red Lion, Snargate

Again another visit. Greeted by Doris and a lovely warm fire on a cold, damp day. Goachers Mild was Sublime x 10!

23 Jan 2011 13:59

The Peter Tavy Inn, Peter Tavy

Lovely real fire and a typical Country Pub atmosphere - How it should be.

4 Jan 2011 21:32

The Masque Haunt, Old Street

Basic Wetherspoons with limited guest ale's.

24 Dec 2010 07:31

The Yew Tree 'Time well spent', Reigate Hill

Very homely in the Winter. Visited recently and the staff were very friendly. Didn't eat but the food looked grand. Very warm atmosphere with an open fire.

27 Nov 2010 10:48

The Bell Inn, Martock

Ale kept well, and a lovely real fire.

22 Nov 2010 16:15

Ye Olde Leathern Bottle, Wokingham

Sharps Doombar tasted very good, but the pub is so 'plasticky' inside

25 Oct 2010 18:00

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Small selection of Real Ale's and quite keenly priced.

7 Sep 2010 10:30

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Nothing really special. They don't seem over interested in looking after the Real Ale's.

7 Sep 2010 10:28

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Well kept ales, normally at least 5 on offer, and at competitive prices.

7 Sep 2010 10:27

The Plough, Leigh

Another visit yesterday. Lovely outside drinking area watching the Sun set. Good bar staff, and real ale keenly priced. Must try the food next time. Keep it up.

6 Aug 2010 08:05

The Skimmington Castle, Reigate Heath

Take as you find I guess. Went there yesterday, Sunday, lunchtime with a friend. 1 of us had the Cheese Ploughmans which was fine, and the other had the Basil Quiche with salad and Roast Potatos. No real complaints. Yes, slightly pricy as were the drinks but in this day and age not much above the 'norm'. Fairly busy for a Sunday. We ordered quite early and the food was delivered very quick, so on this 1 off visit basis will rate it as an 8 but other patrons do not seem to have been so lucky.

5 Jul 2010 15:08

The Royal Oak Inn, Meavy

Amazing pub in an amazing setting. Full range of the Dartmoor Ales and food equally as grand.

24 Jun 2010 00:28

The Argyle Bar, Edinburgh

Lovely 'locals' bar. Pentland IPA very nice.

8 Jun 2010 16:41

The Red Lion, Snargate

Another visit last week. Good to see it really busy on a Sunday lunchtime.
Pub is an absolute must even if your not in the area!

31 May 2010 05:01

The Museum Tavern, Bloomsbury

Good range of well kept Ale's but service tends to be slow.

19 May 2010 01:08

The White Lion, Tenterden

Plenty of different style seating inside and an outside front 'garden' area for drinking on a warm day. 4 different Ale's on tap when visited.

10 May 2010 16:24

Six Bells, Woodchurch

Good selection of Ale's. Pleasant enough place

10 May 2010 16:22

The Red Lion, Snargate

Another visit last weekend.
Once again the Goachers Mild was fantastic.
Nice to see the pub quite busy too.

2 May 2010 22:48

The Smith and Western, Boxhill

Reasonable place with good food but don't expect any decent ale.

21 Apr 2010 08:47

The Joseph Bramah, Barnsley

Standard Spoons pub. A good atmosphere, especially when Barnsley are at home.

28 Feb 2010 16:18

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

Large pub, with plenty of corners in which to hide if you wish.
A pint of Greene King Flanners Tackle yesterday was just fine.

28 Feb 2010 16:17

The Bankers Draft, Sheffield

Perfectly adequate. Banks and Taylors SOD was fine.

4 Feb 2010 05:22

The Britannia Inn, Plymouth

Went in on a Argyle home match day so probably didn't get a fair view of it.
Staff very quick to serve but I am sure the plastic glasses used alter the taste of the Ale.

23 Jan 2010 11:14

The Railway Hotel, Appledore

20 seconds walk from the station entrance. Hourly train service from Ashford International or Eastbourne via Hastings. Visit!

30 Dec 2009 22:54

The Royal Standard, Croydon

Really good classic pub.

30 Dec 2009 22:47

The Plough, Leigh

Visited today. 4 draught Ales. Tried 2 which tasted fine. Food was good with generous portions. Good marks to the staff who were working flat out on a busy lunchtime session.

28 Dec 2009 17:06

The Barrels, Hereford

Made to feel like a local ( even though I'm not! ) as soon as you walk in.
A great place.

20 Oct 2009 08:41

The Red Lion, Snargate

A second visit at the weekend.
Still as amazing as ever.
The Goachers Mild was superb.

20 Oct 2009 08:40

The Dukes Head, Wallington

Not a bad place but SOME of the staff could do with improvement.
Chewing Gum with her mouth wide open is not a good advert.

30 Jun 2009 09:39

The Bell Inn, Outwood

Why charge nearly 3 for a pint of fresh orange juice and lemomade ( out of a gas tap ) ?

30 Jun 2009 08:29

The Inn On The Pond, Nutfield

Whilst the Doombar was very good a few days ago, charging 2.90 for a pint of Coke is extracting the michael. Go somewhere else

9 Jun 2009 01:11

The Railway Hotel, Appledore

Not eaten here but the Harveys the other afternoon was superb. Hope to visit again.

28 Apr 2009 12:48

The Stepping Stones, Westhumble

Good enough. Food plentiful and good quality. London Pride was exellent. Shame the other barrels had just finished.

17 Feb 2009 15:52

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Seemed OK yesterday after some poor reviews lately.
Ale tasted good. Food on the pricey side though.
Has it changed hands again recently?
Just ignore the apparent regulars who prop up the bar and seem reluctant to let others near the bar.

29 Dec 2008 15:19

The Tower, Redhill

Maybe 'The Observer' should visit the Dog and Duck to realise the comments are factual

1 Nov 2008 15:09

The Tower, Redhill

Needs to be a decent Pizza restaurant to challenge a certain outlet opposite. Not many will miss its demise, if it happens.

15 Oct 2008 17:10

The Tower, Redhill

I doubt if there WAS a worst pub in Surrey.
Hadn't realised it had now shut. I think it was called 'Crooks' not 'Crocks'!!

12 Oct 2008 12:37

The Coach and Horses, Norwich

Buzzing place with brilliant beers

6 Sep 2008 17:14

The Priory, Reigate

Garden and Conservatory seem OK but limited real ale, and what was available tasted a bit suspect

1 Sep 2008 22:55

The Red Lion, Snargate

Yes, more like a 20 minute walk from Appledore station.

29 Aug 2008 00:12

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Very good selection of ales and all the handpumps are usually up and running...none of this 'N/A' or 'Coming soon' clips which sometimes haunt Wetherspoons pubs. Rated 8/10.

29 Aug 2008 00:09

The Britannia Inn, Dungeness

Full of history inside. Worth a visit.

24 Aug 2008 01:32

The Terminus Tavern, Douglas

A good place. Ideal for tram watching and just watching the sea and boats. Well kept Okells

24 Aug 2008 01:26

The Tower, Redhill

An absolute dump. The frequenters of this hostelry can be viewed on the street. You won't want to go in.

24 Aug 2008 01:22

The Sidings, Castletown

Huge quantities of good food that isn't expensive. Large selection of ales

24 Aug 2008 00:07

The Station Hotel, Port Erin

Food very expensive.

24 Aug 2008 00:01

The Falcon's Nest Hotel, Port Erin

Fantastic view from the conservatory. Good selection of beers but prices a little higher than what you normally expect on the Isle of Man.

23 Aug 2008 23:59

The Trafalgar Hotel, Ramsey

Pub with a good buzzing atmosphere and normally a good choice of decent, well kept ales

23 Aug 2008 23:56

The Shore Hotel, Laxey

Down to earth pub with good quality Bosuns bitter

23 Aug 2008 23:55

The Mines Tavern, Laxey

Fine pub to spend hours watching the trams on a hot day. Good food and a reasonable selection of ales.

23 Aug 2008 23:54

The George, Croydon

Not too bad really.
Normally a good choice of ales on tap but service can be a bit on the slow side.
Having said that there are many pubs in Croydon well below the standard of this pub.

22 Aug 2008 23:38

The Red Lion, Snargate

Caught in a timewarp, yet so close to the large population in the South East. Long may it remain different.
Ale's kept very well.

6 Aug 2008 17:24

The Builders Arms, Croydon

A good solid fullers beer pub, nothing fancy, just good beer with a friendky welcome away from the bustle of Croydon town centre

4 Aug 2008 09:03

The Elephants Nest, Horndon

Visited yesterday. Not served by this apparent rude landlord but the Jail Ale and Sharp's doombar were well kept. Seems a 'foody' pub.

3 Aug 2008 16:26

The Sun, Redhill

Guest ales rather hit and miss. Sometimes up to 4 or 5 on tap, sometimes lucky if there is 1. Could do with better management on this front

21 Jul 2008 00:26

The Trout and Tipple, Tavistock

Find it hard to believe freezerrm's comments about his experience. Did he not think to ask where foood orders are taken?. Have visited the 'trout' several times whilst visiting close friends in the area and have never experienced this, nor have other people judging from the reviews. The food has always been good to exellent so please don't let people be put off by this. The pub remains a true gem.

5 Jun 2008 21:47

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