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The Brewers Arms, Lewes

As a follow up to my last post what I would like to say is watch out for and ask for the AMAZING Tracy. x

17 Mar 2011 16:39

The Brewers Arms, Lewes

A very professionally run family pub with excellent food. But watch out for Tracy!!!

13 Mar 2011 21:23

The Zeppelin Shelter, Whitechapel

Very friendly pub. Traditional downstairs frequented by regulars and with a younger, studenty type utilising the upstairs bar withs its pool table, darts board and pin ball Machine. Best of all is the outside balcony with barbaque.

5 Jul 2010 20:34

The Royal Oak, Brighton

Know known as The Oak. Early morning regular drinkers. V friendly and reasonably priced. Good simple and reasonably priced food. Recent moderisation by the new young owners. An oasis in St James Street for those looking for a drink and a drink only.

5 Jan 2006 22:03

The Star Inn, Eastbourne

Traditional drinking pub split between a saloon and public bar and it appears everyone knows their place. Interesting people and staff. V reasonable prices. No food and smokey.

5 Jan 2006 22:00

The Hove Place, Hove

Excellent run bar. Excellent Cellar. 30-40 crowd including local likely lads. V good outside garden in summer and children welcome in that. Say hello to the gov, Richard but don't make mention of his waistcoats.

5 Jan 2006 21:54

The Green House Effect, Hove

Bar/night club been running for past 15 years under presnt owner. 2 house bitters and a guest.I recommend the Jagaermiester. Mainly a middle aged crowd. Quiet during the day when shows sports on wide screens. Friendly staff and live music. NB Carl Simmons on the Joanna every Thursday evening which is also Grab a Granny Night.

5 Jan 2006 21:50

The Engineer, Brighton

Nice traditional pub with friendly staff. Well worth a visit and definitly a "local"

5 Jan 2006 21:33

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