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Comments by mandraker

The Royal Albion, Hastings

This place requires a major refurb - for a start.

25 Nov 2015 10:31

The Bear, Horsham

Shut - thankfully...

15 Nov 2015 21:30

The Abinger Arms, Abinger Hammer

Madness to post about a pub, closed for years.

13 Nov 2015 10:54

The Abbot, Redhill

Awful place - where those who are barred from all other pubs, in the area, are served. Management is either non-existant or dire. Was in last night when many of the white powder people were enjoying themselves!

Avoid, at all costs.

11 Nov 2015 12:13

The Jolly Farmers, Betchworth

Massive amount of work being done on this pub - including gardens and car park.

Now opening on 10th December.

8 Nov 2015 11:02

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast

Owned - for nearly 40 years - by the National Trust, the Crown is a fine example of a Victorian Gin Palace.

Still lit by gas lamps, the Crown has ten booths or snugs - which can be booked in advanced for private drinks/meals.

Each snug (A to J) has an individual bell, for service - answered only at lunchtimes, these days. A relic of a bygone era.

30 Oct 2015 15:00

The Jolly Farmers, Betchworth

'The Pheasant at Buckland' will open next month - owned and run by a couple of local chaps.

21 Oct 2015 16:23

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Wench and sawus (previous posters) have a mentality akin to the high bike era. Old and dated. But it doesn't stop them waffling on. Sawus types exclusively about the Oaks and gets upset when Nick ignores his 'advice'.

When new management come in, they strive to improve a business. And Nick has. Ken, a top class publican, was there a bit too long and was looking forward to his retirement. Brown bitters, what's wrong with them - haven't seen any other colour?!

18 Jun 2014 10:59

The Tower, Redhill

Was in there yesterday - and was served by a pleasant lady. Nobody else was in the pub; it'll take a while to get the place going again...

3 Jun 2014 17:04

The Iron Duke, Victoria station

A station pub in the largest one in the UK - what do people expect?

Try the Shakespeare across the road. Its a lot dearer and an awful lot worse!

28 May 2014 23:07

Rasputins, Wellington

A rating of just over 1. Perhaps a record?

14 May 2014 14:01

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

In here too, one sees the child ritual - where a baby gets fed and watered. With nappie bags on the counter and the buggy taking over of space that regulars need. Not on, therefore - low rating.

5 Nov 2013 20:47

London and County, Eastbourne

It is also sad that an old chap has to boast on a site like this (concerning beer and pubs) about late life inheritances. Bizarre really. But slerpy is just that - when most of us are simply thankful, greatful and proud to have earned - ourselves - what we have.....

26 Oct 2013 20:07

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Ryog - over £10 for two pints?!

I don't think so......

8 Jun 2013 11:52

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

At least, we will be spared looooooooool's childish/infantile rantings for a few weeks - and, hopefully, he will bring his boyfriend burn 147 with him.

7 Jun 2013 09:54

The Admiral, Reigate

Yes boat, a good pub with good/friendly staff. But the nightly baby ritual (same individuals) is out of place, and should not be tolerated. It often takes over most of the back bar, with equipment etc., and makes our pool games impossible.

18 Mar 2013 11:33

The Tower, Redhill

The refit/refurb has started....

27 Feb 2013 09:56

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Was in tonight; that kid Chas just took over - a mouthy/unbright bore. One wonders why this building site labourer is allowed such latitude. This pub has a lot of potential.

12 Feb 2013 22:10

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

Even BA's website is dated, nogs. The JF is a good local which I enjoy - good beer and an excellent Sunday roast. But as gander typed, not perfect - few pubs are, these days.

15 Oct 2012 22:48

The Red Deer, South Croydon

Slerp is correct - but he had a lot to do with that.........

15 Oct 2012 22:37

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Kev is right. Very expensive for an East Surrey pub - with, really, West End prices.

Sole - �16 with veg @ �3 (+) each. Starters up to �10; deserts about �5/6. I think they better keep the 2 for 1 offer, permanently.

The new upstairs restaurant is not too busy, as a result!

15 Oct 2012 21:41

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

Pleasant pub with friendly staff and locals - and good beer. Still attracts complainers, like a lady who thinks the food is too cheap and a failed barman.

18 Sep 2012 11:10

The Market Hotel, Reigate

An excellent job seems to be nearly finished and, as said before, good/new management is critical. This venue has the potential to be one of the finest pubs in East Surrey, if past mistakes are learned from - in terms of staff and customers.

Past mistakes:-

- allowing staff to chat with regular customers, instead of serving
- not quickly weeding out obvious trouble makers
- overall hygiene problems
- little attempt to serve people in order
- hit and miss menus
- rude/untrained door men, often causing more trouble than stopping it


- a firm approach, showing how things will be in the future
- close selection of management, staff and door personnel
- thorough training of the above
- no TVs
- better usage of excellent/unique beer garden
- daily cleaners

Yes, a lot obvious; but most overlooked in the past.......

13 Sep 2012 11:09

The Sun, Redhill

Sevice quality has improved here overall. But, when it was pointed out to a barman recently that he was serving people completely out of order/sequence - he replied that he had bad eyesight! Specsavers, maybe......

29 Aug 2012 12:27

The Sun, Redhill

Over 40! negative comments on various pubs, by the last poster. Ill?

26 Jul 2012 22:21

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Yes Kev, I did as well and will await the Fullers version. A current rating of nearly 3 for this run down dive is far too high.

15 Jun 2012 08:59

The Priory, Reigate

Soon to be 'Joules Cocktails and Wine Bar'.

Staff curently being sourced and, externally, this new venue looks good.

28 May 2012 13:01

The Sun, Redhill

Showing Sky News - with no sound - is a good idea; but only if the captions show what's being said! For months now, the on-screen captions do not work here and one wonders why this simple, but very obvious, problem has not been rectified.

28 May 2012 12:55

The Old Customs House, Portsmouth

Reasonable pub. But the prices are far too high - �8+ for a large spirit (50ml in total) and a dash! I know no other pub, anywhere, charging these prices - and the food is very average - with students and agency staff serving.

25 May 2012 22:51

The Priory, Reigate

A new wine bar, I've been told.

23 May 2012 10:17

The Market Hotel, Reigate

bye, ben/two degrees. hope you get another job where work remains unimportant.

7 May 2012 22:58

The Tower, Redhill

Very serious incident, just behind this pub about 4pm today. Helicopter/police/amulances etc. Roads blocked off. No idea if it was related to this pub, or any other.

24 Apr 2012 22:28

The Bulls Head, Reigate

That on-line juke box plays 7 million songs! (And fox referred to a 'scam'...not a scam.)

5 Apr 2012 10:27

The Market Hotel, Reigate

For Fullers to pay about �2m and then allow this terrible place to continue to decline - with the same management - is madness.

1 Apr 2012 15:51

The Panther Inn, Reigate

Being taken over by the landlady of the Bell, a local pub. Fine business woman - tho' GK must have run out of options.

Then, there was Roy.........

30 Mar 2012 21:29

Smugglers, Hastings

Thanks ade....I think everyone knows....2/3 years now? Anything else? Stonehenge is shut too.

30 Mar 2012 21:25

The George, Croydon

Jim. Slerpy was a good (albeit biased) reviewer who now concentrates on attacking far too many people - as already mentioned on here.

30 Mar 2012 12:27

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Was in here recently on the way from Gatwick. Good pub/excellent food, except for a shouter with an alsation. Maybe same bloke mentioned already - or is the place a venue for loud dog owners?

29 Mar 2012 23:47

Brighton Rocks, Brighton

Yes, an expensive/small side street pub - with little to offer. Plenty of better places nearby.

29 Mar 2012 15:36

The Peter Cushing, Whitstable

Three comments from Lad, in about a week, about the Peter Cushing: He still fails to say anything about the place!

4 Jan 2012 10:34

Royal Oak, Motcombe

Well, tyke and his invisible mates seem to have vanished!

Good luck for 2012 in whatever you decide to do (or not to do) with the Oak.

1 Jan 2012 11:45

The Star, Dorking

stone says 'bring your leftovesr to...' service is a major ingredient of any business - including pubs. there is NONE in this 300 sq ft kiosk. ok. its different, but so is Croydon.

27 Oct 2011 21:55

The Star, Dorking

The bike is part of the bric-a-brac.

27 Oct 2011 10:25

The Dolphin, Betchworth

If the landylady isn't drunk, its posiible to get a good meal and service here....but the odds are stacked against it!

11 Jul 2011 11:08

The Fox on the Hill, Lower Kingswood

Looks almost ready to reopen. All repainted - similar to what it was, with a 'newly refurbished' sign outside.

10 Jul 2011 15:42

The Sportsman 'Time Well Spent', Mogador

Last summer, kevmac was saying great things about this pub - he was largely correct. However times change, but still he has to leap to defend this good (not great) pub whose main feature is its location. Its worst - a bad choice of staff....

9 Jul 2011 17:42

The Junction, Redhill

Same as last poster. The place is closed on a Sunday night/afternoon. Might be a good idea to display their hours.

5 May 2009 14:31

The Market Hotel, Reigate

The manager (aka 'two degrees') is now a surly/lowly barman; one of the best located pubs in East Surrey continues to decline because of low standards and a lack of investment.

Even the taps and soap dispensers (in the toilets) remain broken - after a cheap refurb, late last year.

Market Taverns have seen the future...

Bad mangement + cheap staff + no investment = a fast exit, to cut loses.

Goodbye and good..............

23 Feb 2009 17:39

The White Hart, Dorking

Grand little pub 'off the beaten track' - in the centre of the town. Only pub in Dorking with free internet access. Well kept beers and family run. Good place to be when wife is shopping; she'll never find you !

17 Dec 2008 11:49

The Ramblers Rest, Chipstead

A Rest for Ramblers...yes; not for wet and dirty dogs whose owners now give advice on the pub business and decor !

'We need a pub team that cares for our village' says one. You mean a team that will allow dogs in. The last two posters are correct - go somewhere else (where dogs are wecome). Simple.

One pub not far away even has a water bowl for dogs; pub owners have the option to cater for dogs - some decide not to. Free country, init.

16 Dec 2008 09:48

The Bell, Reigate

Friendly and warm little place with very good (and quick) lunchtime food.

The young landlady is up for some Surrey business/management award. Quiet right too.

15 Dec 2008 13:29

The Market Hotel, Reigate

It is surprising to see the Market so busy - but then its Christmas, the peak period for the trade. The management remains very poor; I predict major changes there in the deadly months of Jan/Feb and the long overdue refurb, should Market Taverns be able to pay for it; this small private company has the uncaring/low budget/short sighted modus operandi of both Punch and Enterprise.

14 Dec 2008 12:42

The Plough, Coldharbour

Yes M Shaylor, The Plough is a fine pub which is well managed - in a beautiful location. But, to bleat on about the pub sign is madness, bearing in mind the strong positive qualities of this rare gem.

8 Dec 2008 12:24

The Market Hotel, Reigate

I never said I loved Wetherspoons - but even The Sun is well managed; it has roughly the same floor space as The Market and takes c�50k a week - in a much less affluent town.

On the matter of Reigate pubs, you mention the smaller Bulls Head. Since the new manager introduced a two meals for �5 deal, that pub's turnover has trebled - and the deal has been copied by several other local pubs. The BH management is enterprising - unlike that of The Market.

Finally, I don't hate The Market...but as a Reigatian am sad that the town's biggest pub has been ruined by bad management; you seem to be one of the 'team' - and the tone/content of your post clearly shows its very low calibre.

27 Nov 2008 12:15

The Market Hotel, Reigate

You admit that there's not enough staff on a Saturday night and that the upstairs bar is not busy enough to open on four nights during the week. Is this not a clear manifestation of bad management ? Often, between 5 and 6 on a Friday night (a peak period), there is one person serving.

Entertainment is the key to increasing the upstairs usage; more than 50% of the pub's floor space is only used less than 25% of the time. Could you imagine a Wetherspoon allowing this ?

Apart from a below par management, the place has an apathetic staff - and to say that the toilets were refurbished in three days is simply untrue; the posts here on that subject are accurate.

27 Nov 2008 10:22

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