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Comments by malone

The Ape and Apple, Manchester

Why on earth is this in the Good Beer Guide? Lacking any character or atmosphere, there's just a choice between Holt's Bitter and Mild.

31 Aug 2010 14:41

The Ingram Bar, Glasgow

I don't understand why this is in the Good Beer Guide; there were just two beers on, one of which was Green King IPA. Lacked atmosphere too.

5 Apr 2010 15:13

Teuchters, Edinburgh

�3.35 for a pint of Brew Dog's Trashy Blonde!!!! A much nicer pub than Melville's across the road - where a pint of Caledonian's Gathering Ale was an astonishing �2.35...

2 Sep 2009 00:24

The Canny Man's, Morningside

�3.40 for a Deuchar's! I have been here before and begrudgingly and naively admired the uniqueness of the pub, but it really is horrifically and miserably expensive. I fear that if you get a smile, they will charge you even more - but I wouldn't know.

19 Aug 2009 02:21

The Jolly Judge, Edinburgh

Muchas turistas, and an annoying barman trying to promote Laphroaig as if only he had ever heard about it. An unsatisfying mixture of old beams and new fittings. Could be worse, could be a lot better.

11 Aug 2009 19:58

The Red Lion, Alnmouth

This is a lovely pub! Pleasant and relaxing, good food and beer, and individual.

22 Mar 2009 23:15

Pivo Cafe Bar, York

The range of beers in this bar is truly impressive, although the number of European and American beers means that it is an expensive place to drink in. The service has got a lot better recently - on my last couple of visits it hasn't taken ten minutes to get served. Gets very busy in the evening. Has a fancy jukebox which you can download music on to. The men's has one urinal, in the form of a gargoyle.

15 Mar 2009 01:24

The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

How cool is this pub!? Small, atmospheric, off the beaten track, and great chairs. Excellent.

18 Jul 2008 14:42

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

A really beautiful city pub, especially the ceiling. Must visit if you're in the centre of Edinburgh.

18 Jul 2008 14:40

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

Beautiful pub, but dodgy clientele (a drunk at the bar barely able to stand let alone speak asked me if I was German when I couldn't understand what he was saying to me), lack of atmosphere, bad music blaring out for no reason, only two real ales on (Cains and Roosters, all the rest off). It should be a great great pub, but isn't.

6 Jun 2008 13:37

The Harp, Covent Garden

Excellent beer, gorgeous barmaid, very friendly and efficient landlady. One of the few pubs in London where you get a decent head on your pint and that's relaxed about last orders. Amazing that it's in the centre of London.

7 Aug 2006 14:49

The Bar, Chorlton cum Hardy

Excellent, reasonably priced beer from the Marble brewery and elsewhere. When you have a seat, it's a great place to spend an evening, but it gets extremely busy and you often end up standing in the cold in the small seating area outside.

23 Sep 2005 16:19

The Kings Arms, Salford

Two minutes from the centre of Manchester and the beer prices tumble. Astonishing interior and a wide range of beers, with a studio upstairs also, thus attracting a mixed clientele of locals and students. Recommended.

23 Sep 2005 16:14

The Golden Ball, York

Excellent pub. Dark, gloomy and down to earth in true English style with outside toilets, but with lots of seating in three different rooms, friendly staff, a gorgeous beer garden, and possibly the only bar billiards table in Yorkshire.

23 Sep 2005 16:09

The Blue Bell, York

A York institution. Tiny cramped Edwardian pub - at the weekend you'll probably end up standing in the corridor. Good beer, friendly staff, unique experience. Definitely worth visiting.

23 Sep 2005 16:06

The Knott Bar, Deansgate

A disappointment. Neglected bar billiards table, irritating staff, not particularly convivial feel. Best avoided, and going to much more atmospheric pubs round the corner, such as Peveril of the Peak or Britons Protection.

23 Sep 2005 16:02

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