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Kusch Too, Macclesfield

This closed and re-opened down the road, where the old knights bar used to be. Quite swish for Macc. Should be good.

23 May 2006 15:47

The Old Millstone, Macclesfield

Probably Macc's most studenty pub, so its busier outside of term-time. It not bad but with the rest of the town getting all fancy it needs a makeover and some new ideas.

Its a pub with a late license so its one of a handfull of places where you could end your night if you want a quiet one. If the 24 hour licensing comes in others will close at 1 or 2 am and this place may come out of it worse-off. I imagine business is slowly dwindling and they need to modernise it before it gets too late.

4 Feb 2005 12:19

The Queens Hotel, Macclesfield

Been done up very recently and its pretty good. I don't know what its like in the evenings but is a good spot for some all-day drinking. I reckon this place will eventually do ok, maybe pulling in some of the Millstone crowd.

4 Feb 2005 12:07

Kusch Bar, Macclesfield

I was well dubious when this placed opened. Back in the day when the notorious Bears Head closed and became the Firkin, I hear people were pretty pissed off. It was a pansy pub! I was too young for the Bears head but found the Firkin one of the best pubs in Macc. I was obviously one of a 'new breed' of pansies to hit the town but when it in turn closed and became Kusch bar I felt the pain of the original bears head locals. My 'pansy' pub had turned into one the pansiest of pubs in existence and I was well pissed off.

After a slow start it picked up and is now one of the best pubs in Macc. Its still as pansy an oxford university botanist student's collection of potpourri pansies (especially with those multi-coloured lights on that big square on the wall), but it does sell san miguel.

Macc's pubs are pratically a meadow of wildflower nowadays so we might as well strip off and roll in it if its there. There's the occasional thorn bush to watch out for but as in the wildernerss you can usually spot them a mile off.

Kusch too is pretty good too.

4 Feb 2005 12:00

The White Lion, Macclesfield

One of the few remaining busy old-school pubs left in the town centre. Ran by the moody ex-firkin landlady, this place is always worth dropping in for one. Old-school pubs can occasionally attract old-school scallies though so for keep an eye out for them (they're a dieing breed in Macc). ok during the day too.

4 Feb 2005 11:32

The Prince of Wales, Macclesfield

...I mean 10 stars on the Macc scale, not 5 (see below).

4 Feb 2005 11:24

Chicago Rock Cafe, Macclesfield

I've come and gone from Macc for the last 8 years and noticed the places where people end up at the end of the night have steadily got fancier since the mid-late 90s. there's slightly more choice nowadays and significantly less trouble. There's also more people go out in Macc than there used to be, but still not enough. Chicago Rock, like all other places to end a night in Macc, is still full of too many people that go there every week, all bored of their familiar surroundings and which makes for a crap atmosphere. This will always be a problem in Macc and clubs will always be shit. Pubs and bars where we can make our own atmosphere are our only hope (ever notice how nights start out ok duiring the pub crawl and go down hill when we hit the clubs? this is why). Bring on 24 hr licensing!

4 Feb 2005 11:19

The American Bar and Grill, Macclesfield

'tis no more. Took over from Yates', changed the colour scheme and thats about it. As a result - no punters. Closed down in Jan 05!

4 Feb 2005 11:04

The Prince of Wales, Macclesfield

This is my old local from when I was under-age. I liked it then but as with a lot of macc's pubs its nicer nowadays. Its also busier than ever but remains a chilled out traditional pub with wicked atmosphere. I would recommend that any pub crawl in Macc should begin here. 5 stars (on the Macc scale).

4 Feb 2005 11:02

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