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93 Feet East, Shoreditch

Agreed Tallman - great place. Sunday afternoon/early evening really kicks off. If you want a quiet pint of real ale then take your walking stick to another part of London, but if you want a lively, night out with good music, hot girls/guys + a late licence, then get yourself to 93 Feet East.

16 May 2007 17:50

[email protected] (Be At One), Battersea

One of the best bars in South London. Great music (Top Gun anyone?!), great cocktails + friendly staff. Downside is that it's very expensive + can take ages to get served on a Friday/Saturday night, but would definitely recommend the experience.

26 Sep 2005 16:54

The Wheatsheaf, Tooting Bec

Is everyone on this website talking about the same place?! Rank Irish pub full of old weirdos - I detest this place!

26 Sep 2005 16:52

Cane, West Hampstead

Not a bad bar, but would be a lot better if it had more people in!

26 Sep 2005 16:49

The Gallery, West Hampstead

Great little bar - everyone in it is very good looking, so a night of feeling inadequate awaits! Get there early though as it gets very, very busy at the weekend.

26 Sep 2005 16:49

Alphabet, Soho

Not bad for drinks here, but the food is absolutely rancid! Could definitely do a lot worse than spending a night in here.

26 Sep 2005 16:46

The Maple Leaf, Covent Garden

Good, Canadian themed pub. Canadians have to be the friendliest people in the world! This place is nothing special, but definitely worth spending the odd night in.

26 Sep 2005 16:44

The Bok Bar, Covent Garden

Definitely not recommended. A dreary, uninspiring pub - many better places nearby.

26 Sep 2005 16:43

All Bar One, Canary Wharf

Along with Bar 38, the only place in Canary Wharf I'd ever set foot in again. It's just like every other AllBarOne though - nice beers + wines, but expensive + a chain.

SilkTork - loved the description of Erdinger!!!

26 Sep 2005 16:41

Slug and Lettuce, Canary Wharf

Poor attempt at a pub.

26 Sep 2005 16:38

The Cat And Canary, Canary Wharf

A very average pub in the very dull area of Canary Wharf.

26 Sep 2005 16:37

93 Feet East, Shoreditch

Definitely one of my favourite London bars. Best to go on a Sunday night when there's dancing on the tables + sheer drunken mayhem all round!

26 Sep 2005 16:34

The Tap 'n' Tin, Chatham

Best place in the Medway Towns (admittedly that's not saying much) - mainly a student hang-out without the chavs that the rest of Medway pubs are filled to the brim with.

26 Sep 2005 16:31

Old Post Office, Chatham

Average big pub, but one of the only ones worth a visit in Chatham. Why is all the nightlife so shit in Kent!!

26 Sep 2005 16:29

The Redback, Acton

Full of Southern Hemisphere backpackers getting shitfaced. Don't wear clothes you don't mind getting ruined - it's a great place if you like that kind of mayhem in a bar...

25 Sep 2005 22:27

The North Star, Ealing

Trendiest + best bar in Ealing. Makes a change from the chain bars that the area is infested with.

25 Sep 2005 22:25

City Wall Wine Bar, Rochester

Not very good, but probably the least shit place on Rochester High Street. Try going out in Maidstone or London instead!

25 Sep 2005 22:22

The Rhino Club, Southampton

About the only decent club in Southampton that you will definitely get into without student id.

25 Sep 2005 22:20

Kelly's, Southampton

Cheap drinks and a really fun night out. One of those places where everyone just gets hammered + sings along to the crap music being played. Defintiely one of the better places to go in the town centre.

25 Sep 2005 22:18

Kaos, Southampton

Great for student nights out. An absolute meat market, but if you like that kind of thing then get in there. Need student id and the bouncers there don't take any shit.

25 Sep 2005 22:17

Jongleurs / Bar Risa, Southampton

Bit chavvy with appalling bar staff. At least you can always get a seat during the week.

25 Sep 2005 22:16

Clowns, Southampton

What a great place. Before you die, everyone should expereince the joy of a jug of Juicy Lucy down Clowns on a Friday afternoon. Ahhhhh, the best days of my life....

25 Sep 2005 22:15

The County Arms, Wandsworth Common

What a great pub! Bit on the expensive side but a really nice place and I'm sure the barmaid who looks like Gail Porter fancies me.

25 Sep 2005 22:13

The Puzzle, Balham

Rubbish and full of chavs.

25 Sep 2005 22:12

The Moon Under Water, Balham

Absolutely rancid place, but as with all Wetherspoons, at least they do nice + well-priced beer.

25 Sep 2005 22:11

The Firefly, Balham

Quite nice, but nothing special. Better pubs to be found North of the station.

25 Sep 2005 22:11

The Duke of Devonshire, Balham

Bit of an old man's place with some scary locals in it, though on the plus side it's got a late license, so shouldn't be written off! Great sunday roasts...

25 Sep 2005 22:09

Dish Dash, Balham

Very cool bar + great to have something a bit 'different' in Balham.

25 Sep 2005 22:08

The Bedford, Balham

Probably my favourite ever "traditional" pub. Live music is loud enough to hear, but quiet enough to ignore if you want. Beer is good, but the food is outstanding. Friendly staff + there's no card minimum to pay here either - what a pub!

25 Sep 2005 22:08

The Balham Kitchen and Bar, Balham

Not bad, but vastly overated by all who go there. Didn't think much of the food + the decor has all been done before. Much better places to go in Balham.

25 Sep 2005 22:06

The Balham Arms, Balham

Great pub, nice beer, food not bad + very friendly staff. Would definitely recommend a night out here.

25 Sep 2005 22:05

Apt Bar, City Of London

Great bar - really kicks off on a Thursday or Friday night. This is definitely THE place to go in the city - much better than that abomination, Abacus, down the road. Only downside is that it's a tad expensive, but it's in the City, so what do you expect!

25 Sep 2005 22:03

The Evangelist, Blackfriars

I went here last week + paid 4.80 for a pint!! Completely soulless, an absolute disgrace of a bar - DO NOT GO THERE...

25 Sep 2005 22:01

The Clapham North, Clapham North

Nice little pub - typical Clapham trendies hang-out, but don't let that put you off!

25 Sep 2005 21:57

Revolution, Clapham

Not bad during the week, but an awful place to go at the weekend. Always rammed inside (takes hours to get served) with a Q outside for good measure. Really don't get why this place is so popular at the weekend.

25 Sep 2005 21:56

The Alexandra, Clapham

Just an average pub. Nothing fancy, nothing too bad either. Less poncey than the rest of Clapham High Street, but definitely better pubs to go to nearby.

25 Sep 2005 21:55

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Serve a good selection of beers, but more of a chav element than most of Clapham's bars. Definitely much better pubs nearby.

25 Sep 2005 21:53

The Academy, Southampton

If you're into student nightlife + easy pulling then you'll love the Academy! For non-students getting past the bouncers can often be difficult though...

25 Sep 2005 21:50

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