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Comments by lml74

Long Reach, Whitstable

Was extremely pleasantly surprised by this Beefeater.

The staff were really friendly and the service was the best we have had in a while. The menu was standard fare but it was surprisingly good for a chain restaurant. It came on time and was hot and cooked properly.

Really impressed with the three course offer as we assumed we would get reduced size courses but it was good.

Picky eaters, we were actually really satisfied and have been back several times mainly due to the staff.

17 Jan 2010 21:22

The Horse and Groom, Sidcup

Half empty restaurant and yet told that we would have a 35 minute wait. Waited the time and none of the empty tables filled up so not sure whether they were purposefully trying to set the mood.

Food was lack lustre and even though you don't expect gastronomic from a Harvester it was poor even by Harvester standards.

The only saving grace was the waitress we had who was friendly and outgoing and made the meal bareable. Unlike the guy on front of house who was rude and surly and did little to make you want to stay.

17 Jan 2010 21:20

The Royal Tavern, Eltham

Really disappointed as this is just down the road and we eat out regularly.

The menu is reasonably lacking for what is advertised as a gourmet pub. What you get is decidedly lacking any hint of gourmet being dry and over cooked or dripping in fat. You pay gourmet prices for standard pub grub they have tried to dress up.

The staff are friendly enough when you actually get served which can take a while unless you make your presence known.

Very very disappointed and won't be spending my money supporting this local business after an exceedingly disappointing dinner.

17 Jan 2010 21:16

The Queens Head, Chislehurst

If you like microwaved prawns, desserts that are out of a packet at best and soggy and watery defrosted pools at worst then this is a great place to go. They don't dress their salads which is a basic expectation in most places. The size of the portions changes each time you go there and don't be surprised if its a decreasing quantity.

The staff lack any friendliness and have absolutely no qualms about walking straight past you whilst you wait to be served without so much as a smile whilst they go to do something for themselves or talk to another staff member. What could be a goldmine is just a very dark hole in the food world.

You won't get consistently bad food as sometimes it bad, sometimes its ok and sometimes its terrible - seems to depend on the mood of the day. Really disappointed as this place has really gone hill from where it was 2 years ago when it would have got a steady rating of 8.

17 Jan 2010 21:13

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