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Comments by littlewilliebrompton

The Waggon and Horses, York

Never known a pub have such a great turnaround in fortunes. Packed at weekends and a great atmosphere with friendly punters and barstaff.
Some great offers behind the bar and you are really made to feel welcome. Give it a go !

11 Feb 2007 20:39

The Snickleway Inn, York

This place just gets better ! Great beer and large baked potatoes served at lunchtime. Full of regulars with brilliant nicknames such as : Longshanks, Numb Nuts, Little Legs, Wire Wool Head and Herman The German.

16 Sep 2006 10:58

McMillans, York

Been done out again, now called BPM.

9 Aug 2006 20:13

Barracuda Bar, Scarborough

Just had a refurb.

14 Jul 2006 00:29

The Old Vic, Scarborough

Started out well after the refurb but has been on a rapid decline for the last year or so. Really tatty interior for some really tatty punters.

14 Jul 2006 00:25

Murrays Bar, Scarborough

Don't know if Paul Murray still has this place (he's a top bloke by the way) as it's changed it's name to Liquid or something like that.

14 Jul 2006 00:23

The Lancaster, Scarborough

Not as busy as it used to be, but then you could say that about the whole of scarborough !
Beer is cold and it has a pool table.

14 Jul 2006 00:22

The Golden Ball, Scarborough

Was a bit dirty when i went last summer, not been back for that reason.

14 Jul 2006 00:19

The Alma Inn, Scarborough

Great beer and atmosphere, some real characters get in here but none of them are bad natured. Pop in for a drink sometime and remind yourself of how pubs really should be.

14 Jul 2006 00:18

The Aberdeen Hotel, Scarborough

Went in on world cup semi final night and they didn't even have the tv switched on ! just the barmaid and her fella and me and my friend. Danny Wilde has gone back to the pub on the front and i think he's taken all the punters with him ! Clean place though.

14 Jul 2006 00:16

Christie's Bar, Harrogate

Never really been my cup of tea, seems to lack atmosphere.

14 Jul 2006 00:08

Lashings, Maidstone

Remember going here on Sunday afternoons and getting hammered.

14 Jul 2006 00:04

The Feathers, Helmsley

Went to a christening here about 2 weeks ago and had the Sunday lunch served by an excellent chef who knew what customer service meant. Fresh veg, 4 choices of gravy and a generous portion of meat was what i got for £7:50. I'll be going again in the very near future.

13 Jul 2006 03:20

The Poacher, Acomb

Now closed but re-opened under a new name. Landlord has got tough on letting in the chavs and it seems to be busy.

13 Jul 2006 03:16

The Pitcher and Piano, York

Really thin and dark, hard to tell what to make of it.

13 Jul 2006 03:08

The Independent, York

After seemingly picking up it's now on the way down again after a management change.

13 Jul 2006 03:05

The Habit, York

Small but perfectly formed. Has just been granted a 2am license. Good mix of friendly people and helpfull staff. Nice place.

13 Jul 2006 03:04

The Golden Fleece, York

Not really doing a lot. Bar staff seem uninterested and a little ignorant and the lager i had was flatter than roadkill.

13 Jul 2006 03:02

The Corner Pin, York

Has the familier "Pub to let" sign outside which is becoming all too common around York these days, can't see it ceasing to be a pub but can see it changing for the worse as it's in the stag night square area.

13 Jul 2006 02:59

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

Great pub. Helpfull staff, huge selection of beers and lagers and is totally non-smoking. Really nice place that's always kept clean.

13 Jul 2006 02:57

The Black Bull, York

Just had a really nice beer garden done at the front of the pub.

13 Jul 2006 02:56

The Waggon and Horses, York

Really starting to pick up, whoever has taken it on is putting a lot of elbow grease and hard graft into making it a busy local boozer again. Keep it up :)

12 Jul 2006 12:57

Thomas's Bar, York

Could be about to close as it's had 3 management teams in it since the owning company went into receivership. Taking the jukebox out was never a good idea and the no smoking room looks like it's not been touched in months. Will make a very profitable business for someone with vision and a spare few grand.

12 Jul 2006 12:55

The Tam O' Shanter, York

New management, but no new punters as yet. Still it's early days and it's very nice inside.

12 Jul 2006 12:53

The Spread Eagle, York

Starting to pick up again through sheer hard work. Good luck to whoever's running the place these days.

12 Jul 2006 12:52

The Slug and Lettuce, York

Nah, doesn't do it for me, Can't put my finger on why, but i never feel comfortable in here.

12 Jul 2006 12:51

The Seahorse Hotel, York

Nice place, good staff and cold bottles.

12 Jul 2006 12:50

Reflex, York

If you can have a drink in here without witnessing, or getting involved in,a brawl, than you've done very very well.

12 Jul 2006 12:50

The Red Lion, York

Ownership issue has now been sorted out and everyone seems happy, the little american guy has now left but Stacey the cute barmaid more than makes up for that :)

12 Jul 2006 12:48

The Postern Gate, York

NEVER, EVER has more than 2 bar staff on who have 2 working speeds, slow and taking a break. Rubbish. J D Weatherspoon, you should be ashamed of yourself.

12 Jul 2006 12:47

The Parish, York

Great. Works really well and is packed on a weekend.

12 Jul 2006 12:45

Oscars Wine Bar, York

Still packed. Still does great food. Still does great Pimms. Still full of pretty girls.

12 Jul 2006 12:45

Orgasmic Café, York

Cool bar with plenty of space. Muscle Mary DJ plays funky house on Saturday which seems to go down well enough even if it is badly mixed.

12 Jul 2006 12:44

The Old White Swan, York

A bit clique and some of the live bands should be done under the trades description act, but it stays open late.

12 Jul 2006 12:42

Old Orleans, York

On the up, more space for non-diners and plenty of offers on behind the bar. Staff are cheery and helpful.

12 Jul 2006 12:41

Nexus, York

Horrible place that features a lot on real life Police TV shows.

12 Jul 2006 12:40

The Mount, York

Picking up, slowly, but picking up.

12 Jul 2006 12:39

The Living Room, York

Never had a problem in here, a bit dark but the people are nice and it's spacious enough.

12 Jul 2006 12:39

The Little John Inn, York

Another of the York pubs that used to be packed all weekend, now very quiet and urgently needing a refurb.

12 Jul 2006 12:38

The Knavesmire, York

Busy on race days and the staff try really hard to serve everyone quickly and with a smile. Buy 'em a drink if you've had a couple of winners.

12 Jul 2006 12:37

Kennedy's, York

Good Saturday night bar/club. Downstairs is great, if a little busy, and the customers are a friendly enough bunch, not cheap, but not expensive either. One of Yorks *safer* weekend venues.

12 Jul 2006 12:36

Henry J Beans, York

Usually dead by 10pm and the staff are more interested in nattering to each other than serving. Food is uninspiring and why is rugby on the tv's instead of live football ? I think the managment should remember the customer is always right !

12 Jul 2006 12:34

The Golden Slipper, York

Couple of nice barmaids and the beer is always well looked after but doesn't seem to be a busy as it was 4/5 years ago during the day.

12 Jul 2006 12:32

The Golden Lion, York

Still busy enough, but has that certain smell which means it's either closing down or is in urgent need of a re-furb. Tatty.

12 Jul 2006 12:31

The First Hussar, York

Sadly now closed. Saw the skips outside yesterday so any chance of this place remaining a pub seem remote. Ten years ago this was part of the York pub scene, but now, like a lot of others, it's got forgotten and neglected and now seems destined to be some other form of business or yet more flats.

12 Jul 2006 12:30

Coopers, York

Tell the bar-staff you work for the railway and you get 20% off ;0)

12 Jul 2006 12:27

The Blue Fly Cafe Bar, York

Got told off for dancing near the entrance ! wouldn't mind but the music was rubbish anyway !

12 Jul 2006 12:26

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