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Comments by levyblue

Joshua Brooks, Manchester

This pub is now great... 5 ales on, all well priced and all in great condition.. Well done

4 Apr 2013 13:30

The Cottage Loaf, Llandudno

Food and beer exceptional. was very very busy... but that is because the food and beer is very good. Make sure you reserve a table in advance.

4 Apr 2013 13:28

The Kings Arms, Llandudno

went in here... was full of united fans. Luckily, Manchester City were on tv right after... watched the match with some friendly locals and some City fans.. it was ok.. had a pint of directors. Staff very friendly and very welcoming

4 Apr 2013 13:26

The London Hotel, Llandudno

walked in... and then I walked back out again

4 Apr 2013 13:22

The Queen Victoria, Llandudno

I have no complaints at all about the Victoria. Good staff and good ale. They maybe should put a few more local ales on, but I s'posed they are tied to whatever Marstons give them. Food is good 'pub food'.

3 Apr 2013 13:48

The Parade, Llandudno

This pub is now closed

3 Apr 2013 13:45

Dog and Gun, Keswick

Best pub in Keswick for food and beer... thou' it can be quite tense when waiting for a table. My wife was violently pushed out of the way by a very competative 'mature' woman with a walking stick whilst she made her way to a table that had just beome free... Once you have a table, you then have predatory groups hovering over you waiting for you to finish and vacate the table.

It needs a 'system'.

That said. beer and food superb

28 Mar 2011 16:39

Lake Road Inn, Keswick

£3.40 for a pint of Cumbria way!! Ouch!

No wonder it was quiet.

28 Mar 2011 16:33

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

tis with a heavy heart I review this pub. It used to be a great pub.. But now I very rarely go in. I have had a few bad experiences in the lass recently. 8 handpumps but you will be lucky to see even half that on. Me and a few friends were sat in the snug once, a few years ago now, when, after an hour, I was asked to leave the snug. Apparently it was booked by some comic book reading society? We then had to stand by the gents as the place was more or less full. Needless to say we drank up and moved on.

Bar staff? Hit and mix really. Some staff can seem quite misanthropic. There was one in particular who threatened me with expulsion when I heckled a comedian one night. I felt quite embarrassed by this because she could have easily asked me not to get carried away with the comedy on offer, but to berate me in the manner of a school teacher, I found that embarrassing. I was too embarrassed to even challenge her at the time and I think that this affected the mood of a group of people around me as they even commented this.

The pub does well when the football is on and I was last in their at the weekend. Thouí this seems to be the only time I go in there to watch the football.

14 Sep 2010 13:18

Dyvel's, Corbridge

Great pub, but wish they would turn the TV off. 4 real ales all in good condition and a nice beer garden. Not sure if you need the TV on all the time.. ?

Bar staff very friendly and welcoming. They even encourage punters to recommend real ales to sell as guests.. ideal for beer bores such as myself.

14 Sep 2010 12:50

The Angel, Corbridge

Great selection of real ale which is always in great condition. Can feel a bit posh but dont be put off... thou you must be comfortable with punters giving you a severe stare. Especially if you are dressed in a casual manner. The bar staff are very friendly and they certainly know their beer.

14 Sep 2010 12:42

Tap & Spile, Hexham

Great selection of real ale.

14 Sep 2010 12:32

The Blue Bell, Levenshulme

This pub now sells real ale. Two hand pumps. Old brewery bitter on handpump.

6 Feb 2009 16:11

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