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Comments by leon_t

The Cricketers Inn, Curdridge

Good beer, quality pub, nice place to go. Haven't tried food, but friends have and said it was very good.

24 Jan 2008 16:56

The Railway Inn, Botley

Went here a little while back for lunch, food wasn't bad (a little expensive but taste was nice) and the staff were in general friendly.

Advice would be don't be put off by just one bad experience, although there are plenty of other good food-serving pubs in the area (see Horse and jockey at curbridge)

24 Jan 2008 16:54

Dolphin, Botley

Not bad, typical chain style but the beers reasonable. Food is cheap but nothing special, look for the independant pubs for better food.

24 Jan 2008 16:50

The Bugle Inn Hotel, Botley

Friendly people, fairly good beer. Girls with me had wine and it was decent too, not too warm or opened too long.

Pub was open slightly later than others on a sunday before a bank holiday too, so pleased us.

Haven't tried then food yet, but menu looked good and well priced. Pity we were too late. Will update when I've had their food.

24 Jan 2008 16:48

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