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Comments by lennypigdog

The Alexandra Arms, Kettering

Cracking pub with a fantastic range of ales. Friendly barman.

6 Sep 2010 21:46

Marquis Wellington, Leicester

Undergoing refurbishment again - will be re-opening again soon under the management of the ever-so-sensible company.

Hopefully they'll return it to the great pub that it was before the previous (disastrous imho) refurbishment.

10 Jul 2010 12:25

The Packhorse Inn, Crowdicote

Really great pub, with good local ales and friendly service, in a beautiful setting on the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border. The food we had here was some of the best pub food we've had in a while and it was a real joy to sit outside here in the warm evening sunshine, eating and drinking.

Max is indeed a very fine pub dog also.

26 Jun 2010 21:19

Ye Old Cheshire Cheese, Longnor

Visited this pub a couple of times recently and on each occasion the place was pretty dead and the beer is average at best.

The best pub locally is the Pack Horse at Crowdecote.

26 Jun 2010 21:09

The Horseshoe, Longnor

Its a nice pub to sit outside in the afternoon sunshine, certainly has a bit more atmosphere than the Cheshire Cheese along the road which was dead on our two separate visits.

The Marston's Burton Bitter at The Horseshoe was not bad, but like the previous poster, for beer and food I'd thoroughly recommend the mile walk down the hill to the Pack Horse in Crowdecote.

26 Jun 2010 21:03

Bradgate, Newtown Linford

Well, another visit to Bradgate Park with relatives saw us return to The Bradgate (see previous review below).

Things seem to have changed, and I believe that the pub is now being managed by Everards again. The menu has changed a bit also and the main feature is a now carvery, which is �8.95 a head. I thought it was pretty good value and the food was not bad at all (though some improvements in Roast Spuds is required and the addition of Roast Lamb would please my wife no end).

The pub was pretty busy and I thought the service was very good.

Would happily return there again, though I might not hit the Carvery quite so hard next time!

24 Nov 2009 15:49

Bradgate, Newtown Linford

Stopped off here recently after a Sunday morning walk in Bradgate Park.

Interior is a bit too 'modern' for my taste and it didn't have much of an atmosphere. Food was and drink was expensive though the Roast Lamb was pretty good (but then again at �9.50 a pop it really should have been.)

Overall, the experience was adequate.

21 Jul 2008 22:57

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