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The Pheasant, Northumberland Heath

NOTE: This pub closed a good while back and is now converted into private flats.

12 Aug 2017 11:53

The Wrong 'Un, Bexleyheath

The beer on offer here is good and well priced, but they can't get points for that as that's the chain's business decision and not their own. There's always a crowd of old, loud, men talking balls and it makes it hard to talk with anyone you go there with. It seems to have a few regular alcoholics and there always seems to be at least one person talking way, way too loudly.
Some folk bring their kids here so they can be ignored there rather than at home, and that makes drinking there even worse. The food is fine, microwaved to perfection, I would just say don't go there if you have a chocie but, if you do, get a booth and also take a fly swat with you as it constantly has little black flies buzzing in your face. It's also not fun having to walk through guffs of cigarette smoke to get into the place.
Pubs rarely annoy me, but this one succeeds admirably.
If you want to go to a Wetherspoons, go to the Furze. If you want to go to an actually decent pub, go to the Prince Albert or the Robin Hood and Little John.

5 Feb 2017 15:44

The Jolly Miller, Bexleyheath

I had often heard/thought this pub was an old man's clique of a place, I am happy to say I was mistaken.
The staff here were polite, attentive, and welcoming. The locals are friendly, polite, and chatty. While we were there some food was put out for everyone to dig into, we played some pool and stayed longer than we had originally intended.
Overall a very pleasant experience, good beer, good staff, good food, good TVs with sport that didn't drown out conversation, a great find :)

5 Feb 2017 15:34

The Travellers Home, Bexleyheath

I went in here late on a sunday morning, ordered the omelette which was very well made and extremely tasty. The beer was fine but the ale selection was a bit limited. As they do serve food the place had a good few families in it, some children were crawling on the floor and, as we were coming to the end of our meal, a few more families came in for what I presume was a birthday party meaning the atmosphere was smashed to the four winds, children everywhere, and we felt out of place. The barmaid was also a bit glum so I've no idea what had bitten her that morning.
A very clean and nice looking pub with great food let down by hordes of children and a limited welcome. A real shame.

5 Feb 2017 15:28

The Prince Albert, Bexleyheath

I thought it fair to write a review of this pub as the most recent reviews are now 6 years old and perhaps not applicable.
The pub has been refurbished to a good level, the beer selection is good with prices I thought fair enough. The staff are very welcoming and attentive, the jukebox is great and the staff even put the speakers up on our side of the pub so we could hear it better without our prompting :) I found the regulars to be chatty and friendly, I didn't feel like I'd stepped in something like other pubs have treated me, overall a very pleasant experience and I look forward to going again. The only, and the only, down side was the seats were a little uncomfortable, a few padded seats would be most welcome :)

5 Feb 2017 15:15

The Royal Oak, Northumberland Heath

Staff: The Landlord and his staff are courteous and friendly, no problems there at all.
Reception:Every time I've gone in there I've been stared at by the regulars, it's a local pub for local people, they hog the bar even when there are tables available making it almost impossible to get to the bar to get served, nobody moves if you try to get through, very annoying. I've walked out twice because of this. Also, despite the susbstantial floor space, there really aren't enough tables meaning an otherwise spacious pub has nowhere to sit. Another reason to walk out :(
Beer Selection: The beer selection is fine and looked after, a few more real ales wouldn't go amiss, though.
Snacks, Entertainment: There's a dart board which seems to get regular use, there's a pool table in one of the other bars but it always seems to be taken. Good crisps and basic snacks but nothing substantial.

Overall: good staff, few seats, very "local" locals, and the beer slection could be improved.

5 Feb 2017 14:55

The Bricklayers Arms, Bexleyheath

This pub does not exist anymore, it is now a restaurant.

29 Jun 2016 09:57

The Rose, Bexleyheath

This pub, a mainstay of the Broadway for coutless decades, still has the same look from the outside as it has for many years.
A good, traditional pub, it is never too loud inside and the bar staff are welcoming. The selection of beers is good, in my opinion, and I've not experienced a bad pint as previous and older reviews have stated.
My main problem with this pub is only that it is really pushed for space, I've been there a number of times only to walk straight out again as either the doorway was blocked (the door is straight onto the bar) or there was crowded standing room only with no seats, which are also few in number.
If the issue of space was addressed somehow, this would be a great pub that I would visit more often but as I've had to walk out, I rarely try to visit again.

29 Jun 2016 09:55

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