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The White Hart, Beaconsfield

yuck yuck yuck

This place is part of the massive mitchell and butler group who also own the saracens opposite and the harvester down the road - talk about a monopoly.
The food here is terrible - all deepfried and microwaved. My fish pie was about 1cm thick and had 1 piece of haddock and 1 small prawn in it. My husbands sausages had obviously been cooked in the fryer - yuck.
Whats worse is the fact that now they are the cheapest pub in town (2.25 a pint) which is due to said company being able to bulk buy the beer (funny how the sister pub remains high priced isn't it!!!) This means they are undercutting the few remaining independent pubs who are tied to breweries and have to buy at much higher rates. The hilarious thing is that what this has done is drive all the old men and alcoholics into the white hart - which in turn is driving away eaters! I can't go to the bar in there without being chatted up by the drunk guys at 6pm.

24 Feb 2009 14:27

The Greyhound Bar, Beaconsfield

This pub confuses me!!
The garden is lovingly tended and very pretty. Ive heard the food is good and ive been to private partys upstairs which have been great coz its the only place in town you can do that.
My problem is that the bar downstairs is a bit pretentious - its packed on the wknd with lots of younsters all in black trying to look cool b4 going to revolution, and a bunch of old men trying to pray on the young girls - feels more like a club. Indeed they have a dj in the back room which is fine unless you actually want to have a conversation. You get the rugby lads in there aswell which is all good - but in a place so small when they get rowdy it can be a bit intimidating. Other then that you can alwasys guarantee bumping into someone you know and the staff seem very friendly - and you do get served quite quickly despite the small bar.
I guess its nice having a variety of bars in the town it makes a pubcrawl more interesting.

24 Feb 2009 14:19

The Old White Swan, Beaconsfield

This pub has now got to be the best for miles around!
Its really clean, cosy and friendly. The owners have worked really hard to retain the oldy worldy feel but injected some much needed modernity. Your boyfriend will still be happy he can watch the rugby (absolutely packed) but so will you with a decent glass of wine! the furniture is really comfy and they are open the latest in the old town 2am! music nights are brilliant with such a good atmosphere. I can honestly say I can have a real laugh with mates here on the weekend but would bring my mum and little nephew for a coffee!
the other amazing thing is this pub hides the best garden in beaconsfield - most of my friends didn't even know it had one! I can't wait for the summer to arrive!

24 Feb 2009 14:08

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