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Comments by ladyjay

Revolution Bar, Soho

I've vowed never to go here again. In fact, I was a sucker to go twice. There is a certain waitress in there who is so, so rude it is actually funny. Low carb menu but the staff have no concept of what this means. Don't go, save your money or spend it somewhere else. Don't bother using their website's feedback section as your email will be ignored.

27 Apr 2008 18:15

Red Lion, Ealing

Proper pub with a good outside area. Worth a visit.

25 Jul 2007 11:38

Six Degrees of Separation, Cheltenham

Very tiny bar on three very tiny floors. The bar staff are friendly and there's a good cocktail menu. It gets really hot and crowded in the basement on a Saturday night, though.

25 Jul 2007 11:35

The Prince of Wales, Holland Park

I like this pub. The wine is very expensive (I paid 5.45 for a large Sauvignon) but it's good, and the bar staff let you try before you buy. The decor is fun and eclectic, there's a good beer garden, and, contrary to other reviews on here, I have enjoyed a perfectly decent meal here (I had the halloumi and roasted veg).

25 Jul 2007 11:31

The Three Greyhounds, Soho

7.95 for a bottle of house red in the middle of soho: can't complain. Sparkling loo seats in the ladies'. I will go again.

8 Jan 2007 01:35

The Fountain, Islington

I practically lived here for six months and my memories of that time are but a happy, blurry haze. God bless Filthy's.

8 Jan 2007 01:18

The Castlebar, West Ealing

This is probably my favourite local bar and definitely one of my top places to eat out in Ealing. The manager makes a real effort to get to know the regulars and you're always made to feel welcome. The food is fab (especially the potato dauphinoise!). A class above your normal pub food.

8 Jan 2007 01:11

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