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The Old Inn, Widecombe in the Moor

I can only reiterate some of the previous comments. I went in here with members of my family. My elderly parents just wanted coffee. Myself my husband and my brother had ale. Quite a good pint really. However when I
asked if I had to pay for the coffee in another part of the pub the barman said "does there look as though there is anywhere else?". I felt quite small. Before that when I was going to order he just stared at me. If he thinks this is
amusing then he is mistaken. A very rude man. They have also tried to make it
very modern. Bad idea. People prefer old looking pubs. If its the last pub left in the country. Would I go there even though I love ale? Let me think. NO NO and NO

12 May 2011 18:06

The Harp, Covent Garden

Have a look around the glorious National Portrait Gallery just off Trafalgar Square and then just a few steps away go into this fabulous old pub. Honestly its wonderful with stained glass windows and the ale. Boy oh boy. A fine selection. Everyone who loves ale go here. Friendly staff as well. Plus the fact it was my birthday and my husband paid for the drink!!! Utopia!!!

6 Feb 2010 11:38

The William Henry, Weymouth

O dear. My husband and myself went in here whilst on holiday a few weeks ago when their beer festival was on. It was packed. Nothing at all wrong with that. However the vast majority were drinking coffee!!! We asked the young barman how the festival was going. "Rubbish. We have loads of casks left. Nobody seems to want to drink it" was his reply. We tried to help him out and had a few very good ales. I believe that in wetherspoons you can now become a member of the COFFEE CLUB!!!! There will be a coffee festival at Wetherspoons soon mark my words. Tragic

24 Nov 2009 15:32

The Blisland Inn, Blisland

Visited here a few weeks ago. When the locals recognised our accents they were friendly. It pays to have a fairly local accent. The beer? Fantastic. Eight ales were on and two are exclusively brewed for the pub. They were good too. A lovely looking pub. The only downside was a puncture on the way home. Perhaps the locals worked out that we were from Plymouth!!!

20 Jun 2009 13:59

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