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The Ale Wagon, Leicester

Just down the road from the new Arts Centre, this is stilla good reason to visit Leicester's Cultural Quarter. An exceptional range of real ales is avilable and the festivlas are very good as well. The only fault of the place is a very lowkey atmosphere and some cliquey locals. The pub does seem to have been having some success in attracting yuonger regulars recently and is usually buzzing after work on Friday afternoons.

8 Mar 2007 17:18

The Criterion, Leicester

Despite the dated interior, Leicester's best range of Belgian and German beers awaits inside. Good guest ales from the British Isles as well. Pleasant and friendly crowd and an enjoyable place to sink a few, especially during daytime.

16 Oct 2006 14:46

The O Bar, Leicester

I know all about fresh and clean. I wash up with my bare fingers and spit in the sink.

25 Oct 2005 17:37

The Toll Gate, Hornsey

Once again a typical Wetherspoon's but this one does have plenty going for it. Namely a monthly beer festival (this October it is Red Squirrel) that is both good and cheap. Other than that, exactly what you would expect.

16 Oct 2005 23:26

The Queens Head, Harringay

This pub is perhaps unfairly maligned; the beer is exteremely mediocre but it fulfils its intention of being a sports venue well. Plenty of pool tables and television screens. Not too expensive but one for sports fans only and ones that think Micheal Jackson is the King of Pop rather than the King of beer critics.

16 Oct 2005 23:18

The Red Lion Hotel, Cromer

Very pleasant pub overall. It was good to see some Norfolk ales available; Nelson's Revenge is particularly memorable with a strong hoppy taste. AS it is in a hotel the surroundings are fairly swish and there is an excellent view towards the sea. If Cromer is a one-horse town, this is that horse.

21 Jun 2005 21:49

The Litten Tree, Leicester

Probably slightly above average for a Leicester chain pub but for cheaper beer go to the High Cross and for both cheaper and better beer and food go to the Globe instead. They're both very nearby.

16 Jun 2005 21:16

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

A younger audience than many Wetherspoon's, the beer festival held here in May was suprisingly good with an interesting selection. Otherwise its in an excellent location next to the station and theres plenty of room to sit. The beer always seems to have been kept reasonably well too.

16 Jun 2005 21:12

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

You'd need to know the area to find this pub. However, it is certainly in a memeorable location once you have found it, tucked away in a tiny alleyway. A fine selection of cask ales is available and the staff are noticeably more friendly than other local establishments. The place is also recommended for doing great ciders and sometimes even perries.

15 Jun 2005 16:15

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

Small, quiet, great decor and pretty much the full range of Young's bottled beers. The London Special Ale is highly recommended. Prices are very reasonable for the areas and, like other Young's pubs I've been to, the food is very good indeed. Overall an ideal venue for a drinking session.

15 Jun 2005 16:12

Scholars, Aberystwyth

Quiet place in the backstreets but well worth a visit. Low prices especially on the home-brewed lager and bitter. Big screen to watch the rugby, barmaids very easy on the eye, overall highly recommended if you're in the area.

13 Jun 2005 14:51

The Bay, Aberystwyth

Upstairs is a pleasant bar with very reasonable prices, downstairs is the headquarters of Aber's underground dance music scene with Brains for less than two quid. One can therefore drink away to one's content all the while listening to some "phat tunes" and "blazin'" trance anthems. Excellent.

13 Jun 2005 14:47

Western, Leicester

I've only been in here before a Leicester City match but I can say that this is where all the real fans (e.g the Kop)go. Decent ales but very crowded indeed. A short walk through Riverside Park to Bland Concrete Corporate Bowl (a.k.a the Walkers Stadium)

13 Jun 2005 13:05

The O Bar, Leicester

Too crowded and expensive. Certainly not so fresh and so clean either.

13 Jun 2005 13:00

High Cross, Leicester

Standard Wetherspoons but still extremely popular. Even at opening time theres a queue of old men waiting to get in - must be the incredibly cheap Spitfire and guests.

13 Jun 2005 12:58

Crows Nest, Leicester

The nearest Everard's pub to me. Beer you can't go too far wrong with but then again someone did get murdered in the carpark recently. One to avoid if only for that reason.

13 Jun 2005 12:56

The Salisbury, Harringay

Very pleasant surroundings and very spacious. Theres a good range of beers available. I liked one of the Czech lagers on tap quite a lot. Perhaps slightly overpriced especially the food but overall this is one of the best places in the local area. Up there with the Oakdale Arms which MUST NOT BE DEMOLISHED...

12 Jun 2005 22:45

The Coal Hole, Strand

Quite a relaxing place to go for a pint or two. Fake medieval tapestries in an attempt to appeal to the foreign tourist market. The Landlord was kept well and I think there is usually a guest. Overall much better than the competition on the Strand, particularly the Nicholson's across the road.

12 Jun 2005 22:41

The Soar Point, Leicester

A better than average student pub, its never been too busy when I've been there. Inexpensive place to hang out and play pool all day.

16 Apr 2005 21:44

The Forge Inn, Glenfield

Good family pub. The food is good and cheap and the Everard's beer is solid. There are a number of fruit machines as well.

16 Apr 2005 21:42

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

A big Wetherspoons pub with plenty of places to sit. Solid but unspectacular beer, decent food. Big screen showing sport or music videos. "Oktoberfest" is the main event worth coming here for.

16 Apr 2005 21:38

The Norfolk Arms, Russell Square

Not the busiest of pubs. This is probably accounted for by the obnoxious landlord and high prices. The range of beers is very mediocre indeed and the few regulars are hardly welcoming.

16 Apr 2005 21:35

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

Fine Shepherd's Neame beers, plenty of seats, very few students. All in all a decent local though the story about the ghost of "Mabel" the owners try and ram down your throat is complete bullshit.

16 Apr 2005 21:32

The Rocket, Euston

Quite possibly the worst pub in the world. The usual range of cheap lagers are served if you can get anywhere near the bar through the crowds of paraletic students. Loud commercial R&B (i.e exclusively Usher and Destiny's Child) music is constantly played at a deafening level. Hang the DJ indeed. To add insult to injury, you can queue for literally hours on Friday and Saturday nights only to pay a quid to get in. Certainly not recommended considering there are many better pubs in the area.

16 Apr 2005 21:28

The Three Greyhounds, Soho

A fine place to get a few drinks in before going someplace like Ronnie Scott's. There are a number of well-kept ales available at a reasonable price. As one of my friends posted here, the mugs and glasses are also impressive.

16 Apr 2005 21:21

The Calthorpe Arms, Holborn

You can't really go wrong with a Young's pub and this one has the full range of bottled beers. The food here is generally very good and served promptly. Downstairs is one fairly big room but the upstairs seems to be reserved for private functions. Varied customers with plenty of younger (no pun intended) faces. Another plus is that it shows American football on Sunday nights.

16 Apr 2005 21:18

The Bloomsbury Tavern, Bloomsbury

Good place that seems very popular. The only time I visited we had to sit outside but the beer here is well-kept and there aren't too many tourists considering the very central location.

16 Apr 2005 21:11

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Enjoyed the St. Peter's range, there is real strength in depth here, particularly the honey porter and cream stout. Not the most spacious establishment but the quality of the beer and the friendly landlord more than makes up for this. Small but yet perfectly formed, there are few better pubs in the area.

16 Apr 2005 21:08

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Sam Smith's ia overrated but cheap. The food is good and the staff are friendly.

15 Apr 2005 16:28

The Loaded Dog, Leicester

Its open late on the weekends but thats its only real advantage. it only carries the usual student range of cheap lagers but unless you go on a Saturday, they're not even that cheap.That its another pretentious place that has bouncers and a dress code is not a recommendation either.

15 Apr 2005 16:25

The Globe, Leicester

One of Leicester's few ale pubs, the Everard's range is decent and the food is above average. Not too expensive either. If only it was open till 1.30 am on weekdays and 2 at weekends like the Lansdowne on London Road...Seems to be fighting off the competition from the bland chain pubs fairly well.

15 Apr 2005 16:20

Last Plantagenet, Leicester

As good as Wetherspoons gets, spacious building and cheap beer. A fairly civilised crowd compared to other places in the area.

15 Apr 2005 16:15

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

The stouts here are good but the place is too damn packed in the evening with tourists and trendy types. The staff are extremely arrogant and take aeons to serve you. Slightly on the expensive tip as well. Clearly relies more on location than antthing else.

15 Apr 2005 16:12

The Oakdale Arms, Harringay

I too thought the last festival here was extremely good, particularly the Orkney stout and the Swamp Donkey cider. The food here was possibly the best I have had at any pub and that is saying something. The only criticism here would be that it could be difficult for newcomers to find. Lets hope for another festival A.S.A.P.

15 Apr 2005 16:08

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Excellent selection of cask ales here and at a very good price. The pub quiz on thursday nights is usually good fun and the specil events, such as the Welsh beer festival on St. David's Day, are worth the visit alone.

15 Apr 2005 16:03

The Doric Arch, Euston

Its good that they always offer a student discount and there are usually some good guest ales available. The place does seem to attract a somewhat geriatric clientele, there are few younger people around despite the student discount. The staff can be fairly irritable at times but this doesn't detract too much from the overall experience. Prices are good given that its so near to a major railway station.

15 Apr 2005 16:00

Quinn's, Camden

Excellent place overall. The selection of German and Belgian beers is very good and the prices are comparitively low. The eccentric staff and customers are usually entertaining and there is a relaxing atmosphere inside. Its especially worth a visit if you support the Irish football or rugby teams - there will be lots of fellow fans there. St. Pat's Day at Quinn's is also legendary.

15 Apr 2005 15:53

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