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Comments by kpflude

The Queens Head, Downe

Went in for a quick drink - friendly and helpful staff, food reasonably priced, beer tasted good. Seemed like a real pub.

31 Mar 2009 10:02

The Eclipse, Clapton

Friendly pub, nice atmosphere, good chips

20 Mar 2008 18:31

The Woolpack, London Bridge

Great Decor, very friendly staff, and the food was quite good - chips done to death but otherwise food was good. On the Sunday I went it was more like a restaurant than a pub.

26 Nov 2007 10:29

The Black Lion, Plaistow

Nice beer, nice architecture but disappointed by the fact that they had no food at lunchtime. Looked it up in Time Out Guide to London pubs and it said it did food.

15 Oct 2007 09:36

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

historic city pub, claiming to be based on hostelry associated with the Whitefriars. Cellars go down a very long way. Famous literary pub associated with virtual all great writers along the former director of the Dr Johnstone Museum tells me there is no evidence that Dr J actual drank here - although it is close to his house.

20 Jun 2007 11:00

Red Herring, Bank

Fullers beer - big modern building, plenty of room. When I went good to chat.

Red Herring - staple diet of poor people - smoked and salted fish - smelt awful and was used to lay a false trail to disrupt fox hunters

20 Jun 2007 10:54

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

nice pub - nice little space outside for enjoying the sun. Pub is convenient for Borough Market and the Old Operating Theatre Museum which is across the road and well worth a visit

18 May 2007 17:43

Kings Arms, Borough

What a relief - a simple pub you can sit, drink and chat in.

brilliant idea

18 May 2007 17:41

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Excellent pub - lots of beers from the Milton Brewery, Cambridgeshire, and a strong cider on tap. Studenty atmosphere with people tapping away on laptops on the large tables in the corners, and generally friendly ambience. They could do something to improve the decor - currently a little empty feeling.

8 May 2007 10:16

The Camel, Bethnal Green

This is a really nice pub. Great place to go after visiting the Museum of Childhood - in Spring/Summer 2007 there is a Picasso exhibition there - well worth seeing. The pub obviously used to be a Boxing pub from the mug shots on the wall. I have been there twice and still not seen any children.

2 Apr 2007 12:31

The Golden Ball, Boxworth

Not a real pub - should be in Milton Keynes. Food was a little bit Trust House Forte if you know what I mean - staff were friendly, but the extensions to the pub were ersatz.

13 Mar 2007 13:29

Corney and Barrow, Liverpool Street

Good place to see the City Suits in action over a glass of Chardonnay. When I was there a middle aged woman pushed past to go out to the Balcony, threw up, came out, left the door open so we could all share the stench of her offering, and then carried on drinking in the same bar while the bar staff cleaned up after her.


Good view of the ice rink

7 Mar 2007 08:39

The Chequers Inn, Binham

Very nice pub, close to Binham Priory. The beer is brewed on the premises, and is very good. They also have a fantastic selection of Belgium Bottled Beers.

Food, priced as per Gastopub, was also excellent I had a lovely Baked Cod with Morrocan Chick Pea stew.

Very friendly.

6 Mar 2007 22:33

The Red Lion, Stiffkey

We went to this pub in March after a long walk from Binham Priory. It is very welcoming, with a series of homely rooms, and lit fires. Not over decorated, feels very snug.

6 Mar 2007 22:29

The Chesham Arms, Homerton

Very quiet pub, with lots of guest beers and pool table. They should turn the telly off though. Even so it is a great pub if you want to chat!

24 Feb 2007 14:31

The Biddle Bros, Lower Clapton

It's not a pub - it's a bar, and one problem is that it has no decent bitter. Otherwise it is very pleasant, very post modern, sofas old transistor radios etc - they have kept the original shop front and added an architectural bit at the back - skylights etc but all very retro, art school. Friendly people there, not at all white when we were there but definitely trendy.

Bar man hugely overdid the gin in my gin and tonic - which can't be bad.

Definitely an asset to E5 - don't worry about murder mile that was mostly up the road by the Lea Bridge Roundabout and was about assassinating people in traffic jams, this end quite safe from my experience.

24 Feb 2007 14:27

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