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Comments by kitcat

The Royal Hotel, Guildford

Drove past this evening only to see it is all boarded up. Looks like the regulars will have to find another local (please god not mine!)

19 May 2009 19:49

The Bulls Head, West Clandon

�2.50 for a pint of soda water and splash of lime? hmmmmm

11 Mar 2009 10:34

Queens Arms, Salisbury

This is a great locals pub. I always try and visit when I am in Salisbury.One time I visited, about 2 years ago, it was about 9pm on a Saturday night and it was totally empty. I expressed my surprise to the barmaid about how quiet it was and she replied "the landlord and all the regulars have all gone to Spain for a weeks holiday". Fantastic.

23 Jan 2009 13:08

The Holroyd Arms, Guildford

Paid my first visit recently and was very impressed. The locals seemed like a nice crowd and they had good ale on (expensive though). Will definitely go back soon.

22 Jan 2009 13:21

The Wooden Bridge, Guildford

Popped in the for first time in years recently and wish I hadn't bothered. Tried a couple of what I assume were guest ales, found both of them disgusting (can't remember their names). Staff look depressed too. I guess its popular with the students as they advertise very cheap food (top quality ingredients I'm sure!)
I personally won't hurry back.

22 Jan 2009 13:18

The Leathern Bottle, Godalming

A gem of a pub. This sort of place is like gold dust.

22 Jan 2009 13:13

The Sun, Godalming

Proper locals pub. Average. Nothing special. I do like the Badge and Tanglefoot ales though, so the place gets a 6/10 vote for that alone.

22 Jan 2009 13:10

The Kings Arms Royal Hotel, Godalming

I hadn't been in this place for several years so I was gobsmacked to see the change when I popped in a couple of weeks ago. I think the refurb looks excellent. The Harveys Sussex ale was excellent, and the price was very competitive, I think it was around �2.70ish, which considering some of the other pubs around this is very cheap.

22 Jan 2009 13:08

The Richmond Arms, Godalming

Good ale, but another Godalming pub that is over �3 a pint. The regulars must all be lottery winners!

22 Jan 2009 13:05

The Red Lion, Godalming

The ale is usually decent here, but eye poppingly expensive.

22 Jan 2009 13:03

The Keystone, Guildford

Have been a semi-regular in here for some time now. The Wadworth 6X is always spot on, occasionally have the Black Sheep which is also very good and the third bitter is always a guest - St Austells Brewery seems to be a recurring guest which is always looked forward to. The food is a little bit more expensive compared to most other pubs in the town centre but the quality is excellent and more than makes up for the price.
The decor is perhaps not quite to my personal taste, being a traditionalist at heart, but there is a nice mix of older and youngish customers. Sorry I don't understand the previous reviewers mention of a pretentious crowd - not in my personal experience.
9/10 (would be 10 if they got rid of the sofa)

15 Oct 2008 13:09

The Woolpack, Slad

This is a great pub, and it also serves great beer.
You will not find too many old fashioned rural pubs like this these days...long may it continue unchanged forever!

23 Aug 2007 12:22

Fox Inn, Rudgwick

Really nice pub. Some good ales on tap (Badger and Tanglefoot) and a nice atmosphere. Great outdoor seating on a sunny day and very nice bar meals.

23 Apr 2007 09:40

The Keystone, Guildford

Brilliant little pub. Always an interesting guest ale on as well as the black sheep. Staff very friendly, food excellent. Really cannot fault this place.

15 Dec 2006 15:59

Northumberland Arms, Newcastle

One of my all time favourite Newcastle boozers.

24 Oct 2006 09:52

The Black Garter, Newcastle

A pub of the old school. Cheap ale.

20 Oct 2006 13:22

The Station Hotel, Helmshore

On a flying visit to Helmshore I popped into this place for the first time. it does look like its had a recent makeover, but it has still retained some character. Not flashy but thats how I like 'em.

24 Jul 2006 16:00

The Thimble Inn, Piddlehinton

Oh, and a great reange of ale. The wife loved the 6% traditional cider too!

18 Jul 2006 15:58

The Thimble Inn, Piddlehinton

When we visited on July 15th we found it an excellent pub. Great food. Friendly staff.

18 Jul 2006 15:57

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

This is a great pub. It rarely seems to be busy when I'm there so always easy to get served.

20 Jun 2006 11:06

The Anchor Tap, Tower Bridge

I found this pub by accident and am glad I did. The ale is dead cheap and very tasty, the service was cheerful and quick and I really liked the old fashioned feel of the place with the bar/lounge and games rooms setup.

20 Jun 2006 10:53

The Royal Oak, Guildford

Hit a raw nerve eh? Good, maybe from now on you will try not to make such 'mistakes' and will get off your behind and serve customers that are not part of your little gang.
I made the fatal error a couple of weeks ago of going back to this place. Despite waiting patiently and politely to be served the barmaid seemed to be most disgruntled that a non regular had the audacity of making her leave her stool where she was holding court with her regulars.
It makes me so mad as this has the potential to be such an excellent little pub, a breath of fresh air compared to the likes of Yates's and co.

19 Jun 2006 07:28

The Live and Let Live, Guildford

Unfortunately I have to agree with some of the other reviewers. Not the friendliest place if your face isn't known. Not very good ventilation, the last 2 times I've been there it was like sitting inside a chimney.

22 May 2006 15:40

Wig and Quill, Salisbury

Very nice pub. Not the greatest smooth bitter on tap but still a nice venue.

15 May 2006 10:17

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

Excellent little pub. Has a very small capacity but if you catch it on a day when you can get a seat its great.

15 May 2006 10:14

The Cathedral Hotel, Salisbury

Dirt cheap beer. Not the prettiest bar in the world but is perfectly OK.

15 May 2006 10:12

Bar 44, Salisbury

This bar is still open (as of May 2006). Agree with Bill, this is a decent pub crawl venue

15 May 2006 10:11

The White Hart, Dorking

Excellent pub. Old fashioned. No poseurs allowed.
Pub grub=sandwiches and pork scratchings.

9 Mar 2006 12:47

Dorking FC Bar, Dorking

The old bar manager has left. The football club is trying to get someone in who will turn the bar around and make it somewhere sane people want to have a drink in. Also talk of a membership scheme.

9 Mar 2006 12:45

The Royal Oak, Guildford

I always used to put up with the high prices in this place simply because it was the sort of proper pub Guildford centre does not have many of any more. That is however before they attempted to charge me �2.50 for a pint of soda water and splash of lime. If you're loaded fine, drink here. If you do not like daylight robbery try the Kings Head down the road.

9 Mar 2006 12:43

Bar Med, Guildford

This is not a bad bar, but if you are over the age of 30 vacate the premises by 8pm on a Friday/Saturday night unless you like not being able to hear yourself think.
It is an excellent football bar with screens located on both floors - the manager and deputy manager are football mad so every live televised match is screened.

9 Mar 2006 12:33

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