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Comments by khippy

The Intrepid Fox, St Giles

This is a proper Rock Dive and all the better for it.

19 Oct 2009 15:04

TC's, Selly Oak

Reopened, new owners. Comfortable, friendly, ok beers, no cask tho'

10 Sep 2009 12:29

The Bear and Staff, Selly Oak

Banks Bitter & Original - 1.90 per pint, Fosters - 2.00 per pint. Sunday Roast - 4.95, meals selection - 2 for 4.95. This is obviously one of my regular pubs, so I have a soft spot for it.

28 May 2009 10:41

Victoria, Birmingham

This is turning into one of the best pubs in central Brum. The Wye Valley beer is well kept - 2.80 pint for Bitter and Butty Back, and a guest ale. A good selection of lagers. Music & DJ's are v.good, good atmosphere, hope it lasts!

15 May 2009 14:01

Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham

Probably the last decent Rock pub in Brum. Okay they don't serve real ale, but they serve Athestones cider - lethal! It's a good pub for the alternative scene and is friendly with decnet bar & door staff. Long may it Rock and live on!!

20 Jan 2009 13:56

Victoria, Birmingham

Well done up - splash of greenish paint about the place. Gigs and DJ's are on a regular basis. The beer is 2.75-2.85 a pint for the Wye valley Bitter & Butty Back - reasonably well kept as well. Good vibe, gets busy at weekends. Hopefully more to come on the gig front.

13 Jan 2009 11:10

The British Oak, Stirchley

One of the best pubs in the area, good beer & food. Family friendly during the day.

8 Jan 2009 17:47

The Bear and Staff, Selly Oak

At the moment, prices are: 2.00 for Banks Bitter, 2.25 for Pedigree, 2.30 for Carling or Fosters. Food has got better, and well priced.

16 Jul 2008 17:38

The Gun Barrels, Selly Oak

jaf2210 - stated an opinion about a particular pub, not the area (which I have lived in for 25+ years). Insults are not what this board is about. I would take it that you are a student?

24 May 2007 17:13

The Bear and Staff, Selly Oak

Well, they have finally given the place a lick of paint. Very cluttered tho. Bitter & Carlsberg at the mo is 1.90 a pint. The menu has been updated. The staff are okay, quite friendly. As per my previous entry - a few freaks every now & then!!!

22 May 2007 17:24

Goose At The Fighting Cocks, Moseley

What a great improvement. The best bar in Moseley. Beer is good although 2.60 a pint. Food looks good as well. Now the place to be in Moseley.

29 Nov 2006 17:17

The Shakespeare, Birmingham

Good bar, at least 2 real ales on most of the time (Black sheep last time). Food is Goose/Bass standard, but at least edible. Better than the 2 wine bars next door.

1 Nov 2006 16:47

The Flapper, Birmingham

the toilets are v.bad - ammonia producing environment
great little gig venue tho'
beer - average
music - very good rock/indie/alternative selection

1 Nov 2006 16:44

The British Oak, Stirchley

Well kept Beer, vastly improved. Big pub, good garden.

18 Sep 2006 12:25

The Gun Barrels, Selly Oak

Full of student prats, and 16-21 locals, with crap beer.

18 Sep 2006 12:22

The Bear and Staff, Selly Oak

This has been one of my regular-ish pubs for the last 10 years. The prices have got better, 1.70 for Bank's Bitter and 2.15 for Pedigree. Quite reasonably kept as well. As for the locals, they are the usual assortment of south B'ham oddballs. Some good, some not so good.

18 Sep 2006 12:17

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