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BITE user comments - kezzy1966

Comments by kezzy1966

Victoria, Belvedere

nice small traditional pub. Landlord seems a nice guy.

24 Aug 2006 11:59

Yates's, Swansea

this bar has no atmosphere and slow service. I do not think it has much going for it.

13 Aug 2006 18:36

The Walkabout, Swansea

Also has the sign outside of "Austrailasian Bar". Same old tried and tested formulae of fast bar service loud rocking music. This is a big bar and the rear ground floor may be a lively place if all else is dead on Wind st. Highly recommended.

13 Aug 2006 18:34

Revolution, Swansea

Very much a clubby pub but free to get in (thurs fri sat) nice decor. age group 18-25. Specialize is vodkas but sell beers as well. Also seems to attract sowm wild hair doos! Will be a hit with the younger crowd but not my scene.

13 Aug 2006 18:30

The No Sign Wine Bar, Swansea

Definately for the oldies. (40+) seemed Ok but as is so long and relatively narrow, it is awkward to move around. Nicely decorated but not my sort of place.

13 Aug 2006 18:22

Que Pasa, Swansea

I think this place had the best atmosphere on wind st. Seemed to attract a lot of well humoured hen and stags for saturday night. when opened, upstairs is a nice chill out area.

13 Aug 2006 18:18

The Bank Statement, Swansea

Not that great a pub but nicely decorated. Definatley needs more bar staff. Dance area at rear is OK if your into club music. The place seems to lack any atmosphere. Not really for me.

13 Aug 2006 18:12

Reflex 80s Bar, Swansea

I do not agree with the report form 'Lew'. The place seemed fine - a bit rough around the edges (broken floor tiles etc) but quick service and OK music. As it is one of the smaller pubs on Wind street, the pub crawl culture can either make this very busy or very empty within 5 mins.

13 Aug 2006 18:09

Cross Keys, Swansea

I enjoyed this place for a early evening beer and some quick food. Seemed to attrack an older audience (40+)

13 Aug 2006 18:05

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