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Comments by katstevens

The Three Wishes, Edgware

Now known as the Three Wishes. Standard decor (including proper pub carpet), friendly staff, plenty of space. Deserted on a Bank Holiday Monday but spent a pleasant hour watching the cricket on Sky Sports. I was also surprised by a genuinely lovely pint of London Pride.

29 Aug 2007 16:35

The Yorkshire Grey, Fitzrovia

Quiet little pub off the beaten track, plenty of room upstairs and good beer. Good change of scenery if you're bored of the Blue Posts and the many other Sam Smiths' in the area.

19 Sep 2005 17:15

The Newman Arms, Fitzrovia

The pies really are fab, just don't expect a variety of veggie options, and booking is a must. Downstairs is absolutely tiny!

26 Aug 2005 15:46

The Duke of York, Fitzrovia

Cosy little pub tucked away in the corner of Rathbone Street, away from the noisy Cambridge/One Tun stretch on Goodge Street. Can get crowded on a Friday evening if there's entertainment on - one night I saw two guys in the corner with a keyboard, trumpet and microphone merrily churning out hits of the 70s. Brilliant. Friendly atmosphere, usually has a good guest ale as well as the usual GK IPA.

26 Aug 2005 15:42

Mortimer, Fitzrovia

Dreadful bar frequented by loutish office workers with more money than taste. Has a wide selection of bottled lagers, but nothing at all for the bitter or ale drinker. Expensive, noisy and sterile. The outside seating areas are crammed full on weekday evenings.

26 Aug 2005 15:37

The Blue Posts, Fitzrovia

A decent Sam Smiths pub, although there isn't much choice of drinks, you get what you pay for. Cheap and fairly spacious if the upstairs is open, and air-conditioned bliss in summer! Clientele ranges from perennial old men to young office workers who are a bit strapped for cash. Friendly staff, good lunchtime food and easy to direct people to if they're lost. Outside seating is a little precarious, however.

26 Aug 2005 15:25

The Hope, Tottenham Court Road

Very busy and a little cramped, but has Landlord on tap! Punters are usually friendly and relaxed. They also have 'Sausage Of The Week'.

24 Aug 2005 11:00

The Green Man, Fitzrovia

Brilliant pub, mostly down to the lovely manager who is one of the friendliest I've met! Usually full of office workers winding down (or up!) in the evening, or nipping for a quick half at lunchtime. Selection of beer isn't brilliant (London Pride is all you're going to get really) but they have very good offers on spirits and the food is more than palatable. Gets quite busy on a Friday night.

22 Aug 2005 12:27

The Approach Tavern, Bethnal Green

A lovely pub on a quiet leafy road. Plenty of space, friendly staff, good selection of ales and posh lagers (if a bit pricey). Nice honey roasted peanuts as well. Don't be surprised if someone's soppy old dog walks in and puts it's head on your lap...

22 Aug 2005 12:12

Kings Arms, Victoria

Had several lovely pints of Brains on a quiet Sunday evening - fairly cosy, has an upstairs room for hire apparently. Also on offer were usual Fullers, Bombardier etc.

22 Aug 2005 12:09

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