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The Oakdale Hotel, Oakdale

Still a no frills local, 3 real ales, Ringwood best, Fourtyniner and Doombar, food also being serverd on a Thursday evening.

19 Sep 2013 23:19

The Tatnam Hotel, Poole

Now a branch of the CO OP.

27 May 2013 22:50

The Weyhill Fair, Weyhill

Still a Fullers pub, nothing special, tables all laid out for food, Fullers Hope & Glory £3.90!.

18 Jun 2012 21:39

The Globe Inn, Highcliffe

seems a little busier in the bar now the hotel is open, but the staff still dont have customer service as there no.1 priority. beer ringwood best and london pride, but one or both can be off seemingly randomly, hint: leave, turn right, vist first pub on left.

30 Apr 2012 22:31

Napoleons, Highcliffe

Ringwood best and 49er now, still busy with the 'mature' residents while its light, not busy in the evenings.

30 Apr 2012 22:26

The Galleon, Highcliffe

Still going strong since my last post, has guest beers often now, even a beer festival in early May.

30 Apr 2012 22:22

The Waggon and Horses, Lymington

Was closed when passed a couple of weeks ago, was also closed back in early March, gather new managers for Wadworth are required.

30 Apr 2012 22:19

The Walkford, Walkford

Now has 4 ales including one real guest.

14 Mar 2012 19:51

The Salisbury Arms, Christchurch

now an indian, not a pub anymore.

14 Mar 2012 19:49

The Salisbury Arms, Christchurch

Been repainted, for sale boards gone, rumours of indian reatarunt/pub?

1 Feb 2012 20:05

Railway Hotel, Ringwood

Was closed for many months, now reopened with a new experienced landlord from a pub near Abingdon, has 4 real ales on, in good nick and always changing, fairley common beers, allthough they make a nice change from the local Ringwood Best.

31 Dec 2011 21:20

The Dolphin, St Denys

Now open again with about 5 local ales, now has regular live music.

17 Jul 2011 15:25

The Star Inn, Ringwood

Summer Lightning £3.50 now and can be like nector, but was not this eening, and some more upside down union flags.

29 Apr 2011 23:48

The Original White Hart, Ringwood

Ringwood best, 49er, old thumper and Marstons Old Empire on this evening, shame the union flags were upside down!

29 Apr 2011 23:45

The Halfway Inn, Corfe Castle

ONLY go if you want a restaurant experience. Very unwelcoming to passing walkers who just want a drink.

23 Apr 2011 23:58

Ye Olde George Inn, Christchurch

Went through a bad patch over the winter with high prices and a poor atmosphere, but has reduced their prices for the real ales from their own brewery, seems a lot busier and far better 'feel' now.

22 Apr 2011 00:12

Mooz, Christchurch

Been closed for a few months now, good bye...

22 Apr 2011 00:09

The Inn on the Furlong, Ringwood

Nicely kept, clean, good beers from Ringwood and guests from the owners Marstons, Porter is available for an extended period due to the pub keeping several casks in their cold store, a bit pricey as the beer only comes a mile with no pub co in between, as has been the case even before the Marstons takeover, but does keep the riff raff out!

22 Apr 2011 00:06

The Village, Salisbury

I hear from a local that a severe makeover of the toilets is planned. still has a good range of beers and soice.

22 Apr 2011 00:01

The Dolphin, St Denys

No real this evening, a range of bottled beer was offered, looked like it had been bought from the local T***o. Pub is for rent according to the sign outside. I hate to see a pub close but in this case perhaps it needs to be 'put to sleep'

21 Apr 2011 23:58

The Waterloo Arms, Freemantle

Still a good value all round pleasant pub. all the Hopback range plus Ringwood Old Thumper (Why?) and a guest.

21 Apr 2011 23:51

Duchess of Wellington, Freemantle

Closed this evening, blackboard outside has an event for March. More flats perhaps?

21 Apr 2011 23:47

The Rising Sun, Christchurch

Beer is now alway Flack Manor, double drop, and Wadworth 6x. still the same welcoming atmosphere.

12 Dec 2010 21:44

The Salisbury Arms, Christchurch

Very closed, and for sale.

12 Dec 2010 21:42

The New Lodge, Christchurch

Now demolished, to become more flats.

12 Dec 2010 21:40

The Manor Arms, Burton

Now reopened as a carvery, had Harvistuon Bitter and Twisted at £3.30 and Doom Bar.

10 May 2010 23:32

The Snakecatcher, Brockenhurst

Pub has just had a major refurb, linking the lower bar with the upper one, and a new front door location. Had Ringwood Best, 49er, boondoggle, which had run out, and Marston's current 'guest' ale.

21 Apr 2010 23:30

The Thomas Tripp, Christchurch

Now has Summer Lightning, Ringwood Best and Ringwood 49er. Used to only ever have 49er.

20 Jan 2010 12:52

The Harbour Lights, Bournemouth

To be closed soon as the building it is in has been bought by the local council, and will be re-developed.

20 Jan 2010 12:48

The Manor Arms, Burton

Now closed, the signs have been removed and there is , I think, work proceeding to strip the fitting, prior to demiltion/conversion?

28 Jul 2009 18:06

The Dolphin, Weymouth

Pub is indeed reopened, all the best to all.

12 Jul 2009 00:50

The Ship In Distress, Stanpit

Real ale quality being praised by CAMRA, 'probably the best beer of the day was found direct from a barrel just down the road at the Ship in Distress - Weymouth bitter from the Dorset Brewery Company.'
Not my words, worth a vist if in the area.

9 Jun 2009 00:27

The Nelson, Mudeford

The 'real ale' board is never updated, what is available is the usual Ringwood best and 49ER, plus tonight it was Fullers ESB and Bass. The comfy red seating area to the rear left has been replaced by some garish green soffas, but the tables are still there!!! for tall people perhaps.

9 Jun 2009 00:21

The Ship, Christchurch

Nice, could be competition for the George, but only has Ringwood Best on somtimes. nothing else real ale, still, early days and I wish it well, wonder when the grand piano is used? Good to see the return of the padded bench, good riddance to soffas..

9 Jun 2009 00:14

The Somerset Hotel, Weymouth

Now closed.

29 May 2009 10:03

The Dolphin, Weymouth

Been closed for weeks now, faded sign says closed due to illness. open next week.

29 May 2009 10:02

The Galleon, Highcliffe

Opened on 23rd April 2009, has Fullers London pride and the inevitable Ringwood Best. Too busy being opening night to know if it will be successfull in the long term.

24 Apr 2009 11:03

The Carpenters Arms, Bransgore

A fullers pub, but a good range of ales, however a major problem is that there is a bar area and a food area, fine, but on a busy Friday night, when the bar area is full there is nowhere to sit, despite a huge empty food area being free. please let us sit in the lounge....

11 Apr 2009 00:49

The New Inn, Christchurch

Report in local paper suggests a new application for housing, and NO bar, has been submitted, surprise surprise!
Thats the end of that then.

8 Apr 2009 23:30

The Fairmile, Christchurch

Pub is cleaner, and you can sit by the front windows now, the sofas have gone too. bring back the red padded benches. Fullers London Pride and Ringwood Best on, perhaps a little pricey? £2.80 for London Pride.

8 Apr 2009 23:27

The Salisbury Arms, Christchurch

Is open when darts etc is on, live music continues as well, and is well attended. Thursdays and Fridays it seems.

8 Apr 2009 00:58

The Rising Sun, Christchurch

This evening Ringwood Best an a very nice pint of Hop Back Summer Lightning was on offer, a bit pricey at £2.95 for the summer, but makes a change from Ringwood beers in Christchurch.

8 Apr 2009 00:54

The Hunters Lodge, Ringwood

Shut, boarded up and for sale.

29 Mar 2009 23:44

Finn M'Couls, Ringwood

Like most pubs in the Ringwood/Christchurch area, only Ringwood Best/49er available, dare I suggest a Wetherspoons!

20 Mar 2009 01:42

Ye Olde George Inn, Christchurch

All the ales, 4 from the piddle brewery and 1 guest, last night it was trpple fff, dazed and confused, were in great condition. I just wish they had taken over what is now the O2 shop next door, so was some more indoor space.

20 Mar 2009 01:25

The New Lodge, Christchurch

Sign has gone and metal shutters have appeared over the windows and doors, no fence yet but that may appear today.

17 Mar 2009 10:14

The New Lodge, Christchurch

No real loss, one less Greed Kerching pub in the area.

12 Mar 2009 00:42

The Salisbury Arms, Christchurch

Freehold for sale, says the sign outside, seems to be closed most evenings.

5 Mar 2009 00:20

The Railway, Christchurch

The dog has calmed down, and enjoys lying by the fire, Ringwood Best and St Austel Tribute on in fine form.

7 Feb 2009 00:53

The Amberwood Inn, Walkford

All Real ale now £2.50 a pint, including Tanglefoot, Only during February. Still a good pub.

2 Feb 2009 23:45

The Galleon, Highcliffe

Local press states "A spokesperson for Enterprise Inns said: “The Hinton Oak is temporarily closed for a period of up to six to eight weeks to allow the new retailer to carry out an extensive refurbishment.” "

2 Feb 2009 00:37

The Cock Inn, Warminster

Nice comfy back street locals, with 3 Wadworths real ales.

1 Feb 2009 20:48

The Bishops Blaize, Romsey

Has Ringwwod best and Bass, a basic community locals pub, nearest one to the station I think?

1 Feb 2009 20:43

The Weymouth Arms, Warminster

Tucked away down a side street, seemed popular with the youngsters, Had only Ringwood best on, well it was off on my first try, the line was being cleaned. (get it straight from the barrel?)

1 Feb 2009 20:35

The Fox and Hounds, Warminster

Like all pubs should be! nice comfy seats in the snug at least, good well kept ales. Still much as saxon_scooper describes.

1 Feb 2009 20:33

The Masons Arms, Warminster

A locals pub alright, a mixed clientel, Bass was ok.

1 Feb 2009 20:30

The Rose and Crown, Warminster

Has 4 real ales, with shot glasses, so you can see the colour of the beer, also has 2 real ciders. An empty room full of tables and chairs, not so comfy as it could be.

1 Feb 2009 20:27

Old Bell, Warminster

A boisterous youngsters pub in the town centre, has 3 Wadworths real ales, I was there on a friday eve, probably does nice food at lunch time!

1 Feb 2009 20:24

The Globe Inn, Highcliffe

Now a table/table has Ringwood Best and Fullers London Pride. Well kept. Staff on the young side, seem to be attentive.
A Travelodge Hotel has planning permision at the rear, will be good to get some more customers in Highcliffe.

24 Jan 2009 02:13

The Ship In Distress, Stanpit

Always open as advertised, best selection of real ales in Christchurch, food good too, so they tell me. wel worth a visit. JSB.

24 Jan 2009 01:55

The Fairmile, Christchurch

I can confirm this pub is closed, and, as it owned by one of the two large pub co's, it unlikely to reopen for some time...

24 Jan 2009 01:49

Ye Olde Starre Inn, Christchurch

Another 'private' pub, the choice of Ringwood best and 49er, like all the pubs in the area does not make this a good place for ale. try the Old George.

21 Dec 2008 01:42

The Wheatsheaf Hotel, New Milton

Nice pub now fair selection of Marstons (Ringwood) beers, stocks Seabrooks crisps too! a little pricey perhaps.

4 Dec 2008 00:23

The Old Barn, New Milton

Ringwood best always 'tired' not off as such, not a great place.

4 Dec 2008 00:20

Napoleons, Highcliffe

Back to Courage Directors only now. Worth a visit though.

4 Dec 2008 00:09

The Galleon, Highcliffe

Now seems to be closed, a sign outside say the the kitchen is closed until further notice.

4 Dec 2008 00:07

Napoleons, Highcliffe

Now reopend as O'Reilys. Still have Courage Directors, and now Courage Best as well, more in the way of evening entertainment now, such as kareoke and discos.

18 Aug 2008 20:44

Napoleons, Highcliffe

Seems to be always closed now, in the evenings at least.

6 May 2008 00:55

Finn M'Couls, Ringwood

Has been repainted, new toilets, a wooden floor and most of the fake irish removed, summer lightning still on, a bit better, but now called 'Finns at Ringwood'!

6 May 2008 00:54

The Morant Arms, Brockenhurst

Not demolished but turned in to flats, some of which are still for sale, as there is a planning aplication for an extension of the permision to display advertising signs on display at present.

10 Apr 2008 00:22

The Kings Arms, Lymington

Was closed this evening, with 'wet paint' signs outside.

10 Apr 2008 00:17

The Railway, Christchurch

Still a good traditional pub, now serving food according to the sign outside, now has an annoying litle dog running around. Dog and food!?

1 Apr 2008 00:55

The Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Still not really a pub, try the old Vicarage, accross the road and to the west a bit.

1 Apr 2008 00:51

The Old Vicarage Hotel, Hinton

Now open to non residents, Ringwood Best and 49ER on hand pump. New management and a complete makeover, incuding the removal of the tent in the garden! Very near Hinton admiral station.

1 Apr 2008 00:49

The Amberwood Inn, Walkford

An example of the ideal pub, good beer, friendly staff, good varied menu, though out of my price range, comfortable seating and warm, many pubs seem to be cold, all the smokers going in and out? a lively place on Friday music nights and Monday quiz.

1 Apr 2008 00:43

Napoleons, Highcliffe

Was taken over by a new couple 2 weeks ago, also Lenny, a regular, has been away for some eye treetment, who was often the sole costomer between 2200 and 2300, the bar does most of it's trade during the day, serving the more 'mature' residents of Highcliffe. Any one kow what Sue, the previous owner is up to now?

1 Apr 2008 00:31

The Inn on the Furlong, Ringwood

I gather the 'makeover' has been postponed due to planning permision problems, Dale, the landlord for the last 3 years has new pastures to go to, so as soon as a new Marstons approved manager can be found, he will be off. Good luck to the new manager as the Furlong is a tricky one to succeed in.

27 Mar 2008 00:07

The Dolphin, St Denys

Was a bit lacking in electricity and warmth in late March, hope it's not more finacial problems.

26 Mar 2008 23:58

Napoleons, Highcliffe

Seemed to be losing the plot recently, this evening, during easter week, was all dark and cloded looking at 1000pm, hope all is well, but....

26 Mar 2008 23:54

The Duke of Wellington, Christchurch

Perhaps this is now someones home, and is open to his 'freinds' as it always seems dark in the bar area, and when I once dared to try the front door it was locked, this was in the evening, a Thursday.

23 Jan 2008 00:38

The New Inn, Christchurch

Was being demolished when I walked past today...

23 Jan 2008 00:34

The Wheatsheaf Hotel, New Milton

Due for a major refurbishment in late Jan 08....

20 Jan 2008 22:05

The Manor Arms, Burton

The left hand bar HAS been refurbished, has a very poor selection of drinks, definatly no real ale, think the large right hand bar area was locked up, my visit was on a tuesday eve in Januray though.

20 Jan 2008 21:52

Ye Olde George Inn, Christchurch

Now has their own 'house brew' yogi bitter, not brewed at the george though. (YOGI = Ye Old George Inn), otherwise still just as good as ever.

20 Jan 2008 21:44

The Dove Inn, Micheldever Station

Now open again, a nice pint of real ale, food looked good perhaps a bit pricey, I did not try the food so I will leave that to others.

20 Jan 2008 00:51

Napoleons, Highcliffe

Now does a really well kept Ringwood 49ER, oh and Courage Directors.

17 Dec 2006 18:39

The White Hart, Sherborne

Taken over by a chef, food I saw was quickly served, beers were in good condition. Large no smoking near the front door, saves a trip through the smoke to get the fresh air.

17 Dec 2006 18:35

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