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The Kings Arms Hotel, Bicester

Made my first and last visit on a friday lunchtime. This place was actually recomended to me by another publican in the town for having good food. I tried their"ultimate" burger which ultimatly turned out to be the worst burger i hav e ever had the misfortune to try. Cheap and nasty, i left virtualy all of the food.

6 Sep 2009 22:00

Brewery Tap, Abingdon

Truely the finest place to drink in Abingdon, never a hint of trouble ( which is rare in abingdon!) and super staff.

1 Oct 2006 11:39

The Lord Nelson, Brightwell Baldwin

A pleasant enough setting, the building is of immense character. Food is on the pricey side which is all very well if delivered, which this place just about manages. They don't seem to cope with large bookings very well. The staff are pleasant, the usual use of local teenagers, which is fair enough but does let their standard down. Some of the management were very nice and unfortuatly some weren't. I was as always very disappointed to discover a 10% service charge on the bill which i always feel is a bit like daylight robbery! Are they not confident enough that the customers would leave tips? In conclusion, not a bad place to visit but i wouldn't return again and i'd probably recommend to friends to go elsewhere as there are many other pubs in that area of equal if not better standard and character.

1 Oct 2006 11:27

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