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The Rose and Crown, Walthamstow

Don't be put off by the cheesy 'Ye Olde Rose and Crown' signage.

We spent a nice Sunday afternoon here, tasting some of the beers they had on as part of the recent national Cask Ale week. (Current licensee has a Cask Marque, beer was well kept.)

29 Apr 2010 19:09

The Waters Edge, Tottenham

This pub is closed (and has been for quite some time.)

29 Apr 2010 18:06

The Ferryboat Inn, Tottenham Hale

Great location, fantastic out the back beer garden in the summer, but it suffers from being part of the massive Mitchell & Butlers property empire. Although they do serve cask ales, the current manager has a cask marque (and, to be fair, merits it), their selection is always poor (M&B "Vintage Inns" seem to be poor relations of their "Classic Inns"/Nicholson chain selection of beer - here it's almost always Fuller's London Pride, Greene King IPA, and one "guest" beer - frequently something from the GK empire) and runs out often.

Bar service is always very, very, very slow - symptomatic of the bias towards food that this pub has, but it can be slow even when you're at the front of the queue.

(and the food is not at all great, despite what some might think - it's simply mediocre "3663"/Brake Bros fare. Not even as good as what M&B offer in some of their other chains.)

I go here because it's very local. Just, if you're looking to eat, do yourself a favour and turn back towards Tottenham Hale station and visit the nearby 'Lock dining bar' restaurant instead!

29 Apr 2010 18:01

The Fountain, Tottenham

Only reason for visiting this pub is that now it has a link up with a local Japanese restaurant/take-away and you can order their excellent food in the bar area.

But the beer choice (as noted before) is poor, and no cask ales. Don't come here simply for a drink.

29 Apr 2010 17:42

The William IV, Leyton

Beer's good (Brodies' many beers - being as they're brewed next door - always feature heavily; plus they do have others on as well. They had some Redemption Urban Dusk, from down the road in N17, on when we last visited).

The back room, mentioned by others, can be quieter when there's a football match on - though there is still a TV in there at least they seem to choose not to show the sports on it.

29 Apr 2010 17:34

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

Just popped in here the other day. Good selection of cask ales (including, at the moment, locals from Tottenham and Leyton), ciders, and some other things too (no big "brands", and a 'free house' sign proudly displayed behind the bar!) It's bound to be a hit down there in N16.

Food is fine (though not an imaginative choice if you're vegetarian - my partner is fed up of being offered risottos and goats cheese. But - to follow up on another review - a bowl of chips/fries is available that isn't cooked in duck fat, only it's not the big chunky chips that come with the other food.) Could have done without the background music playing.

Having never been in before this last refit, all I can say compared to previous incarnations is that it's certainly more welcoming looking and inviting now!

29 Apr 2010 17:29

The Exmouth Arms, Euston

It was quiet when we dropped in here on a Monday evening (a bit noisier when the jukebox was switched on - shame they felt they needed it on), beer was good though nothing special. Food simple, but fine.

29 Apr 2010 17:21

The Crown and Anchor, Euston

Dropped into here after the Bree Louise, it seemed promising with the offer of real beer (and cask marque creditation!) despite the decor - but Black Sheep Best was not yet ready and they'd just ran out of Doom Bar for the person ahead of me at the bar. We left.

29 Apr 2010 17:17

The Bree Louise, Euston

Went here for a second time recently. Love the beer selection, and the quality: great to see support of several, small, London-based breweries. but they need to do something about the smells of disinfectant creeping out from the toilets.

29 Apr 2010 17:13

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