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Comments by joolyjay

The Idle Hour, Hammersmith

This pub used to be the Queen's Arms. It has been recently refurbished & is now a great little Gastropub.

Went there on a Monday night (they do 1/2 price burgers on Mondays!). My cheeseburger was bloody lovely, as were the chips (cooked in goose fat, no less!).

Haven't tried the rest of the menu, but I'll definitely be back.

14 Apr 2010 18:42

The Queens Arms, Hammersmith

This pub has recently re-opened & is destined to be quite a hit! The new landlord, Stephen, has won awards for his organic food at his other pub, The Idle Hour in Barnes.

Try it! It's in its early stages, so the menu is limited at the moment, but it looks like it might be a good pub to know about....


6 Oct 2009 23:41

The New Inn, Ham

Personally, I think the food here is really good. I can't comment on Sausage & Mash (which apparently tastes like smash) because I have never ordered it here!!!

I have had specials from the chalk board & have never been disappointed.

I live nearby & go there regularly.

Order the Chef's Salad & you won't be disappointed. The Fish 'n' Chips is great too.

9 Jul 2009 23:54

Bush Inn, Arlesford

First found this pub on my way back to London from Stockbridge.

Stopped off for a simple bite. My partner & I had the most excellent ploughman's lunch you could find!

The location is fantastic. The River Kennet, full of trout, is yards away. Perfect for a post-lunch stroll along the banks.

Have returned twice since. The river is still as lovely, but found the cooked mains good, but not THAT good to warrant the price,

The location & the ideallic pub itself is the attraction.

It's most definitely worth a detour for: it's a beautiful pub in a great location.


9 Jul 2009 23:45

The Dysart, Petersham

I can't comment on previous customers' experiences, but I have just returned from a reception that the Dysart catered for.

The staff were attentive & excellent. The food was never-ending & delicious.

9 Jul 2009 23:32

The Rowbarge, Woolhampton

My partner & I stopped off at this pub on the way back to London. It was a lovely sunny day & we thought we'd found the perfect spot: a pub with a large outside area next to the river.

We were only hoping for a sandwich each, as a brief restbite, but sandwiches were not on the menu, so we opted to order their "Gourmet Burger" to share.

My partner found a table & I went to order the food & drinks & then came back to sit with her.

Less than a minute later, a waitress started randomly wandering around outside with a burger: it turned out it was ours!!!

I said to her that I had literally just sat down & that that burger could not have been cooked to order. It then went back to the kitchen.

5 minutes later, another member of staff returned with the same sad & tired looking burger!!!

I complained & asked for my money back. We finished our drinks & left soon after, hungry!

The only good thing about this pub is that the manager came & apologised profusely & refunded my money for the food & drinks too (with our prompting!).

9 Jul 2009 21:11

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