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Comments by jonjonjon

The Smoke Bar And Diner, Tooting

Can be good though quality of drinks sometimes erratic. Had an awful red wine in here not so long ago. Cocktails on happy hour a good deal.

7 Jul 2011 15:16

The Wheatsheaf, Tooting Bec

Much improved. Great drinks. Music good though a tad overbearing at times. Also glad it has kept some of the old local custom and gives the place a good social mix. Still a few tweaks to go but generally a good place for a beer.

7 Jul 2011 15:13

The Kings Head, Tooting

A great building and good for sport. Food also pretty good and fair value. But staff are really awful. Not rude. But often waiting at the bar for ten/fifteen minutes and no idea why they take so long. It's not this hard to pour drinks. Same round of drinks also has tendency to come to different amount every time.

7 Jul 2011 15:08

The Waterfront, Streatham

Love this place for a day drink or two. They serve fantastic Weston's cider which resembles a cider slush puppy which is great for warm days. Pizzas are good. Roasts are bad. Tried a couple of weekend nights in here and the music was so loud I had to leave. I'm not old, I just like to be able to hear myself, my friends and the barman as I'm ordering, speak.

17 Aug 2009 13:10

Mint, Streatham

The large glass of wine only policy (only 250ml measures) here is highly annoying. Service here is slow and often borders on rude and on that basis, I've stopped going.

17 Aug 2009 13:06

Taylors, Streatham

Great pub for a few drinks. A good no nonsense boozer, nice staff and good mix of customers. Food has got erratic.

17 Aug 2009 13:03

The Horse and Groom, Streatham

Not tried it in the week but at weekends probably not the place for a relaxing drink unless you like getting eye-balled when you go to the toilet. Although opens late and this place can seem like a good idea after six pints.

17 Aug 2009 13:01

The Five Bells, Streatham

I like this place. Can always get a seat and usually has two or three nice ales going.

17 Aug 2009 12:59

The Perfect Blend, Streatham

Honestly, there's bad service and then there's Perfect Blend. A shame cos the food, especially the breakfasts, are lovely in here. But if a bar is meant to be doing table service, not even acknowledging a table for ten minutes when they're staring right at you is pretty bad. It wasn't even busy - hence getting a table in there in the first place. We got up and left as the waiting staff and barman chatted away.

17 Aug 2009 12:57

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