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The Dolphin Tavern, Bloomsbury

Tiny, often busy in the evening, often empty at Lunch. It offers a welcome alternative to the Enterprise over the road. A good 'old man pub' with decent beer and no pretensions. Well worth knowing about if you spend time in the area.

28 Mar 2012 09:24

Pig and Whistle, Ladbroke Grove

This is (in fact) an old man's pub. Large flat screen TVs with the sound off, nothing approaching a real ale, some old men with dogs, and some sullen youths playing pool. A friendly Irish barmade, so friendly in fact that chatting with the locals ranks slightly higher than serving strangers.

I dare say it gets busy on on Friday nights, but on Monday night it was quiet enough for a drink. Which ever way you look at it, it's a pretty crap pub, but it's not pretentious, it's cheap, and they serve things like crisps instead of wasabi rice snacks drizzled with extra virgin smugness.

1 Mar 2010 10:21

Prince Arthur, Euston

It's an unassuming pub that's really pretty nice, and has decent beer and food. It's handy for lunch but can get full. It looks pretty shabby from the outside, but don't let that put you off. It's lengths ahead of any of the other local pubs, and is the obvious choice if you need to meet near Euston station.

Look out for the peculiar paintings on the wall. They are for sale, but regrettably no-one has bought any...

9 Feb 2006 22:51

The Crescent, Mornington Crescent

The most schizophrenic pub I've known. On Friday nights it's fairly pleasant, filled with young people meeting up before going to Koko. But on other nights it can be anything from a handful of wine-soaked old men, to rowdy sports fans, to a pathetic bunch of snogging couples who can't get organised to go to a decent pub, let alone a decent night out. It has more tv screens than types of beer on tap, the decor is garish, the music rubbish. Avoid, unless you're going to Koko.

9 Feb 2006 22:40

The Lord John Russell, Russell Square

This has been my (work) local for several years. It's one of the best pubs in London. The punters are a genuine mix, from students to local site workers. There's a pair of grumpy old men who have 'their corner' and there are passing businessmen in for a quick few on expenses. There's no music, and there's a steady, lively babble of people actually talking to each other.

A wide range of good beers caters for all tastes. There is a large amount of outdoor seating making it great in summer. It has wooden floors, wooden benches, a haze of smoke, and an actual atmosphere.

It's not perfect - bar service is on the slow side, it can get very crowded on Friday evenings, and it's smokier than I'd like. But it's a real pub, with real people, local or passing, and you can't say better than that.

9 Feb 2006 22:34

The Dolphin, Kings Cross

A weird but interesting pub. It's small and decorated to feel smaller. There's an old public bar filled with the kind of locals who you don't want to annoy for any reason at all, ever. And there's someting akin to a saloon bar with walls covered in more random Irish tacky rubbish than you can imagine. The landlord is surly, and has been drunk on more than one occasion. A flustered Thai woman sells very good, and very reasonable Thai food. There's a rubbish juke box, and the toilets are... not for the timid.

It's an interesting, unique pub, well worth a visit if you want food, or just want to escape from the formulaic tourist filled pubs all over London.

9 Feb 2006 22:27

The Sutton Arms, Barbican

This pub is now open on Saturday, Hooray! Can get very smoky, and crowded on Thurs/Fri evenings, otherwise to be recommended. Bar food is a bit pricey (sausage+mash = 8 quid) but it's good quality. Good beer, not full of loud city types.

17 Feb 2005 12:50

The Harrison, St Pancras / Kings Cross

Newly done up in normal late '90s bar style. Comfy sofa, small selection of completely uninteresting lager, posh designer crisps. Loud-ish music for the young people. Set in a charming council estate south of Kings Cross. All in all, handy if you need to meet up in the area and don't fancy one of the dodgy 'traditional' pubs. But if you want a good pub, ten minutes walk south or west will give you plenty of better options.

7 Feb 2005 10:06

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