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Comments by jed61327

The Fox Inn, Bisley

Fantastic garden if you have kids, with bouncy castle and swings. Friendly, quick service. I enjoyed my lasagne and chips but my husband was a bit disappointed with his chicken pie (small portion, a bit bland).

28 Jul 2006 23:34

The Golden Retriever, Bracknell

We ate here last weekend with our two year old son. Very friendly staff, quick service, and very nice food too, reasonably priced and large portions. Safe fenced beer/dining garden, bit of traffic noise but not overbearing. Will definitely be back.

28 Jul 2006 23:29

The Surrey Cricketers, Windlesham

Nice pub and beer garden, good atmosphere and music, well heeled clientele. Food took a while to arrive and was OK, but nothing special- choice was a bit limited, pretty much everything with chips (no pasta or rice dishes for example).

28 Jul 2006 23:23

The Sun, Windlesham

We just came back from The Sun this evening. I asked for a cup of tea and took it outside to drink, where it was dark, so didn't notice anything floating in my cup. Thought it tasted a bit bitter, but when I got to the bottom of the cup it was all sludge. Asked my husband to smell and taste the milk and it was completely rancid! Not good as I am 7 months pregnant and now wondering whether I am about to get a nasty bout of food poisoning or not.

28 Jul 2006 23:17

The Fox and Hounds Restaurant & Bar, Englefield Green

Ate from the bar menu here last night and 5 out of 7 of us were disappointed with our food! I and two others had spaghetti with chicken, mushroom and pepper in a pesto sauce. It was bland and actually quite bitter in taste, and over smothered in cream, which made me feel a bit queasy afterwards. A couple of other friends had caesar salad, which shouldn't really have been described as a salad as there was no salad in it - just chicken, croutons, cheese and a bit of parsley, no lettuce at all! When the waitress cleared our table we mentioned we were not impressed with the food, she said she'd tell the chef, but we heard nothing more, no manager came to apologise or offer us free drinks as you might hope. Got the impression this wasn't the first time they had heard such complaints. A shame, as the pub is in a lovely setting, great for drinking, and I hear the more expensive restaurant menu is very good. Don't think I'll be eating there again though.

27 Jul 2006 10:45

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