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Station, Sutton Coldfield

I went into the Station pub three times during a recent visit to the UK and saw it operate at both ends of the spectrum. On a rainy Monday evening, it offered a very quiet, homely and convivial place to sup your ale. And then on a Saturday night, it was packed to the rafters as many drinkers spilled out into the beer garden to listen to the two live DJs, despite it being a very chilly evening.

The Station is a very decent pub, but you'd be better off nearby at The Duke if you fancy a quiet pint on a Saturday.

The only downside to The Station - and I wasn't the only one to notice this - is that the young female barstaff were a little snotty and aloof. Not being an experienced UK drinker, I asked them for bottled lager recommendations, and they shot me a look as if I'd asked them to come and have sex with me in the car-park.

21 Oct 2009 15:34

The Litten Tree, Sutton Coldfield

The Litten Tree touts itself as a sports pub and in all fairness it's a good place to watch a game. I went there for the recent game with Villa and Chelsea and there was a great atmosphere, as you'd expect with many of the regulars being Villa supporters.

It was nice to see a Wetherspoons manager really on top of things. He directed us to a vacant table when he saw us frantically looking for seats and I saw him helping out behind the bar and carrying food when things got extra busy. Top marks to the gentleman.

21 Oct 2009 15:24

The Duke, Sutton Coldfield

Undoubtedly one of my favorite pubs in Sutton. It's a real no-nonsense, old school drinking establishment. The Duke is how all city back-street pubs should be, where it's still possible to strike up a conversation with a stranger in the snug. When it's saturday night in Sutton and you've had enough of ear-splitting music and groups of loud women out on a hen night - there is always The Duke.

The outdoor seating area is large but very under-used it seems.

21 Oct 2009 12:24

The Horse and Jockey, Sutton Coldfield

I would agree with previous posters that the bar area is poorly laid out. This means that the wait to be served can be quite lengthy even when the pub is only moderately busy. I was there several evenings in October 2009 and they had a very well-organised quiz night (fun but over rather quickly) I think the quizzes are held every Wednesday. I did notice they have a curry night on another evening. Seemed to attract a more well-heeled crowd and mercifully devoid of the beer monsters. Outdoor seating area is right next to the car-park so hardly inspiring. But good solid pub.

21 Oct 2009 12:19

The Bottle of Sack, Sutton Coldfield

It's a typical busy Wetherspoons pub. What more can you say? I went in twice on a recent visit to the UK - both times in the middle of the day - and it was fairly quiet. bar service was quick and the food arrived within ten minutes. No complaints there. Quite a nice pleasant outdoor area if you want to smoke or just watch the world go by.

21 Oct 2009 12:14

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