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Griffin Hotel, March

Still a Smith and Jones pub .Very popular on Friday and saturday with the young people. Has 4 handpumps on now 3 regular and one guest . Still operates as a hotel but with fewer rooms than it had before Baracuda took it over . Interesting tale attached to the building as it has its own ghost ! I first heard about this tale in the 1970s ,when I first came to live in the town I am a science minded person with an open mind but the present manager who moved in to the area and presumably knew nothing of the story has told me that residents staying at the hotel have reported two sightings in the last year ! .................................................. The ghost is a young girl who was a chambermaid at the hotel a long time ago ! She resides in one of the guest rooms !!

17 Aug 2011 17:02

The Cock Inn, March

This is an Elgoods pub and they regularly have Cambridge Bitter on as their real ale. It has two rooms with TV .They have a very large beer garden ,biggest of all the pubs in March I would say . Often have live entertainment like pop groups . Not in the main town centre though.

17 Aug 2011 16:46

Georges, March

This pub has recently changed management (Aug 2011) and they have real ale handpumps on . Will be visiting it soon to give a full appraisal.

17 Aug 2011 16:30

Bar 23, March

This pub is now (2011) called the Little London Inn and is a Marstons pub.
Has at least 3 hand pumps and regularly changes the range of ales on offer. As when it was the Bar 23 it does food. I think if anything its now better than it was before as Bar 23 . Worth a visit.

17 Aug 2011 16:25

Waterside Bar, Hunstanton

Used to be Casanos wine bar but has reopened as the Waterside bar.
There is a bar and a restraunt room that looks out over the sea.
Had a pint and a meal in there with a fantastic view watching the sun set over the sea!
Woth a visit if you are in town.

5 Jul 2009 00:12

Wash and Tope Hotel, Hunstanton

Situated in the centre of Hunstanton.Visited this hotel earlier in the year.
Seves food ,had a nice meal in there.
Had a pint of Strong Arm beer ,a beer that I have not tried for a long time.
It Is brewed in my hometown which like Hunstanton is a seaside town,whose name also begins with the letter H ?

5 Jul 2009 00:07

Cromwells Cafe Bar, Huntingdon

Went into this pub today,it had no real ales on,there were no real ale handpumps.
Had a meal in there,it was ok,seating ok ,nice TV to watch .
Seemed to take a long time to get served even though there was only 12 people in the pub.

27 Jun 2009 23:05

Kings of the Belgians, Huntingdon

This is a good pub,with a good selection of real ales.
Must be in the Camra guide.

27 Jun 2009 23:01

Rose and Crown, March

A very good real ale pub with I think 4 handpumps .Has been recognised by Camra for its good beer keeping.
Worth a visit if you are in the town.

27 Jun 2009 22:59

Griffin Hotel, March

Situated in the centre of March it was originally a 16th century coaching inn.
It has been a hotel in March for many years and last year was bought by the Baracuda chain and extensively refitted as one of their pubs.
It has very much a wine bar feel about it and is very popular with the young people in March on a Friday and Saturday night.
They have 3 real ales on namely Bombadier,Broadside and I think IPA.
Also lots of shooters.They serve food all day, so its ideal for a lunchtime break for people who are in the town centre.

27 Jun 2009 22:53

Acre, March

Usually has three real ales on,one is Green King IPA and the other two handpumps alternate.

25 Jun 2009 13:38

The George Hotel, Huntingdon

Nicely situated in the centre of the town for a dinner time drink during your lunch hour. A selection of real ales, and a "60s,70s,80, disco on a Friday night if you want to hear pop music from years gone by.
Worth a visit.

23 Jun 2009 13:15

White House, Hartlepool

Visited this pub on a trip to see my relatives in Hartlepool.
I seem to remember the building as being a school when I lived in the town ?
I know Weatherspoons have a policy of converting old cinemas into pubs ,eg their venue in Cambridge.
I remember on my visit thinking it was a nice place ,well decked out with comfy sofas and a good range of drinks,including my favourite real ale.

22 Jun 2009 16:00

Old Bridge Hotel, Huntingdon

Visited several pubs in the town centre on Saturday,including Cromwells Cafe Bar, Samuelpepys Three Tuns and Market Inn. Didnt stay in any of them for any length of time.
This was by far the best .Three real ales on, nice bar area, friendly staff and comfy seats.
Beer a bit pricy �3 a pint ,but then again it is a hotel.

22 Jun 2009 14:29

Hammer and Anvil, March

It closed and did reopen in 2008 but has closed again and appears to be closed for good now!

22 Jun 2009 14:22

Bar 23, March

Used to be The Men Of March for many years and then became Bar 23.
I would class it as a wine bar as I think that they only do one real ale .
To far out of town to be used by the Friday night binge drinkers .
In my opinion its ok!

22 Jun 2009 14:20

The Saxon, Hartlepool

Used to visit this pub when I used to visit relatives in the town. Was born in Hartlepool Remember they used to do a nice pint of Castle Eden and I think Strongarm was the other ale that they had on .
A nice pub.

22 Jun 2009 14:14

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