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Coach and Horses Inn, Kenneggy Downs

Opened on the 19 November. Been smartened up and hopefully will be a thriving business

25 Nov 2016 00:26

The Zero Lounge, Penzance


25 Nov 2016 00:24

Fountain Tavern, Penzance

Still open but not the local it used to be, have heard varying reviews about the food and service. Had a significant turnover of staff due to non payment of wages. Won't be returning as when I ordered a large scotch the chef, who was pissed, decided to lick the jigger out after use. Could also do with a wash and brush up too. The staff tend to get a Chinese end of evening after having a few and tend to ignore customers. I'll be avoiding

9 Oct 2016 00:25

The Dock Inn, Penzance

Under new management good beer and food, pleasant company and surroundings. Place needs more reports come on folks

8 Oct 2016 22:43

Lamp and Whistle Inn, Penzance

Appears the landlord has over axagerrated sense of self importance and has been loosing custom because of it. Pity really but only time will tell. Reports of his surly, unfriendly attitude and thinking the place is some swanky bar above its station will reinforce this. Go up the road to The Crown. At least they brew their own beer

8 Oct 2016 22:23

The Peruvian Arms, Penzance

Definitely closed, now two cottages.

7 Dec 2015 19:55

Coach and Horses Inn, Kenneggy Downs

No curtains in windows, overgrown grass, a variety of vehicles parked all around. Looks very much like it's closed

7 Dec 2015 19:53

Radjel Inn, Pendeen

That's right, radjel is a carn or an area where a fox lives. So renamed as a one time landlord had the surname of......Fox. Fox's lair. Good atmosphere and beers and no chance of being attacked by Al Quaida et al

27 Jan 2015 23:29

Old Inn, Ludgvan

Turned into accommodation, shame really

27 Jan 2015 23:17

The Studio Bar, Penzance

It's 40 Bread Street. Small former garage converted to a bar. Some outstanding bands have played here but it's small, gets cramped. Bottled beer is best. This place could do with a new larger venue so more people can appreciate live music

27 Jan 2015 23:06

The Star Inn, Penzance

Refurbished, reopened and looking rather pleasant. Brighter and more Spartan than previous, usual beers. This pub is trying to find its feet being newly opened and close to Wetherspoons. I hope it does well and more reports needed

27 Jan 2015 23:03

Sportscue, Penzance

Now called Q Bar and sells the usual fizzy stuff accompanied with loud music. Well patronised by the youngsters and seems to have shed the troublesome element

27 Jan 2015 22:57

The Peruvian Arms, Penzance

The scaffolding's up and it's being converted to two dwellings. Sad but true

27 Jan 2015 22:50

Lamp and Whistle Inn, Penzance

Loads of rhums and whisk(e)ys on offer. Belgian bottled beers, Craft beers, hand pumped and gas assisted. Unique d├ęcor place goes from strength to strength. You'll love the place

27 Jan 2015 22:45

The First and Last, Penzance

Open again, thank God. Lovely pub and can only go from strength to strength. Please visit the smaller pubs in PZ, we need a break from the standard plastic places pubs have become.

17 Mar 2014 17:31

Fountain Tavern, Penzance

Reopened Sept. 2013 by the way troops

31 Dec 2013 16:20

Fountain Tavern, Penzance

Something I thought I'd never see. It's a pubmore info to follow. Bright and airy, a little bistro esque but nonetheless apub. Does food too. Appears well patronised four pumps on the bar only one ale on. Hopefully this'll change come summer

31 Dec 2013 16:19

The First and Last, Penzance

Looks like Brighton Boy, sorry Eastborn Edgit really did it. The plave was closed for some months then reopened I believe by the people who had the Sportsman's in Heamoor. Unfortunately customers who opted to drink elsewhere didn't return even tho the place had a spruce up. Susequently the place is now closed again, anti pikey grills up and fomoured to have been bought for development into flats. A sad end for a once lovely little pub

31 Dec 2013 16:16

Tremenheere, Penzance

I still go in of an occasion, it's not a bad place to be honest. Good selection of beers and cyders and the staff seem to be a bit more focused. Haven't seen any trouble to speak of, one Sat a boy tried it on, door staff straight in and out he went. Simples

8 Oct 2013 21:18

Fountain Tavern, Penzance

The signs have been removed and the curtains drawn over the front windows I'll take a geek inside to see if they've started stripping the place

25 Mar 2013 08:51

Lamp and Whistle Inn, Penzance

Now available, the only pub in PZ to have it. Brooklyn Beer, imported from the StatesAt 5.2% not a session beer but damned nice. Described as a lager due to its 'Top brew' method it is in fact a bitter looking beer, smooth tasting, frothy headed beer that certainly hits the spot.

25 Mar 2013 08:40

The Fountain Inn, Newbridge

Thanx Ridleyman the bearer of wonderful news. Hope to get out there some time soon. I'd love it if they still allowed the old campervan to park there, will keep you updated soon all

3 Feb 2013 21:39

The First and Last, Penzance

Apologies Ridleyman for being harsh. This was a wonderful pub I frequented for years. I hope somone buys this place and puts it back on the map which is possible if. The gobshite goes, his other half works very hard and it seems everything she does is buggered up by a rather bigotted version of Alf Garnet. I wish this place every succuss. I look forward with many others to coming back hopefully

4 Dec 2012 20:12

Lamp and Whistle Inn, Penzance

Over 90 spirits available here, some very bespoke. Paintings adorn the walls and ceiling and recycled furniture make up the bar area and surrounds. Full but not cluttered. The lighting is dark but not gloomy. Supper night Weds, music Tues, very people friendly, Cornish Rattler, Bounds Scrumpy, San Mig, two ales and Carlsberg. Bottled beers. Lovely place to take the other half. A little world tucked away in a town of mediocrity, a town that has very few trad pubs. Turning to bland, mass pubs. Nasty indeed. This pub will turn you back a few years

4 Dec 2012 20:06

The Dolphin, Penzance

This is a big building which needs to be maintained hence the importance of the food. Excellent atmosphere and food. It tails off near the end of the season as the pool table is replaced and a more 'pubby' atmosphere. the foodies and drinkers don't get in each others way. Contrary to some opinions you can pop in for a pint and be very welcome

5 Sep 2012 14:08

Tremenheere, Penzance

Good selection of beers, some dodgy characters but the place is big enough to avoid them. Yes service can be slow due to some idiot wanting coffee or that rubbish there you go. It would help if the manageress actually managed instead of wandering around picking up plates like some overpaid KP. you have staff for that!!!

5 Sep 2012 13:57

The Sportsmans Arms, Penzance

This pub was a lovely village pub that sadly went down hill over the years due to greedy, irresponsible tennants/lisencees. However that was in the past, briliant place and atmosphere, good food, well worth a visit. An oasis, good selection of beers and good pub

5 Sep 2012 13:51

King William IV, Penzance

Formerly a brilliant village pub, now, like the shop, sadly closed and up for sale

5 Sep 2012 13:47

The Globe, Penzance

Used to be a cracking pub when Nora and Middi had it, they retired and the pub had a major overhaul. It was still a great pub with an old world charm even tho modern. Good selection of cask and keg beers, and an eclectic mix of locals. That my friends was many years ago. Avoid the place if you value your sanity and life

5 Sep 2012 13:45

Sportscue, Penzance

This establishment has for years opened and closed and changed its name proportionately. A former hair salon it's big and brash and caters for the younger market. It's had its fair share of problems but now under the guise of The G-Bar should not put off potential party goers. Accessed by a long flight of stairs and security on the door during busy nights

5 Sep 2012 13:39

The Star Inn, Penzance

Ah ha!!! I walked past the place last night at 10 PM and it was open. One customer, head in hands nursing a pint. A large pub with huge potential more reports needed please.

5 Sep 2012 13:36

Farmers Arms, Penzance

It's not too bad a pub new but unfortunately a few drongos still use the place. They have live music on at times otherwise the Landlord's own eclectic mix of 'Whizz Banga Banga' which at times is too loud. Usual selection of beers really a town pub but once again not a bad experience

5 Sep 2012 13:25

The One and All Inn, Penzance

Not a bad pub and am sure will do better. Good pint of Tribute and a good atmosphere. There could be a potential for trouble as some prople use it before going to a local night club. I have however NOT noticed any.

5 Sep 2012 13:19

Fountain Tavern, Penzance

The pub finally closed its doors on Sunday 2nd of Sept. Rather sad really considering the history of the place. But there you go, I think St. Austell will sell the place off for accommodation

5 Sep 2012 13:15

Lamp and Whistle Inn, Penzance

Lovely pub, small but the space is well utilised. The Landlord's called Miguel (His Dad's Spanish) and got away from the rat race at London to raise a family down here. There is a limited menu and a small dining area if required. This family team are a lovely couple and the beers on at the moment include, Cornish Rattler, Westons Boundary, St Austell Podium. Selection of the usual keg and bottled beers are available. Clean and pleasant atmosphere music on Tues, I'm really pleased this pub has stayed open

5 Sep 2012 13:09

The Fountain Inn, Newbridge

Still closed but the sign is still up and the windows unboarded. I live in Penzance and loved coming here for a night or two to get bladdered and get back to the van. Lovely pub and thanks to the government in helping to shut it!!

28 Aug 2012 01:49

The Swordfish Inn, Newlyn

Been knocked into one and the SKY TV rep went years ago. The Stringbag as we knew it is a nice little pub and the days of loads of drunken fisherman brawling are a thing of the past. Mostly the majority of fishermen don't live in Newlyn and have to drive home and the practice of being paid in the pub toilet ceased years ago too!!!

28 Aug 2012 01:38

The Ship Inn, Mousehole

Wouldn't bother with the place, or the Coastguard. Go to the Legion, decent atmosphere visitors welcome and a good snooker table

28 Aug 2012 01:33

William IV, Madron

Used to be at pb, now sadly closed

28 Aug 2012 01:29

The Star Inn, Penzance

Closed, Wetherspoon effect I guess

28 Aug 2012 01:23

The Peruvian Arms, Penzance

Doesn't open at all now, closed a couple of months ago

28 Aug 2012 01:19

The First and Last, Penzance

Normally a good little pub but of late some clientele going elswhere due to the manager not only being a gobshite who knows the sum total of sweet FA and rather loud about it. His whining, twangy Eastbourne?Brighton accent grates to say the least. Dog appears to have free range of kitchen and bar area which food hygene would not appreciate!!!

28 Aug 2012 00:14

The John Wesley, Penzance

Still doesn't exist and never has

28 Aug 2012 00:07

Fountain Tavern, Penzance

Sorry to say this once charming vibrant pub has been neglected by the brewery and looks set to close on the 3 September

28 Aug 2012 00:03

The One and All Inn, Penzance

Now reopened as 'The One and All' Haven't been in yet. I'll wait 'ti the novelty wears offand it's less crowded. Looks good and people I've spoken to say it's ok

8 Mar 2012 14:51

First & Last, Plymouth

Walked into it and promptly walked out. Christ what happened to this once venerable boozer???

26 Feb 2012 21:23

The One and All Inn, Penzance

All change, the place is reopening as the One and All, its previous nomenclature and not before time too. Flanagans? about as Oirish as Bishop bloody TUTU

26 Feb 2012 21:20

The John Wesley, Penzance

doesn't exist, on the map it's a house in a residential area and there is no road in Penzance called Marazion Road

11 Sep 2011 20:52

The Dock Inn, Penzance

A young lady has now got the lease of this hostelry and she's very good. At least they've got rid of that annoying Brummie twat who was the manager there during the last couple of years of Les's tenure. Great atmosphere and the beer's good too

11 Sep 2011 20:49

The Blue Anchor, Portsmouth

Not only closed but demolished and housing developement rebuit on the top. Area now known as John Pound's Gate. Shame really, was quite a pub in its day

3 Sep 2011 14:56

The Royal Standard, Portsmouth

I used to use this pub when I was in the mob, haven't been to Pompey for years but intend to this year. Sorry to herar about Ruby, I always called the place Ruby's more ships' badges on the wall than any other pub I knew, good beer brilliant atmosphere. Does Lance the postman still use the place? the hours we used to spend putting the world to rights and doing the crossword was nobody's business

7 Aug 2011 13:12

The One and All Inn, Penzance

Believe the licensee of this pub also had 'The Alex' and 'The Bath' in Penzance, but due to economic climate/ financial difficulties has decided to concentrate on 'The Bath'. I'm not suprised there was a lot of darts trophies, the team(s) were 'paid'. Not keeping in the 'spirit' of amature pub darts. Anyway the place is now closed and the owner has put posession signs all over the premises which is now boarded up

5 Aug 2011 16:14

Kasbar, Penzance

Kasbah now closed, the premises has a new name

1 Aug 2011 20:22

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