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Comments by jammyjames

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

back again for oct half term. still bloody great pub. beer ace. pasties lovely and view smashing.

4 Nov 2011 21:22

The Red Lion, Swanage

well. since last review went in again. totally different. qwerky chap behind bar. arty farty firkin on tap. then next visit young barmaid full of cheer. the locals always friendly. didnt eat though and towards end of beer saw grumpy chap though. ha ha. it is a good pub though.

4 Nov 2011 21:17

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

i love this pub, spent 2 weeks camping nearby have done for years and its always great to go back to the square, a mixture of diverse people and atmosphere, you can get there and be packed outside or time it right and sit in solitude. still reckon one of best pubs in country. still makes me smile when somebody asks for a menu. then told its written on a paper plate above the bar. pie and pastie. over the two week period an a different beer everytime.

9 Oct 2011 15:39

The Red Lion, Swanage

i too called in in August. curry and pint night, free pint with curry it said. as we were early for food, ordered pint of cider ,beer and 2 soft drinks. 20 mins later orderd food, never offered my free pint, as was finshing last one thought will get it later. when food came and i said can i have my free pint was told it was too late should have asked for it when ordered food and that was that. i overheard another chap asking too and was told same answer. yes they are miserable too, couldnt wait to get to be honest. poor show

9 Oct 2011 15:17

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

great victorian pub ,you could just imagine Fred Dibnah propping up the bar. huge choice of beers at very good prices the food was good too.

19 May 2008 20:09

Sycamore Inn, Matlock

great pub now Becky has took over. friendly staff and well kept beer. lovely beer garden for the warm evenings and summer afternoons.well worth a visit.

19 May 2008 19:58

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

a truly great little other reviewers say its like stepping back in time. very unspoilt and well worth a visit.everytime we go we meet somebody nice to talk to and there are always some great characters enjoying a brew.highly recommended but dont tell too many people.

24 Apr 2008 19:43

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