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Comments by jackgavin

The George and Dragon, Thames Ditton


Pub is badly designed, walk straight in fron the street to on top of the bar, which is two steps from the front door. Creating a "bung up" of people around the door who get the hump if you say excuse me. Also makes the pub look far busier than it actually is.

Its quite expensive, but then this is Thames Ditton, but even so a pint costs more here than any other Shepherd Neame pub within a few miles.

The televisions are on constantly and quite loud. All the chairs and tables have been shoved up against the wall to make way for the televisions, which are tuned to sport regardless. And annoying if your trying to eat

Food is massively overpriced for what it is - basic pub food.

Seen the landlord be rude to people, he doesn't know, after they've paid their money. Telling where they can or can't sit, or in one case waiting till a family had ordered and paid for their food before telling them they can't sit in a certain part of the pub, (but not doing anything before they'd paid when they were sitting in the same bit.)

But at least the bar staff in general are friendly and quick.

26 Feb 2010 08:29

The Ragged Trousers, Tunbridge Wells

Really Good.

Great friendly service in a small pleasant venue.

Tried the pint of Larkins for the first time - delicious and recommend the homemade burger, which is a treat and the best burger I've had in a long time.

Venue is small and gets really packed, so if going at lunchtime advise to get there early as there is only a handful of tables.

More of a food place than old fashioned drinking boozer - but if you're in the area well worth a visit.

26 Feb 2010 08:14

The Devonshire Arms, Marylebone

I'd give this one a miss.

Looks nice as you walk in but -

Bar staff seemed more interested in horsing around with each other rather than serving anyone, which managed to create a queque at the bar when there were three barstaff behind the counter. One of them decided to go down the other end of the bar and chat to a regular rather than serve anyone.

Beer, though well kept is expensive - �3.45 for a pint of bombardier.

Plenty of other pubs to choose from that might actually want your money.

I wounldn't bother with this one next time I'm in the area.

26 Feb 2010 08:09

The Ship, Soho

I used to drink in this pub regularly ten years ago when I lived in London. I was on a pub crawl yesterday of all the old haunts for old times sake.
Have to say I was not impressed.
Pub seemed to be very dirty, one of the tables was obviously broken, as were several of the stools. And the beer (London Pride) was flat. Not up to the usual Fullers standard.
Won't be including this one in future pub crawls.

20 Feb 2010 11:13

The Champion, Fitzrovia

This used to be a really good pub and I used to use it a lot when I worked round the corner from it.

Lately the staff all seem to be having a competition as to who can be the most peed off whilst serving the customers. They ssem to be irritated by your prescence. which may explain why its not as busy as it used to be.

Its a shame because because the pub itself is lovely, full of character and not the bland look of a chain pub. The beers are pretty good too, (I know not everyone likes the Samuel Smith range, but I quite like it.)

Maybe the staff's attitude works in an area where there are no other pubs, but in a part of London where there is nearly a pub on every corner... you have to ask is it worth going back?

At the moment, no. Unless grumpy bar staff in an empty pub is your thing.

10 Aug 2006 14:56

The Sir John Oldcastle, Farringdon

One day in some parrallel universe, Wetherspoons are going to get it right and have a decent pub.

This one is definetely not it.

Service is awful. Busy periods with one or only two very slow people behind the bar. Who avoid eye contact at all times even when they are serving you. Seems like they hope if they are slow you'll go away. Forget getting a smile.

Food is just awful. Ordered the Brunch, served up with some items hot and some cold, namely the beans and egg.

Some of the other customers are morons. Last time I was there, a guy try to push in on the food queque who then proceded to demonstrate bad karate if anyone argued with him, (and the fact he blatantly didn't know it) While the bar staff watched rather than refuse to serve him.

Basically the only reason to go is its cheap and there's the Goose round the corner. So there's no need to go.

4 Aug 2006 15:02

The Crown Tavern, Clerkenwell

Looking at other people's reviews of this pub the bar staff must have changed. I found all the staff to be be really helpful and friendly. And there is a nice selection of beers (but nothing you wouldn't find elsewhere) and the prices seemed average for Clerkenwell.

However I did think the pub lacked atmosphere.

And The food is overpriced.

Basically I wouldn't go out of my way to come here.

4 Aug 2006 14:51

The Clachan, Soho

This pub has the worst service I've ever had in London.

We went there because it was recommended in a Time Out guide and all I can say is, the staff must have known Time Out was in that night.

On the night we went, the staff were harrassing customers not to sit in one area of the pub and then another one( it is a pretty big pub) as they wanted to tidy up, while still serving other customers and confining everyone to a small area of the pub.

When I asked why this was I was told they wanted to get rid of people.

When I pointed out that was't exactly the way to treat customers I was told it didn't matter to them if we never used their pub again as they have plenty of customers.

Fair enough as I haven't used it since.

20 Jul 2006 14:45

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

Excellent pub - one of the best in London.

This old style boozer is a hidden gem, off the main road.

Great service, great food and even better beer.

Mainly populated by locals - but no idiots - worth seeking out if you're in the area.

20 Jul 2006 14:38

The Hawbush, Romford

Really nice pub.

Old fashioned locals boozer. The locals are friendly and the service is excellent. All the staff seem to be able to remember each customer's order when the customer comes back to the bar - even if you've only been in once or twice.

The beer is cheap, as is the food which isn't bad.

Service really sells the pub, making you want to go back there.

19 Jul 2006 17:02

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