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The Inn At Kew, Kew

Walked-in here as my wife and I had some time to kill. As I couldn't hear my wife speaking due to the amount of children screaming, I decided to look-up the pub in the guide. On seeing the comment below I thought that it summed-up how I felt almost exactly. On reading further it seems that the majority of comments tend to agree that there are too many children in the place. It was also very cold as it was one of the coldest days of the year and the radiator next to us was off. The fireplace adjacent was unserviceable. I certainly won't be bothering to come in again, as with most of the pubs in Kew, it is full of smug middle-class families who don't give a fig about who they annoy.

24 Feb 2013 17:20

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Beer good but staff wouldn't accept a card when we ordered food and our second round. We were pointed in the direction of the cash machine in the other bar which charged 2 for a withdrawal. Cash only business? Continual farting by patrons eventually drove us away.

20 Nov 2011 17:44

The Botanist On The Green, Kew

Confused arguing staff, 'yummy mummies' kids running all over the place and cold inside. Not a good first visit. Beer brewed on site promised much but didn't work for me.

20 Nov 2011 17:39

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Excellent pub, actually improved since it changed hands. Now doing really nice food too. The beer choice is fantastic. This is the best pub for miles.

20 Nov 2011 17:25

O'Riordans, Brentford

Another ruined pub. All the good staff have been sacked and too much modernisation. Goodbye.

20 Nov 2011 17:22

The Bulls Head, Chiswick

I have to say I must agree with Suartlsaunders, they have done a brilliant job of ruining this pub. I used to take foreign visitors to this pub as it was an oasis of charm in a sanitised desert. I shan't be bothering anymore nor for myself neither. The more interesting beer choices have gone too. And my wife's sole was served upside-down. I hope whoever has made these decisions is very proud. Attendance seemed to be less than previously too.

20 Nov 2011 17:10

The First and Last, Dover

Popped-in here for a quick pint on a Saturday afternoon. The pub was completely deserted other than the chav barman who had the TV blaring away on a Video Music channel, it didn't get turned-down. Master-Brew was available on handpump and it seemed okay. The pub is in a fairly unique location up against the base of the cliff. I saw some people look in, seemed put-off and then walked-on, perhaps by the music. More Chavvy staff arrived just before we left. I wonder if it gets busier later?

9 Jun 2010 11:53

The Clachaig Inn, Clachaig

Rude cocky staff who prosper only because the patrons are "passing through." I dare say if this establishment had to rely on return trade it would have become an abandoned ruin some time ago.

15 Mar 2010 14:20

The Volunteer Inn, Ventnor

Visited here on a very wet day. It was the only time we could get in as every other time it was packed. The beer was good.

4 Jan 2010 11:21

The Spyglass Inn, Ventnor

Spent a bit of time here recently. Unfortunately the beer isn't great. They have a couple of handpumps but the beer was less than perfect. We didn't try the food. I have to agree with the earlier reviewers, it is a bit of a tourist trap. Pleasant enough once in a while, it has an interesting interior and a spectacular location. The entertainment on New Year's Eve was very good.

4 Jan 2010 11:19

The Crab and Lobster Tap, Ventnor

I was in here a couple of times over the Christmas period. It has evidently been recently taken over. There is a fair selection of beers on hand-pump, some of which are local. They were in very good condition. Didn't get to try any food as the kitchen was closed during the Christmas period. The landlord and lady were very friendly and the locals too. Definately worth a visit, or several.

4 Jan 2010 11:12

The Ship, Richmond

Yes, Ape_arrody it's the wrong Richmond. Thanks for pointing that out! Readers please note, my comments do not apply to the pub in Yorkshire!

20 Oct 2009 13:25

The Lamb Inn, Stoke Goldington

Stopped here the other day for a quick ale. The food looked excellent, we didn't eat as we were en-route elsewhere. The beer was ambrosia. The landlord really knows what he is doing. Highly recommended.

31 Jan 2009 19:46

The Foxton Locks Inn, Market Harborough

Had a couple of visits recently as we came through and back on a boat. Food seems to be the main criteria and it is good. No one objected on our last visit which was drinks only and they do seem to be a number of people that come in for drinks alone. The beer is well kept and there is a good choice which changes quite often, it would appear. The atmosphere is pleasant and the view to the basin is very interesting. As it would probably mostly be passing trade that would come here it is good to see the quality is such that a return visit was warranted.

1 Jan 2009 15:29

O'Riordans, Brentford

This pub has become our local for a good few months now. We had been a few times before but the lack of choice of beer was a problem for me as I did get bored with London Pride only. Pleased to say that there are now 3 handpumps and they serve Youngs and another guest. They have started doing food now which is wholesome and not too expensive. The decor has been upgraded, the loos are much better and the deck out the back is great in the summer. It's sad about Brian and Bernie but Francis behind the bar is a real champ with always a smiling face.

1 Jan 2009 15:19

The City Barge, Chiswick

Not a good time here. For some years it has been a scruffy pub but we decided to give it a try again, last night No change visible to me except the furniture having been moved around. The barman had to keep running off to the lower bar to check on availability of drinks. In the end there was no Sparkling water, not a train smash but there you are. The barman tried to overcharge me and groaned when I asked for the cash slip which showed he that he had charged for 2 London Prides, not the 1 that was ordered. He did apologise profusely. The temperature of my London Pride was such that is must have been stored behing the bar not in the cellar and of the 4 beers that were being advertised outside only 2 were available.

1 Jan 2009 15:00

The Bulls Head, Chiswick

We four visited on New Year's Eve. This is not a pub, it is a restaurant. What else can it be when the staff refuse to sell drinks unless you are eating? It's a shame really as we have been many here times before. This pub benefits from it's brilliant position and therefore doesn't have to rely on repeat trade. If they were positioned elsewhere they would surely have to treat potential customers better. Another pub down the pan for me. There are plenty more who need my patronage.

1 Jan 2009 14:39

The Cowley Brick, Uxbridge

I have to agree with the comment below. I went there last Friday and there was a very strong smell of weed outside as we walked-in. Having no handpumps was a sign that all was not good but as we had arranged to meet people we had to stay. Yobby clientele who all looked up-for-it. If I had had a choice I would have walked right on by, as I will be doing in future.

18 Nov 2008 11:29

The Oddfellows Arms, Toddington

My wife and I called-in at the Oddfellows Arms on Saturday. I used to live up this way so I used to drink here from time to time. I must say it is very much like it used to be but I think the quality of the beer has improved. It appears to be used by locals mainly but all seemed friendly and welcoming and a nice place to be. The landlord in particular seemed very willing to please. Lovely wood-burning stove providing cosy warmth.

17 Nov 2008 15:37

The Ealing Park Tavern, South Ealing

It looks a very attractive building from the outside but inside is completely lacking in atmosphere. Caters mainly to the Sunday Lunch Brigade. Lots of chavvy oiks swearing at each other. The bar staff are ignorant and rude. Worst pub in the area.

5 Oct 2008 17:48

The Red Lion Hotel, Cromer

Spent some time in Cromer recently and drank here exclusively. We went into the other pubs but just didn't find them welcoming enough to stay. The beer at the Red Lion is well kept and there are a number of good ales available. The music is not too loud and overall it seems quite civilised.

19 Jun 2008 11:42

The Bell, Waltham St Lawrence

Very attractive building. Unusual, well kept beers. It was a bit cold inside on the winter's day that we visited, perhaps the fires could be lit a little earlier. Food seems a bit expensive, especially deserts.

7 Apr 2008 14:33

Princess Royal, Brentford

Good God, soul-crushingly depressing.

7 Apr 2008 14:26

The Watermans Arms, Brentford

Lovely looking pub. Unfortunately situated down a side street which could be missed by visitors. Very friendly staff. An excellent oasis-like garden at the back. Could do with another hand-pump.

7 Apr 2008 14:25

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Excellent pub. Beer very good and a huge choice. Patrons are 'interesting.' I love it, my wife is less keen.

7 Apr 2008 14:20

The Albany Arms, Brentford

Chav Heaven. Great for watching female bar staff and patrons flashing body parts and listening to their sexual exploits. When we were there some of the females were in the gents. Great for looking at the carpet design before chucking your beer down and clearing-off.

7 Apr 2008 14:15

The O'Briens, Brentford

We've been coming here for a few months now and unfortunately each visit has got worse. The pub itself is excellent. The beer is well selected and is always kept well. The food is outstanding and unusual. The staff are very courteous and helpful. However, the clientel leave a lot to be desired. They are largely noisy, unmannered and uncouth. Unfortunately, judging by the other reviews on this site, I am not the only one to discover that. If the owner doesn't sort this out, all the effort that has gone into making it a nice place to go, will have been wasted, as it descends into Brentford Pub Hell.

7 Apr 2008 14:07

The Ship, Richmond

Have now eaten here. Wouldn't recommend the food. My Fish and Chips was decidedly average and my wife's Hot Beef Sandwich came as we other three diners had almost finished. It was tasteless. The bread was not buttered and there was even more salad hiding between the bottom two slices of bread, instead of meat. It took two bites before meat was discovered. The beer remains good though but it will remain a "Drinks Only" pub for us. Oh yes, the doors still bang very loudly as they slam shut, needs a bit of screw twiddling to fix, not much fun if you are sitting next to the door.

7 Apr 2008 13:58

O'Riordans, Brentford

This is the nearest pub to us but I would rather walk the extra 5 minutes to The Express. Very Irish, great if you want listen to songs on the jukebox about Bobby Sands and being oppressed etc. Good for a night out though.

19 Nov 2007 13:30

The General Eliott, Uxbridge

Could do with more ales. Only had London Pride on tap, the other choice was off.

19 Nov 2007 13:12

The Cricketers, Littlewick Green

I completely agree with the comments below. After travelling out of London to try this pub, based on the reviews here, I was not disappointed. The food is excellent, there are some pleasant unusual choices on the menu and the prices are not unreasonable either. The beer is kept well too.

19 Nov 2007 13:06

All Bar One, Richmond

A complete waste of time. The service is really bad, There were 3 of us at the bar and 2nd in the queue said to me, "you could die before you got served here," I waited another 3 minutes then left.

19 Nov 2007 12:58

The Brewery Tap, Brentford

Very lively pub, when I go anyway! Older crowd, beer is well kept. Live music good, everybody seems to join in!

5 Nov 2007 18:37

The Ship, Richmond

Nice Pub. Beer good, food looks good, we haven't eaten there yet. Can get busy but our favourite in Richmond.

5 Nov 2007 18:04

The Moon Under Water, Hounslow

Excellent pub, food much better than other Wetherspoons, Beer kept well. Staff efficient, manager very clued-up, minimal waiting time at the bar. Well done.

5 Nov 2007 18:01

The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

We've been going to the Express Tavern for a couple of months now as we have recently moved into the area. My wife and I do enjoy our visits here. It is an oasis of calm, particularly when entering from the busy intersection outside on a weekday evening.

We find the beer always good and enjoyed the food when we ordered once. The guest beers change often and are unusual.

The clientel are friendly but not intrusive. The occasional banter can be joined into though if one feels the need. No Chavs in sight. The Express tends to attract an older, dare I say it, more "professional" crowd but that is fine with me as it tends to maintain a higher level of civilization. Many of the regulars seem to enjoy a quiet pint while doing the crossword in the newspaper.

The Gents are always very clean and my wife has said the same of the ladies.

The staff are efficient, particularly "Rosemary" who tends to run a very tight ship, certainly if there is any hint of bad behaviour she is not slow to scold the offending miscreant.

See you there!

23 Oct 2007 13:33

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