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The Royal Coach, Shoreham by Sea

Just realised i've made a cock up the music calender for 2006 was great and the one for 2007 is looking just as good.

3 Jan 2007 10:33

High Street Bar, Shoreham By Sea

I go in there alot what a difference, it's been taken over yet again but you can tell these people are gonna stay the place finally has soul and atmosphere and the menu is good they now offer draught lager but not your ordinary high street brands an dthe wine list is exstensive and i'm told they will be doing wine tasting evenings as they progress well done guys and girls can't wait to watch the place grow.

2 Jan 2007 16:41

The Royal Coach, Shoreham by Sea

The Coach has been up and down a few times but is generally a good standard these days the food is good wholesome pub grub and the sunday carvery blows any place for 25 miles clean out the water.
The line up for live music in 2005 was great and 2006 i'm told is just as good.They keep 3-6 ales and those i've tried are exceptional.I bit of a hike from town but worth a visit.

2 Jan 2007 16:34

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