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The Rocket, Rainhill

Although it may not have that 'je ne sais quoi' of its illustrious Rainhill counterpart The Commercial, The Rocket is a steady, reliable and industrious little pub that does its best with what it has available to it. Much like the famous locomotive after which it takes its name, it will get you from A to B - where A represents sobriety, and B drunkenness - without injury, impediment or inconvenience.

23 Oct 2008 12:45

Holt Hotel, Rainhill

This pub truly is The Rocket's evil twin. There's nothing to commend it, and no reason to go there when there are so many other better pubs in the area.

23 Oct 2008 12:39

Sun Inn, Prescot

Spectacularly old-fashioned, but in a quaint and charming sort of way - not a dirty, grotty, Deanes House sort of way. Ideal for a quiet - very quiet - afternoon pint.

23 Oct 2008 12:37

The Deanes House, Prescot

This place doesn't look like it's seen a fresh lick of paint since the 1970s. It doesn't look like it's been cleaned since the 1970s, either. If you dare to pat the seats, then you'll see what I mean: clouds of dirt and dust rise up. The drink in there is pretty poor, too.

23 Oct 2008 12:35

Walkabout, Liverpool

If you're looking for somewhere to have a quiet drink in a civilized environment, this place is not for you. Equally, if you're looking to have a not so quiet drink in a place that isn't packed to the rafters with cretins, this place is not for you. Also, there is something sinisterly militant and aggressive about Australian nationalism; just another amongst a whole range of reasons not to visit.

17 May 2008 20:16

Crofters Arms, Liverpool

All in all, it's not as bad as its reputation / word of mouth / police reports would have you believe. Underwent refurbishment in the not too distant past and, in honesty, is a quite acceptable little pub. The staff can be a little over-enthusiastic, however. On one occasion I was eating my lunch, only to be disturbed by the waitress who, in a whirlwind of activity, came over and took my plate, cutlery and condiments without a word of consultation. They also use these curious little mallets with numbers on, instead of a table-number system, which is highly, highly unorthodox.

17 May 2008 20:07

The Clock Face, Prescot

T'Clock Face is a charming little pub where you can guarantee a warm welcome from t'locals, sit down for a pint and enjoy t'atmosphere in peace.

17 May 2008 20:01

Welkin, Liverpool

As long as your hopes aren't set too high, then you shouldn't be disappointed with this pub. The food is acceptable, competently prepared and promptly delivered to your table. The beer comes in an acceptably wide variety. Indeed, I sampled a Ukrainian wheat beer that I, in my ignorance, mistook for Erdinger; but it was very nice nonetheless.

17 May 2008 19:57

Wellington, Eccleston Park

This would probably rank as the best pub in the area if it were not overshadowed by its mighty neighbour, the Grapes. For all its life, the Wellington has been shivering in the darkness, peering up in bafflement and awe at the Grapes.

10 Mar 2008 23:42

Pogue Mahones, Liverpool

This place deserves a 10/10 for the price of Guinness alone. Besides that, however, it also boasts a wonderful atmosphere - a subtle blend of hibernian influences and bohemian city culture.

10 Mar 2008 23:25

Old Mill, Prescot

This pub was better in the days when it was known as Nelly Kellys. From far and wide, people flocked to go to this pub. No longer, though. It is a well-known scientific fact that the number of bicycles on the wall is directly proportional to the greatness of a pub... and there ain't no bicycles on these walls!

10 Mar 2008 23:16

The Elephant, Thatto Heath

They sell Warsteiner here. Good on you, Elephant!

10 Mar 2008 21:22

The Victoria, Rainhill

Upon entering the Victoria, you cannot help but feel profoundly depressed; there is an atmosphere of grim foreboding, and a look of abject misery in the dull and lustreless eyes of the regulars. Glancing around occasionally- each of them numbed by a Carling-induced melancholy- they down drinks in an effort to forget the unbearable ennui of everyday life.

10 Mar 2008 21:20

The Commercial Hotel, Rainhill

Not being an afficionado of 'real ale', I can't really sympathise with ECLWRIG's criticisms of the Commercial- although I agree that budweiser is swill unfit for animal consumption. All that being said, ECLWRIG omits to mention one crucial thing: the Commercial boasts a tip-top-notch new-fangled jukebox. The pub itself is small but 'cosy', whilst the somewhat old-fashioned decor gives it a nostalgically proletarian character that is not altogether unpleasing.

10 Mar 2008 21:07

The Manor Farm, Rainhill

This is just about as rural and rustic as it gets around these parts. What a fine, fine pub it is! Located in the more affluent climbs of the area, you need not worry about loutish behaviour and violent crime. For those with less barbarian tendencies, the Manor Farm is the pub for you! Good food, good service and a reinforced plastic covering suspended over a well - what more could one ask for? Well, Sky Sports maybe...

10 Mar 2008 20:52

Hare & Hounds, Tarbock

Contrary to what other people have said, I have never found the Hare and Hounds' service to be anyting less than outstanding. What's more, they do a truly outstanding burger. The pub regulars tend to the be hard-working, honest local folk of Tarbock. Visit the Hare and Hounds and you will not leave disappointed; indeed, you might just find that it is a life changing experience - on a par with swimming with dolphins etc.

10 Mar 2008 20:45

The Stanley Arms, Huyton

I've been to 'the Stanley' many a time- and every time has been a highly traumatic and unpleasant experience. The place is heated to saharan temperatures and is packed to the rafters with ne'erdowells and other unscrupulous sorts. Avoid the place at all costs.

10 Mar 2008 20:39

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