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The Cheviot Hotel, Bellingham

We didn't actually get as far as having a drink in this pub - the sign outside advertised 'real ales' but when asked, the barmaid said they didn't have any available so unfortunately we didn't loiter!

18 Aug 2009 16:53

The Black Horse Hotel, Preston

Can't believe this wonderful pub only has a 6.9 rating - it's the best one in Preston as far as I'm concerned. There's a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with a wide mix of customers and a good choice of drinks.

19 Jul 2008 13:09

The Fox Cub, Preston

Actually call the Fox Cub. A good place to go if you want tasty, reliable food. The menu changes regularly & apparantly uses seasonal food. I've always driven there so haven't tried the beers I'm afraid but thre's a good selection of soft drinks (lucky me!). Well-decorated & nice atmosphere but not a drinkers pub imo.

19 Jul 2008 13:04

The Blue Bell, Preston

This is the best pub in Preston TOWN centre imo - good beer, friendly atmosphere, interesting (fairly unchanged) decor. Even the seedy-ish toilets are cool. Cosy seating areas, lots of standing room & very easy going.

4 May 2007 20:53

The Royal Arms, Tockholes

I agree - best pub we've been to in ages - halfway round a walk around Roddleswoerth & Darwen Tower. Yummy food, friendly atmosphere & good beer (Treacle..something was ace)

10 Apr 2007 16:32

The Black Dog, Belmont

Really disappointed with a recent visit. We last had food/drink here in approx 1998 & remember a cosy atmosphere & good, simple food. This time we sat in a dodgy restaurant-y part & the food was less that average. It's such a shame as it's a good stopping off point for Rivington/Winter Hill walks.

3 Apr 2007 12:40

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