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Far From the Madding Crowd, Oxford

Still a great pub. Shame it isn't one of the Oxford pubs of the year. Super beer and food.

31 Oct 2014 20:50

Nags Head On The Thames, Abingdon

It was good to see the beer was on much better form on our last visit. Everyone was happily drinking and eating in the sunshine overlooking the Thames. The bar staff were very attentive and friendly too.

Much better...Still the best choice for local and not so local beers in Abingdon.

22 Jul 2013 23:05

Nags Head On The Thames, Abingdon

Despite a bright start, it's disappointing as a CAMRA member that the ale quality varies so much.

It could be that the cellar temperature isn't quite right or that some of the guest beers don't travel so well. The place has a cask marque so it should be okay...

Unfortunately some of the staff seem not to be able to recognise flat/bottom of the barrel beer and are reluctant to change it. The Doom Bar I tasted last week was basically undrinkable.

Dusty the landlord can do better than this. They'll be more competition come the end of the year so still time to improve things - please...

30 Jun 2013 09:03

Far From the Madding Crowd, Oxford

Still a great pub, and all down to the hard work and enthusiasm of Dave, Lauren and the staff.

Thanks for continuing to provide a warm and friendly welcome.

Beer festival now on!

20 Sep 2012 21:57

Far From the Madding Crowd, Oxford

Have to strongly recommend this as the best real ale pub in Oxford which it has been for a long while.


Friendly staff, always smiling, chatty and freely offering samples.

A great range of beers, stouts, porters, best bitters, golden ales etc mostly from small/new micro- breweries. If you do your online research you discover that some of the ales aren't even listed on the breweries websites. A truly courageous sourcing strategy - nowhere else in Oxford comes close.

Great beers including local Brakspear and bottled Shotover beers.

Regular beer (and cider) festivals.

Given the range, reasonable prices especially with Dave's special beer at a reduced rate.

Wonderful food including Thursday pizzas.

Not a traditional pub in decor but certainly in atmosphere: a place for conversation or contemplation, a place where students, locals, commuters and visitors can mingle at ease in groups or on their own.

Loads more probably but suffice it to say it's all down to the staff make this a really special place, in my humble opinion. Thanks FFMC.

10 Nov 2011 18:27

The Victoria Inn, Ashburton

Served a lovely pint of Otter ale when we dropped in.

10 Nov 2011 18:05

The Exeter Inn, Ashburton

Lovely pub run by Pam and Jim, always friendly and cost with a good pint of Dartmoor IPA and homemade food. In my view the best all round pub in Ashburton. Keep up the good work.

10 Nov 2011 18:03

The Jolly Anglers, Reading

Another good night at the Jolly Anglers on Saturday.

Fine music, great beer and lots of happy people.

B&B was reasonably priced with super breakfast.


9 Mar 2011 12:26

The Tollhouse Inn, Lymington

Excellent Ringwood beers served here, catering for all age groups. Keep up the good work.

19 Feb 2011 11:06

De Zotte, Amsterdam

On our many trips to Amsterdam, this has become a 'must visit' kind of establishment. Atmosphere superbly cosmopolitan and chic but still earthy and honest.

The staff work the bar like seasoned professionals with customer service of the highest order.

Always something interesting on tap and lovely food to boot.

Possibly one of the best bars of its type in our humble opinion.

9 Nov 2010 22:13

Beer Temple, Amsterdam

Had a very pleasant couple of drinks in here last Sunday afternoon.

Friendly bar staff and a nice selection of unusual european beers to supplement the american ones.

A very interesting addition to the Amsterdam bar scene.

9 Nov 2010 22:05

The Jolly Anglers, Reading

Enjoyed an excellent pint of 'Bodge' last weekend along with good Youngs Ordinary and Anastasia Exile Stout, all at the very reasonable price of �2.75...

There was a good atmosphere and mix of visitors and locals, plus the bar staff including Cheryl provided excellent customer service.

Good luck for the future.

13 Oct 2010 20:30

The Harcourt Arms, Oxford

I lived and worked in London for 11 years but have to say that I cannot recall a landlord who serves such a superb pint of Fullers Chiswick as this one.

Truly a wonderful experience, topped off with interesting decor and a diverse musical backdrop.

This is truly a pub worth seeking out.

24 Jun 2008 20:08

All Bar One, Oxford

appalling pint of London Pride - no excuse whatsoever.

24 Jun 2008 20:04

Brewery Tap, Abingdon

Still a good pub with a lively atmosphere but let down by poor service from barmaids (at the least the ones I have come across).

A little more 'please and thank you' wouldn't do any harm. And you don't need to throw the change back!

24 Jun 2008 20:03

Royal Blenheim, Oxford

Good pub in oxford, always with a wide range of Everards beers on tap and good value food.

However, service is sometimes rather anonymous and unfriendly.

24 Jun 2008 20:01

The General Elliot, South Hinksey

Excellent real ale pub with a landlord and staff that offer all kinds of 'extras' including camping, aunt sally and friendly conversation - not to mention good grub and regular parties/events.

Although set in the picturesque village of South Hinksey, a wide range of visitors and locals alike frequent the pub. This, together with unusual beers sourced by John the landlord, help to make an evening at the 'GE' one of the most interesting pub experiences in the Oxford area.

Beer festivals are held every quarter.

Dogs welcome.

24 Jun 2008 19:57

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