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Comments by iloveallboozes

The Duck and Drake, Leeds

nice spit and sawdust type booze house. Many real ales but not overly exciting. Used to love this spot but a little mundane now. Still goood live music though

21 Sep 2015 10:50

The Grove Inn, Huddersfield

This is good pub but the mean man made my beer sour with his mean (stern) look and poor attitude. Atmosphere is very important in pubs and bad staff can ruine a great spot

21 Sep 2015 10:42

The Rat and Ratchet, Huddersfield

Just been to their beer festival this weekend. It was a reet good do! Nice chilled tunes in the beer garden and great beer. Nicely decorated since last visit. Must go again soon.

21 Sep 2015 10:37

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