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The Field House, Solihull

good memories of the the JUG OF DEATH!

happy days

15 Feb 2010 16:28

The Highwood, Solihull

to Barry Evas..what the hell are you talking about!!!

the manager is in noway loud at all he's a top bloke and runs a great pub.

15 Feb 2010 16:23

The Highwood, Solihull

i am a local to this pub as my fiance' family are regulars and we love it!

great atmosphere always a laugh and arrange good events.

also very keen on arranging away trips for the Blues football games.

goodwork Dave!

15 Feb 2010 16:21

The Dove Cote, Birmingham

i live quite close to this excuse for a pub...its full of chavs (including bar staff) and full of rough end council estate trouble makers.

stay well clear

15 Feb 2010 16:15

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