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Comments by ianfromacton

The Captain Cook, Acton

Now The Libertaire. Not open very often.

8 Feb 2010 20:55

The Red Lion and Pineapple, Acton

Despite the interesting name (I was told it came about because at one time there were two pubs here that were knocked together), it's a fairly bog-standard Wetherspoon's. They're good at what they do (and the staff in here now seem at last to have got the hang of getting food orders right) but you're unlikely to have a memorable night in here.

5 Feb 2010 19:40

The Puzzle, Acton

This is an Asian all-you-can-eat restaurant called 'So Asia' now.

5 Feb 2010 19:33

The Kings Head, Acton

This pub had been closed for a while, but it has just reopened. It's still a Fuller's pub, but it is definitely aiming for a somewhat more upmarket clientele than its previous incarnation with its new Italian menu, plentiful leather sofas and open log fire.

5 Feb 2010 19:30

The Captain Cook, Acton

This is not a pub it is a nightspot. It is only open on Friday and Saturday nights, and when it is it plays thumping music and is full of ravers.

5 Sep 2007 14:17

The Southern Cross, Acton

This pub has re-opened! It has gone upmarket from the old Southern Cross, and is now called The Belvedere.

5 Sep 2007 14:15

The Clare Inn, Acton

This pub is not closed. That doesn't mean you should go in there though - as stoichkov points out it's full of miserable old gits and a fight taking place is a fairly common occurrence.

5 Sep 2007 14:13

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