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The Baracuda Bar, Redcar

Now called The Livery and has improved a bit on what it was but to be honest that wouldnt be too hard to do

14 Mar 2009 11:19

The Pig And Whistle, Redcar

pretty decent basic pub,reasonably priced drinks and generally very efficent service

14 Mar 2009 11:18

Ye Olde Bookmaker, Redcar

Opens now i think one night a week,which reflects its popularity

14 Mar 2009 11:15

Time Piece, Dewsbury

Pleasantly suprised by this pub on my visit earlier this week.Was served very promptly by a very charming barmaid(black hair in a ponytail.Zoe??) .the pub was clean and the regulars seemed a decent bunch even if one or two was a bit on the loud side

14 Mar 2009 11:14

Ye Olde Bookmaker, Redcar

Currently closed ,whether this is for a very long overdue refurb or permently im not too sure

6 May 2008 20:49

O'Gradys, Redcar

Tries to be all things to all people and for that is a bit hit and miss.Is heavily into meals,also has nighttime life music,footie on big screens.Expensive for the Redcar area.there are better pubs in the town but also many worse

6 May 2008 20:43

The Highland Laddie, Guisborough

Somewhat overrated and the barmans attiude left a bit to be desired as well.

6 May 2008 20:36

The Glittering Star, Darlington

Good cheap basic pub with friendly staff and recommend anyone in Darlington having a drink here

6 May 2008 20:34

The William Jamieson, Sunderland

Pretty good for efficent service and a pleasant atmosphere

6 May 2008 20:31

The Lambton Worm, Sunderland

One of the better Weatherspoons ive seen,usually cheap priced beer and i went last Saturday lunchtime and was served within 5 mins by a very polite friendly barmaid.overall i would recommend this pub

6 May 2008 20:30

The Sir Percy Florence Shelley, Boscombe

Another Boscombe pub fast going downhill,popualted to a fairly large extent with dossers and drunks

6 May 2008 20:28

Greens Bar, Boscombe

Back in Bournemouth for a few days recently and noticed how downhill greens has gone.if you want to drink surrounded by dossers yelling drunkenly to each other at 2pm on a weekday then this is the place for you.Will the manager used to be able to run a decent pub.What on eatrth is he letting it go to the dogs for?

6 May 2008 20:26

Deacons, Boscombe

Terrible place made worse by the manager who tries to live up to the Krays reputation but has nothing to back it up.Also glorifies self confessed murderer Freddie Foreman,supposedly a "personal friend" of said manager.

the beer is average,theres no food.the customers are a mixed bunch and some of them are quite friendly.

If it changes hands might be worth visiting,if not forget it

14 Nov 2007 12:57

Rohan Kanhai, Ashington

Not bad pub,service a little slow but still a nice experience

14 Nov 2007 12:50

Isaac Wilson, Middlesbrough

Not bad standard Weatherspoons pub.there are worse places in Middlesbrough!!!

Service quite quick and overall fairly pleasant atmosphere

4 Feb 2007 15:19

Hogshead, Middlesbrough

Not bad pub,popular with students from Teesside University.

Fosters @ �1-50 a pint and other drinks on special offer as well.

Decent service and p[leasant clientele.

Bar floor could do with a good clean though!!!!

4 Feb 2007 15:18

The Mars Inn, Loftus

Nice pub situated slightly to the rear of Loftus High Street.

Decent prices,friendly locals and very attentive barmaid on my visit there.

Overall a very nice experience.

along with The white Horse these are loftus 2 best pubs

10 Dec 2006 12:57

The Plimsoll Line, Redcar

Has improved somewhat in the last 12 months.Much better service than before.Very cheap beer.never ate there but the food looks good.If you go on a friday evening also has the attraction of a very lovely barmaid.

9 Dec 2006 08:53

Ye Olde Bookmaker, Redcar

sorry got that wrong there drinks offer is �1-90.noticed while walking past it yesterday when yep youve guessed it,it was virtually empty

26 Nov 2006 10:40

The Lobster, Redcar

good pub with decent beer,extremely cheaply priced.Friendly regulars and staff

26 Nov 2006 10:39

Ye Olde Bookmaker, Redcar

just started to offer drinks for �1-50 a day all day Sunday to thursday,maybe in a bid to encourage some custom,cos Redcars got lots of pubs that are way better than this

25 Nov 2006 13:10

Turners Mill, Redcar

Nice pub for a meal.Gets very crowded lunchtimes mind.Beer not bad

25 Nov 2006 13:09

Singers, Clydebank

nicely refurbished pub with relaxing sofas.overall a very pleasant experience

22 Feb 2006 11:39

The Zybar Hotel, Blackburn

Great fun place.When we were there saw a woman of at least 60 get off with a fella in his 30s.then when he went home tried someone else!!!

Big screen,good beer and friendly staff and locals

20 Feb 2006 19:14

The Postal Order, Blackburn

might well be a good pub but we waited 10 mins be served on a sunday teatime before walking out.Having said that how they expect 2 barmaids to cope when there live footie on the tv and the pub is heaving ive no idea.Come on get some more staff weatherspoons!!!

20 Feb 2006 19:13

The Golden Lion Hotel, Loftus

despite the somewhat undeserved reputation Loftus has locally i decided to risk a few beers in here.Can honestly say had a very friendly welcome and beer was incredibly cheap

20 Feb 2006 19:04

The Marine, Saltburn by the Sea

Lovely and friendly pub with nice views of the sea up at Saltburn.Very friendly regulars and bar staff

20 Feb 2006 19:02

Gullivers Tavern, Kinson

This is quite honestly, apart from a pub i once visited in Drumchapel,Glasgow,The worst pub ive ever visited and possibly the one ive felt least safe in was utterly grotty,customers tried staring me out and overall just a dump.Let it go the way of Pokesdowns White Horse!!!

20 Feb 2006 19:01

Observatory Hotel, Blackburn

Lovely big pub,with pool table.Serves really decent food as well.One drawback is its 50p for a blackcurrant spash !!!

20 Feb 2006 18:46

The Stop N Rest, Blackburn

Lovely friendly little pub.very cheap beer 1-5pm monday to fridays.Seperate pool table,though could do with mo0re "cue room" !!!
Overall loved my 3 visits there earlier this month.Maybe was the charming company i had with me that helped!!!

20 Feb 2006 18:44

The Tapp & Hobbit, Bournemouth

Now run by Lyn,once landlady of the Jug of ale,so as you can imagine its a properly run pub,beers kept properly.Overall a very pleasant experience to visit this pub

27 Mar 2005 18:46

The Plimsoll Line, Redcar

Theres enough proper pubs in redcar without bothering with this jd weatherspoons chain.

27 Mar 2005 18:24

The Sir Percy Florence Shelley, Boscombe

Going downhill very quickly these days,caters to a mixture of non smokers and local scumbags in the main.

27 Mar 2005 18:21

Greens Bar, Boscombe

Greens is an ok pub,nice relaxing sofas and tetleys/carlsberg at �1.60 a pint up till 7pm.My one major gripe about the place is thatit cloeses at 7pm on a sunday evening!!!

27 Mar 2005 18:19

Daisy O'Briens, Bournemouth

Mike,the landlord has run this pub for about 10 years now.Very small irish themed pub and one of the last drinking places left in the town

27 Mar 2005 18:12

Downes Wine Bar, Bournemouth

Quite cheap early evening,�2 for carling and �2.20 for heineken.All glasses have the brand of your drink on them.lovely friendly women behind the bar

27 Mar 2005 17:58

The Cleveland Hotel, Redcar

went in here when i visited Redcar couple of weeks ago and can honestly say the staff and cucstomers were among the friendliest ive met anywhere.

27 Mar 2005 17:49

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