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The Botwell Inn, Hayes

Im a Hayes man , born and bread, been drink in this pub since i was 16, im 30 now, and this pub gets me away from the horrors that is Hayes. Staff are friendly , beer is well kept, all in all a tidy pub. As for the people, they are rough and ready , but they are good people, just getting on with there lives. I still go back every time im back in Hayes, im my opinion one of the best wetherspoons ive been to

15 Jun 2014 17:23

The Queens, Upton Park

I really like this pub but i can see why some people would think twice. Its a proper pub, where the men are men.. and so are the women. Staff are very friendly and work hard during match days, beer is ok. My only fault with this place is whoever the younger bloke behind the bar was, should jog on, he got drunk and abused a member of staff, from what i could see , for no apparent reason.. what a tool.. hope he reads this... will keep going there though

15 Jun 2014 17:14

The Belgravia, Belgravia

mmmmmmm, strange little pub, not quiet sure what to make of it, bit like a hostel with a bar, nice enough though, lager was good, outside seating area was nice and tidy... would i go there again, not really , like i said , strange little pub

15 Jun 2014 17:08

The Travellers Tavern, Victoria

I pop in here every other Saturday during football season, its a tidy pub, lager is good, bit pricey but this is London, perfect place to go if your straight of the coach, i would go out my way to drink there, but if you want a drink and your near by , go for it

15 Jun 2014 16:59

The Shakespeare, Victoria

The comments are about this pub are a bit harsh , its a busy pub so the staff have to deal with alot , its a tidy pub, nothing exciting, lager was ok, id have another cheeky beer in there, wouldnt rush back though

15 Jun 2014 16:31

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